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Welcome to Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

Welcome to Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

welcome to Fort Huachuca Arizona we're home to the Army Intelligence Center in school Army Information Systems Command Army electronic proving ground army information systems engineering command and Army Signal Command the base was also once home to the Buffalo Soldiers of the 19th Cavalry Regiment for 20 years Fort Huachuca is a historic post that is located at the base of the Huachuca mountains in Sierra Vista about 15 miles north of the border with Mexico and approximately 70 miles northwest of Tucson Huachuca Canyon in which the installation nestles is generally thought to be an Apache word meaning place of thunder it is these thunder mountains that make our post unique and unparalleled beauty today Fort Huachuca trains all intelligence soldiers at its modern facilities relocating to Fort Huachuca you'll find valuable transition and relocation support at army housing services and Army Community Services these offices can support your individual needs and help answer questions you may have concerning housing education and the local community there are a number of programs and resources available for newcomers such as a weekly orientation relocation counseling reassignment briefings a lending closet and Military OneSource the automated family support network Housing Services is the starting point for locating housing at Fort Huachuca the Housing Services office is conveniently located and can be easily accessed by walk-in visits telephone and the internet housing specialists provides soldiers with proactive support to assist in locating housing for rent or purchase housing support extends throughout the duration of their duty assignment at Fort Huachuca as soon as a soldier receives orders to relocate it is beneficial for the soldier to contact the new housing office to ensure a smooth transition and to locate the best housing accommodations army housing one-stop or a house is the point of entry for finding housing related information this web-based resource sorts information in a variety of ways for example by installation or location including links to floor plans photos maps and basic allowance for housing rates a hoss also provides valuable information about the local community with helpful links to area resources army housing one-stop is your one-stop source for army housing information and relocation assistance worldwide the automated housing referral network or a Hearn is another resource to utilize when looking for a house to rent or purchase off the installation a Hearn is a web-based no cost multi listing service for military only personnel and their dependents providing up-to-date inventory of available rental properties please remember to visit your housing services office prior to entering into a rental agreement family housing has been privatized on Fort Huachuca through the residential communities initiative or RCI this initiative allows the military to use private developers to build and renovate military housing at a fast pace providing soldiers and their families with quality housing planned and integrated communities foster a high quality of life while preserving the existing military culture the Army is committed to offering its single soldiers the best quality of life possible by providing each soldier a one plus one or equivalent barracks room the goal is to provide modernized amenities such as private living and sleeping quarters walk-in closets and kitchenettes these modernized barracks provide valuable private space for soldiers with new furnishings that are attractive durable as well as functional there are also large common areas for socializing and convenient laundry and mail room facilities our soldiers have a place that they can call home during their tour of duty most families residing on Fort Huachuca with children in elementary and middle school attend school on post high school students living on post are bussed to local community schools students living off post are serviced by the various school districts depending on where they live in the areas surrounding Fort Huachuca Child and Youth Services provides a variety of services and activities ranging from full day part day and hourly child care to before and after school programs sports and activities for middle school and teenage children child development centers offers programs for children 6 weeks to five years of age these center based programs are staffed with qualified trained personnel Youth Services offers Recreation leisure developmental and sports programs for elementary and middle school age children school age services provides before and or after school care summer and vacation camps and hourly care the goal for these youth services is to provide safe flexible and affordable childcare options for parents and fun and enriching choices for youth with our desert climate there are endless things to do and see while stationed at Fort Huachuca the average temperature is 54 degrees in January and 94 degrees in July the average rainfall is approximately 15 inches with most of that falling during the July to August monsoon period some local attractions and things to do include buffalo corral riding stables the Fort Huachuca museum veterans State Park Sierra Vista skate park Bisbee and the OK Corral the community of Fort Huachuca welcomes you and your family to thunder mountains for more detailed information visit army housing one-stop

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  1. Spent 2 years there back in the late 80s, It was not a bad place, The enlisted club was almost in our parking lot and the dining facilities were right next door to our barracks

  2. This is the place that just detained James Freeman (photographer/videographer) for taking vids from a "PUBLIC" sidewalk. James was handcuffed and all three of his cameras were confiscated. Maybe they could spend more time training the troops about the Constitution as they swore an oath to uphold it.

  3. Fort Huachuca is 70 SouthEast of Tucson. You should also tell folks about "B" Troop, 4th US Calvary (Memorial), I was the Ceremonial Detachment's First Sergeant from 1994 to 1995.

  4. Hello, Fort Huachuca. Please remember my Grandpa Charles Richards worked in Government in your base. Greets from Germany, Christian Werner. Wish all your troops just the best. You make a good job

  5. as cool as you think it sounds to your friends, anyone in intel SHOULD NOT be telling everybody that they are. Good luck though, y'all will have fun there at ol Fort WeGotchya.

  6. @FuzzyBrains555 don't broadcast that you're a mike. You are now a target. You better pray you're in fox co. when you get there

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