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Weird Deodorants Experiment

Weird Deodorants Experiment

Can you deodorize your pits
without using deodorant? – Let’s talk about that.
– ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Some people don’t wear deodorant. Maybe you ride the bus with them
on a daily basis. – Sorry.
– But they might not wear deodorant because a lot of people don’t wear
deodorant because there are chemicals in there and they don’t want that
unnatural chemical stuff happening – under in their pits.
– Mhmm. And instead, they use natural alternatives
to deodorant. The real question is: do these natural alternatives work?
And that’s the question that we’re going – to be seeking to answer today.
– And it could get a little weird. In fact, I guarantee you it is gonna
get a little weird. But first, a little – sweat knowledge.
– Hmm! Now technically, sweat itself is odorless. – Oh.
– But you’ve got sweat glands under your armpits that release a special
type of sweat that has protein in it. – Protein sweat.
– Proteins that contain odorous molecules bound up inside of them. And then when
bacteria that’s living under the dark – place of your pit —
– Oh gosh. starts to feast on those proteins –
not the sweat itself – breaks down the proteins, releases those odorous molecules
and that’s where the stank comes from. It’s a bacterial buffet.
That’s what’s happening in your pits. – That’s what smells.
– Yes. So really as we examine these increasingly weird mechanisms
of deodorant, there is a rationale for how – they can break down this process.
– Right. And possibly work. So we’ll see. But right now, it’s time to
get weird. – ♪ (theme music) ♪
– Let’s Get Weird With it! Deodorant Okay, here’s how this is going to work.
Obviously we are ready to work up a sweat. – Work out! Yes! Stank it up!
– We have two pits. One pit is the control pit and the other pit, the inside pit,
is the stank pit: the experimental pit. – Yeah.
– The pit that we will be applying – the alternative deodorants to.
– Yes. But the control pit,
it just stinks freely the whole time. And it’s been working up a little bit
’cause I didn’t take a shower last night – or this morning.
– Neither did I. – And I did not apply —
– No deo. – Any deodorant.
– Got a little B.O. going. – So I odorized that arm, basically.
– And then what we’re going to do is – we’re going to —
– Or both of ’em. So we’ll apply it to the experimental pit
and then we’ll do an exercise to work up a stank, and then we will
bring in our resident smeller Stevie, who will be telling us if the deodorant
is actually working or not. She volunteered for it.
It wasn’t our idea. – Yeah, it’s weird.
– It was her idea. She wanted to do that. – (laughs)
– She was like, “Please guys. Let me – help you get to the bottom of this.”
– Okay, shall we try and apply – the first one?
– Yeah, let’s go with the first one: Rock Crystals. Now you’re bringing some
water out because you’re supposed to dip a rock crystal. And here it is guys.
You can order these off of the internets. Now this one’s a highly rated one.
It is a rock-shaped block of mineral salts – basically.
– Can you lick it? – The idea — you can lick it.
– I’ll lick the bottom. It should taste like salt. And the idea
is that the salt in here is what kills – the bacteria that tries to eat
– Poison. the proteins that I talked about earlier.
So let’s get it a little wet here. And you dippy dip yours. Now should I
apply to — myself. – Yeah. It’s smart.
– Alright. So I’m really gonna work it. – I got a nice layer. I got a nice layer.
– A layer of what? – Minerals.
– Alright. – You had to work overtime on that pit.
– Alright so here. Take that over there. Okay. And now we’re going to do our
exercise to work up a sweat. – It is burpees.
– Alright. Let’s get stank. – Go.
– ♪ (club dance music) ♪ – (fast forward sound)
– (groans) – (breathing hard) I feel like —
– Okay. – I’m out of shape. Stevie come on in.
– Back up a little bit. – Okay.
– I’m bringing in a chair. – Ah!
– Boy, I’m so excited guys! Yeah what a great thing
for you to volunteer for this, Stevie. – Uh huh.
– Don’t smell the — – That’s what she’s here for!
– No i’m smelling my — Smell the control?
Well you smell the control. So far I’m not getting anything.
Okay woah one at a time. – (laughs)
– Um, I mean there’s a tinge, but… – There’s less of a tinge.
– With me? – Yeah with you.
– You’re more stinky? Um, let’s see if there’s a tinge
on the rock crystal arm. – Okay.
– Alright. – Oh there’s still a tinge!
– (laughs) – Still a tinge!
– Really? Maybe that’s just – the way I smell!
– There’s a — it’s — – Crystaly?
– I don’t think the rock crystal’s – doing that much for you.
– I smell crystal. – It’s not bad but it’s not great
– Yet. – is my professional opinion.
– Really? – Right.
– Yeah. – What do you think?
– Oh yeah, the left one’s actually worse. My control is worse at this point.
Alright. – You ready to —
– You’ve weighed in. We should — We’ve gotta clean up
before the next one though. – Yeah okay.
– Okay yeah. So what we’ve got is we’re gonna
keep the control stinking up — – But the left arm needs to be cleaned.
– Yeah we need to reset it. Just reset. So just water.
Chase, come in and do that for us please. Yeah he’s wearing
the proper protective gear. Woohoo! – (laughs)
– Chase! You didn’t warn me. You gotta warn me when you’re gonna do
something like that Chase. – I’ll hold that. Woo!
– (laughs) – Oh gosh.
– Alright. – Thank you Chase.
– Alright let’s move on to the next one: Baking Soda and Water. Okay so basically,
there are some fatty acids that are released in that sweat that come out
and the bacteria consumes those things. And baking soda has the ability to change
the pH of the fatty acids, and that confuses the bacteria, and they’re like,
“I don’t know! Should I eat it? I don’t know! I’m gonna hold off for now!”
And that’s the theory. And that’s why – baking soda can potentially work.
– Can you hear their murmurs? (mumbles) So I’m gonna put 1/8 teaspoon
of baking soda into your palm. – Okay.
– Boom. – “Boom.”
– And then I’m going to put 1/8 – into my palm. Boom.
– “Boom!” And then I’m going to get a couple drops
of water for you here. You’re gonna make – a little paste.
– Okay paste. – How’s that? You need more water?
– No I think that’s gonna do it. Now when I was a kid I brushed my teeth
with this stuff but not after I put it — – Did y’all run out of toothpaste?
– in my armpit. No it’s also used for teeth whitener.
So I got all of this and I’m just gonna — I made mine a little bit —
I don’t want to touch my underarm every day like this.
I don’t want to be doing this. If my wife walks in on me, “What are you
doing, tickling yourself?” – “Again?”
– “No I’m deodorizing baby.” I cannot smell — There’s no smell
to baking soda. Newsflash. But I know that baking soda soaks up
smells in general. – Yeah.
– So hmm. Okay. But let’s get to our – second exercise which is what?
– Now we’re doing tuck jumps, Link. – ♪ (club dance music) ♪
– Yeah! Oh woah you’re fast! – (fast forward sound)
– We get so pitiful so quick. – Yeah.
– (fast forward sound) – Okay.
– You’re not really tucking any more. – No. Alright let’s move back over.
– Come on in Stevie. – I think I’m working up more of a stanky.
– Yay. – You wanna check in on the control arm?
– Sure. (Hotline Bling) ♪ I know when that armpit
stank! ♪ – Okay.
– ♪ That could only mean one thang. ♪ Okay. I really appreciate you getting in there. – Yeah. You gotta get close
– You’re not hesitating. – You gotta get close.
– You’re not hesitating at all. I’m not feeling any nose
under there though. – I thought —
– You can get closer. – (laughs)
– Okay we’re still stinky. – You may be a little stinkier.
– Mmh. Hey this one’s stinkier. – This is the experimental.
– I feel like it’s stinkier than the rock – crystal — But it could just be that
– Really? this is doubled exercise, like the more
time has passed — Woah. – (laughs)
– Hmm. – Woah she’s — Do you like it?
– (coughs and laughs) – You hungry?
– You responded like you tasted soup. – (both) “Hmm!”
– It’s better than the rock crystal is – I think.
– Okay. – It’s not as cool as the rock crystal —
– Yeah and it requires – touching of the underarm.
– (both) Yeah. – So you gotta weigh it out, but…
– With the fingers. – Here smell my finger.
– Umm, okay. Okay so you think that this is better.
You think this is an upgrade. – I think so.
– Okay alright. Well let’s reset. Chase! – ♪ (funky rock music) ♪
– Whew. – Oh!
– You make him dab your underarm. Can you start doing that everyday
just when I come in? – A dab’ll do, Chase.
– I wore a tank top again, Chase. – (laughs)
– Oh gosh. – Whoo!
– Next one: Lemons. – ♪ (theme music) ♪
– The theory goes that the citric acid within the lemons — and you’ll cut this
in half — kills the bacteria. – Yeah. It’s gonna get it —
– Yeah make it juicy. One of the downsides of this one is that
you gotta buy lemons which don’t go as far – as baking soda or one of those rock
– Oops. things that can also serve as a doorstop.
So what you wanna do is you wanna squeeze this on your axilla, aka armpit.
Let’s apply to each other. Come on. – (inaudible)
– Let’s get real. (grunts) – (laughs)
– Now Rhett why you gotta make this weird? – This is science.
– I mean it tickles. – This is straight up science.
– How does that not tickle you? Let me try it again. Doesn’t that tickle?
Doesn’t it tickle? – (laughs)
– Uhm. Come on. Does it tickle? – (laughs) It does start to tickle.
– Yeah a little bit. But this is science so let’s keep it real.
Alright so we’re gonna let that ruminate – up in there.
– And we’re going to up the ante and we’re actually gonna wear trash bag
shirts, Link, and just do jumping jacks. – ‘Cause we gotta get more sweaty —
– Yeah right. – for Stevie to get stanked.
– Jumping jacks, just as you wish. – ♪ (club dance music) ♪
– As many as you want. – (fast forward sound)
– Bob and weave. Come down. – (inaudible)
– Alright I’m done. – Okay guys.
– Okay stanker, stank-smeller. – Okay.
– I’m not looking forward to this round – I will say.
– Alright. – Let me —
– I’m definitely sweatier. – Give me the control pit. Woo!
– (laughs) – Alright.
– That — that took it up a notch. – Did it get ya?
– Yeah I don’t need to get as close. – A little ripe?
– Oh yeah. – You’re not gonna feel (inaudible) Ooh!
– Alright get my lemon first. – You want yours to go first? Okay.
– (laughs) – Get the lemon pit.
– It smells like lemon! – Real?
– It just smells like lemon. – Try me.
– It smells like a little pit – but a lot of lemon.
– Lemon pit. – It smells like lemon!
– It does. – It smells like lemon pit!
– It smells like sweet tea – without the tea.
– We’re only brave enough to smell the pit after Stevie tells us what it smells like. – (laughs)
– Ok so lemons work. Who would’a thought? We’re not done yet. Clear out of here
Stevie so we can make room for the hazmat – gear.
– ♪ (funky rock music) ♪ – Pssh.
– Clean me up, Chase! – Okay.
– Alright. Next one: – Milk of Magnesia.
– ♪ (theme music) ♪ They don’t know exactly why this works
but the people who say that it works say that there is a similar baking soda
type thing where there’s a pH change – because it’s an alkaline substance.
– Okay. But there’s also a theory that there’s a
little bit of diluted bleach inside of – there that can just kill the bacteria.
– Doesn’t have as much sense — scent — – as I thought.
– It doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’ll tell you that much. Now Link, I’m not
going to apply this onto your arm, – but I will apply it to my own. Woo!
– Can you imagine getting out of the – shower and doing this every morning?
– But at least I’m not making direct – contact — Woah I’ve really got some
– Woo! – leakage going on there. Sorry.
– Alrighty. Do you want that? – Put that in your trash bag?
– I’ve been a little constipated. I might – just want a little bit for myself.
– Just swig it. – Does it taste like deodorant?
– (laughs) – Does it taste bad? Ew.
– It taste like y’all got some old paint. – It tastes like old paint.
– And you know what? I think that’s what milk of magnesia is.
Old paint. – Let me read the ingredients.
– (both) Old paint! – Alright let’s get sweaty!
– ♪ (club dance music) ♪ – (fast forward sound)
– Trash bag boys! Kicking our butts! – Kicking our butts! Kicking our butts!
– I’m starting to feel! That laxative! – I might have! An accident!
– (laughs) Me too! – I’m farting a lot! Did you hear it?
– Nope. Get it today. – Did you actually just fart?
– Yeah it came out man. I’m sorry. – (laughs)
– What? – Well…
– Oh gosh. That’s the worst smell that has come out on this entire thing, man.
What is wrong with you? – I’m exercising.
– Gosh! – (laughs)
– I need to stick my nose in some – milk of magnesia.
– Sorry. Stevie. (Stevie) I was trying to wait
until it — you know. Come on in Stevie. I don’t think
it has dissipated. – (laughs)
– (groans) It’s Rhett’s armpit.
That’s what you smell. – Oh God.
– Dang Link. – (laughs)
– Okay control arm. – Ugh.
– How’s that? – Oh it’s stanky.
– What about this one? – It’s nice and ripe?
– Oh. Oh! Yeah. – (laughs)
– I don’t know if it’s just the armpit – that I’m getting from over there.
– Ooh. There’s a whole cloud over there.
Link’s got a storm front over there. – (laughs) Alright.
– A warm front. – We need to get — we went mom on it.
– Magnesia — – It’s not bad! That’s not bad!
– Mom it up. – The milk of magnesia —
– It doesn’t smell like lemons, – No it doesn’t.
– but it — It smells like milk of magnesia,
but it doesn’t smell like B.O. – Yeah that’s true.
– Okay so I think the conclusion is that the milk of magnesia and the lemons
seemed to be effective. The baking soda kinda maybe? And then the rock crystal
didn’t seem to work. – No.
– Yeah so use the milk of magnesia but I recommend locking your bathroom door
before you apply it because it’s just weird. Thanks for
liking, commenting, and subscribing! – You know what time it is.
– Hey! I’m Ezekiel from Manitoba Canada. Now it’s
time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – ♪ (theme music) ♪
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Good Mythical More. We’re gonna do a “Let’s Play Octodad,” the most amazing
game everrr! – Shout-out to sporks.
– Shout-out to you sports, because — – ♪ (somber music) ♪
– Sporks. – Oh. Sporks!
– You wanna do sports? – No, shout-out to
– (both) You, sporks! Because you look like the word “sports”
on a wheel. Sometimes we get so excited about sports,
wearing headbands and wristbands, that we think you’re actually sports
when you’re actually just a spoon – and a fork mixed.
– And sometimes I overzealously eat cereal – with you and cut the inside of my mouth.
– And the ironic thing is, is there’s no better utensil to put in your pocket
when you’re doing a sport. [Captioned by Annalyn:
GMM Captioning Team]

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