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hey guys and girls how you doing huh just back from the Harrisburg gun show which is always a good one lots of goodies about 800 tables today that's four times a year to farm complex and Harrisburg Pennsylvania it's awesome show and think it no weapons today or nothing I was looking at a Bulgarian ak-74 but I didn't take my gut local gun dealer's FFL information so I I couldn't get it transferred so I'll wait till springtime because there's one in March so you know holidays and everything because they gotta hold a gun for Maryland for 10 to 15 days because it's a register just like if you buy a handgun blah blah blah yeah nice but anyway I did get a couple little goodies and I want to give a shout out to the camo lady okay you guys know me as you know someone to see the camo guy but she is one of my probably the longest bender that I've been dealing with and she's got or can get anything and then she sells everything and i'm going to give you though shout out here this is a I've been dealing with her and her husband for since I met him at the 96 Harrisburg show is the first time I met her and she's still there she's there four times a year and their stores name is weekend warrior military surplus I think you guys can see that but uh her name is Denise Russell she's very nice and their stores in shippensburg Pennsylvania but I I want to give you her phone number and she does do mail order but they do not have a website but uh she's got everything she sells the salamander she sells this desert stuff she sells hats I mean accurate real military issue surplus goods she then she sells reproduction stuff like mil-spec this is a milspec hat that i bought from it's gonna be my new work hat because it's comfortable when you know milked milltek I mean yeah mill tactics and this is actually a copy of here's an original bundage fear moleskine hat this one's from 1987 and it's real mole skin is real nice and surplus of course you know this one this one had the cockade on it but I just took it off because I'm just didn't want to you know I guess I didn't advertise or whatever but this was the real one this is a miltex fake fake you know like I said they make reproductions but she sells everything they sell gun parts they sell her husband deals with the guns and the parts she deals with the camouflage and the gear and they got everything I mean they got best they got stuff for reenactors to got mp40 pouches they got camouflage she had some really nice German stuff that's reproduction SS and ver moch camouflage up there today good job Denise and as always I did get something from her and for a collection ah this today I got this Soviet Army & Co hat and it is dated nineteen eighty-nine has got all the Russian stuff in here and besides 57 which fits me perfectly so the next time I deal with specs not sped stats I can wear this and my Spetsnaz assault here pretty sharp-looking huh anyway I got that from Denise today and I was this close to buying a piece of German stuff from her but it just didn't fit me right and I'm 14 it has to fit right but anyway Denise hats off to you thanks for giving me all there was good deals over two years and if you guys check her out her phone number is seven one seven five three two three two one two and her niece Denise so we call there and a woman answers that's Denise 4s for Denise and shoe tell her to someone to see sencha told you to call her because she's a top-notch she's got everything you can imagine man gear boots hats helmets reproductions originals you name it she can get it hard me no I did get something else from another vendor up there which was pretty rare I got it from Mark who owns a camel be keep he has a website and he's all over shotgun news and he sells a lot of good stuff but I bought this from him a 4-cell chest rig and it's actually Canadian and he said was for a squad automatic weapon that they had that had 30 round mags I'm not really sure which one because I don't know much about the Canadian Army but as you can clearly see it 30 round AK mags fit quite nicely in there and it's got plastic hardware here the loop and latch it's really nice it's all reinforced stitch double on the bottom on all the mag pouches it's got ties and they're tied around your waist and of course your shoulder straps it rides a little high but it's okay sits about right here and as you can see as well my I don't know why this the Golani mags fit in here quite nice too but I have plenty of chest rigs for to go on emacs so that this is going to be a third or fourth akhs rig so there it is that is a sweet sweet deal and I'm oh I also got this from the cam would be keep guy it's uh I think it's too gray the gray scouts for the Rhodesian army got that patch for him today he's got a thing about Rhodesia it's pretty you know interesting he's got lovely stuff and he sells his own version of Rhodesian camouflage it's not like cut like the bush jackets or the regular Rhodesian issue stuff but it's pretty nice I guess we've good for you know airsofters and stuff like that but I already have a set matter of fact I have two sets so I don't need anymore and he's got everything else to you know gear helmets doesn't have much in like a lot of clothing but uh there it is just give a shout out to Denise and that you guys see what I got today but man it was with me earlier and you know all day and he actually is the only person I ever met that met a girl at a gun show started talking with her were like where's bud man oh there he is talking to that vendors helper came home had dinner bah bah bah we're going to hang out and make some videos tonight and know where he's at he's in Harrisburg he's only been single for a week and he's already out on the prowl again wow god bless him so he's up there getting to know this woman better and I'm here making a video showing you the little goodies I got today so go for bud man and if you guys need something like I said call weekend warriors that's the place they got just about everything you can imagine now they don't sell air assault or not like that but they sell every other piece of gear you can imagine like I said tents boots jackets clothes sort of snow stuff husband's got up just boatloads of part so give him a call him a call denise is a real nice lady I forget what her husband's name is right now I'm sorry but uh I've been dealing with her personally so I said since 96 said it's quite a while and she's consistent she's always got something that I don't have or I took her up and showed her some African stuff and she was like wow but she said it was a little too pricey for her to buy cuz she really buys in bulk and the African and stuff that I was showing her you can't buy in bulk I bought you know single pieces and got multiples I got a couple smalls that are too small for me so they could sell anything today didn't get me by any big purchases but you know there's always next time so keep watching and I'll show you some more videos next time

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  1. @semiautoriflelover Yes,in Maryland anything with a Detachable Mag,a pistol grip,and a flash-hider,its deemed an ASSUALT WEOPON and falls under certain criteria for ownership..Which means filling out Handgun Paperwork and a 10 day waiting period to taking possesion of the firearm.What a bunch of BULLSHIT!!

  2. HUGE World War Two Flea Market and reenactment at Fort Indiantown Gap Pa. (near Harrisburg & Hershey) 25th thru January 30th, 2011
    wwiifederation (DOT) org

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