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Web Gear Setup (Some of the items in my Web Gear). Part 1

Web Gear Setup (Some of the items in  my Web Gear). Part 1

hey John Campbell from Arizona Bushman calm okay now I've actually got quite a bit of stuff to go over today okay I'm gonna pull my water out of here cuz gallon of waters so just so I can lift this thing up spin it around show you the pool by kami alright first off I carry my m65 pill jacket on the bottom this is for extra warmth if I need it it's got the removable liner I can also take my gore-tex jacket and roll it up do the same thing it really doesn't matter it's just it's just what I decided to pack on the bottom pretty much it's got a standard military but pack that you can get at any military surplus store and I'll pull this off yeah there's some black stuff here's the spare tire in my truck kind of rubbed up against it no big deal it's gonna get used anyway so I don't see it as problem I've got a actual waterproof gas mask bag that I carry a lot of this stuff in and I'm actually looking for another one and I haven't really had any luck finding one but I'm going to keep looking is these will back like this worth having just roll them fold them over and they snap closed keeps a lot of your gear waterproof now you have seen this in in previous videos this is just my my individual first aid kit it's got a lot of stuff in it that I need for four basic first aid items a little bit of rehydration it's got my triangular bandage and I get some band-aids lip balm iodine ends and pill bottles it's got a lot of useful stuff in it wanted to mention a little bit about the propel stuff its propel powder I was looking at the ingredients it doesn't have aspartame in it which is a good thing a lot of times you know some people don't like the taste of treated water another point carrying this is to mask the flavor of that treated water at the same time you're replacing electrolytes in the future I actually plan to do an oral rehydration solution so you can actually make it at home we've got a lot of videos that I've got to catch up on it's one of the reasons I'm getting a lot of this stuff out of the way got a roll of my wax-coated poly cord and you you definitely have seen me use this in a lot of videos this stuff is strong it's definitely worth carrying most I've got a little sustainment pouch here some candy chicken bouillon coffee love coffee it's also got some herb teas chamomile some green tea stuff like that another thing that I also carry which goes along with the first-aid kit but I fit them in here my friend Jake Wilson actually got these for me and I used a couple of them on a couple of occasions but these are irrigation syringes with saline and them for basically irrigating wounds and field these are definitely worth carrying and I thank you Jake and basically for shelter I just have my casualty blanket now this time of year our nights are starting to warm up they're not as cold as they have been for summer use this is perfect this is this is really all you need insulate yourself against the ground hammock you know carry hammock system lightweight you I can ditch the sleeping bag I can ditch the sleeping mat all is good I also have some candles in a ziplock bag here the reason I carry these is for a little extra light and you can tell they're a little melted yet the desert gets hot the wax is good for waterproofing seems like say up at the top at the seams leaking you can use the wax drip it on it'll fix the seam there's countless uses for these if you happen to carry matches you can waterproof rum with this I also carry an abundance Accord now 550 cord is set the standard for for survival cord the seven inner strands the utilitarian uses of this cordis is limitless so I carry a couple different colors I was actually able to free some up by carrying the hose clamps and they don't take up any space so if you have to actually cinch something tightly my preference is to carry some hose clamps it it also saves cord I hate cutting this stuff this is a decon container I do believe I've showed this in another video so if you if you want to refer back to my day out with one hand video you should see everything that's in this pouch I may even post it as a video response to this one just so you can click on it and look at it see just exactly what it is not carry bandanas I always have bandanas with me sometimes I even forget that I have on my carry them so often I've even got some in my pocket here first aid when this happened in my hand they were indispensable you can use them for filtering water taking the the sediments and heavies out of water keeping cool you can drench them in the in the wash that's just not more than 100 yards from here you wrap them around your canteen and the heat tie it up you can hang your canteen from a tree and it makes an evaporative cooler and it will keep your water cool it works great virtually unlimited uses for the bandanna I I really couldn't see going into the wilderness without him carry some hot cocoa this is actually one of my winter carries I'll probably take this out and put it away or I'll all have it later on just to get rid of it carry some hand sanitizer a lot of times guys I'll come out here and I'll find dead cows or something like that if they're if they're if the dead cows actually if it's been decayed enough I'll start taking bones off of it and after I touch the bones I'll put them into a bag which I've got a couple of plastic bags in here and I'll wrap them up tight I use this to clean my hands and not only that it makes a good firestarter it will catch a spark if you mix it with some cotton ball cotton balls I have a signal mirror important now this is an East German folding stove and I'm going to use this here in a little bit when I get to cooking my lunch out here it's it's actually getting close to dinnertime but lunch I've used it a few times and I actually won this off my forum I won the the budget bug out bag challenge that Jake Wilson presented to us and I've used it I like this stove now I carry stoves in the desert for one specific reason we're actually getting into that time of year where we're going to be having fire vans it's dangerous to have an open fire don't get me wrong I'm not saying that if you're in a survival situation don't have a fire I'm not saying that but to keep the forests and environment safe I'll use some small stoves like this one or even like this one at all I'll cover this one a little bit this was a pretty cool gadget I came up with at not my idea I'm pretty sure a lot of people have made these before but we'll get to this after wife but stoves in the desert the lighter the smaller the better indispensable to keep your surroundings safe last thing you want is an ember to blow off and and catch our tinder bundle on fire basically got a compressed bandage in here military compressed bandage bear multi-tool it's cinched down with a ranger band all these little straps are cinched down with Ranger bands to hold them in place keep them from flapping around I've got a flashlight this one it sucks it's not that bright it gets the job done for what I use it for now and in the future I'm actually going to be having some some more reviews on some lights that I'm going to be demonstrating and using through a company called stream light I got ahold of them and they were very nice people and I'm going to be going through to demonstrate some of their lives and stay tuned for that you'll enjoy that

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  3. Cool video man , I have a lot of the stuff you have and I love it , when I was in the marines we had newer stuff but I still prefer the older stuff just because I think it's just as reliable and durable but cheaper ! keep up the good work brother stay safe !

  4. There have been studies that show wounds irrigated with plain water are as effective as using NS. You might just pack a small ziploc bag that you can add water to to create a strong flushing flow. thanks for the video…

  5. the suspenders and belt and ak mag pouches on the web gear i use are east german. i also bought a dozen east german canteens, but they kinda suck compared to the american g.i. canteens i got issued but didn't turn in to drmo when i left active duty. i tried useing my a.k bayonet as a survival knife but was VERY unhappy with it. my cheapass copy m-9 cuts decent and my lankay m-9 bayonet works good too. thanks for your videos. saving money to come to a.z.

  6. About the Streamlight lights! I would highly recommend you to try Streamlight Stylus Pro. Bought a few of Ebay for 16 dollars a piece! NutnFancy have a good review on it that might we worth have a look at!
    Cheers mate!

  7. I always enjoy your video's, Its the learning factor on a subject I find extremly useful, Thanks John,

  8. Nice kit John. I like your thinking on the water situation. I recently ran out on a hike while doing videos and had to go quite a while with a dry mouth. The temperatures were warmer and I underestimated my exertion and time in the field. Happened once years ago while mountain biking but it's a good reminder lesson about how critical water is in this relentless environment.

    I'll be interested in seeing the flashlight videos when they come out as well.

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