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Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

Tyler’s making fun of my dress, but Tyler’s been wearing the same shirt for three weeks. Hello friends and welcome to another video. This week, I’m going to be dressing in outfits completely from the website “Wish”. So, Wish is a website and app that I’ve often seen on my Facebook feed that features incredibly discounted items including a lot of clothing. Now, I personally have been a little bit hesitant to order clothes from this site just because it seems like it’s a little too good to be true like the things I would get might not be what I saw in the pictures, but I got a lot of requests from you guys and I’m also incredibly curious myself so I decided to order an entire week’s worth of outfits from Wish and see how they are. Not necessarily shoes and accessories, but all the body clothing I want to see if I can find seven outfits, so let’s do it. Okay, so I’m opening up the Wish site right now So right away, I’m seeing like a decent amount of clothes, shoes, a few fidget spinners. It looks like a glow-in-the-dark shower head. It seems to me like the clothes on Wish range from about one to ten dollars. I’m not going to limit myself to just like the five dollar stuff, but I have a feeling that most of these things are going to be around five dollars, so I’m sorry for the slight click you guys. Okay, I feel like I have to start somewhere. I like these pants. These are like jogger sweatpants with some rips in them. Something I do appreciate is that they have like ratings and reviews like right on the product. Some people are like one-star all the way, but a lot of other people are like four or five stars. Oh, here’s a sizing chart. I’m going to get a large and I’m going to get them in black. That’s one pair of pants down, so I need a top. I do like this lace shirt. This is the “Zaful new women plus-size lace long-sleeve sexy see-through blouse tops”. People like this! Four stars And it has 4000 reviews. People say to order a size up, but generally people are into it. I’m going to go with the large. I don’t have a big boobs anyway. I’m gonna go with the black. I promise not everything I buy will be black, but that top looks so cute black I had to. All right so that’s outfit one. This is interesting. This is a “Summer Autumn women casual long-sleeve chiffon dresses ladies Fashion V-Neck T-shirt loose short dress tops”. They’re just trying to fit like every keyword in that title. This has a decent amount of reviews and it has three and a half stars. There’s no sizing chart and not a lot about the sizes in the reviews, so I’m going to size up and get an 8 just because I would rather that it’s bigger than smaller. How about the gray? That sounds exciting. All right. I’m going to add that to my order. Outfit two, check! This is interesting. Okay, this looks like a hoodie dress. I actually at one point in my life was searching for a hoodie dress, and I saw images of this thing on Amazon But I was too nervous to buy it. I was nervous that it wouldn’t look like the picture because it was so cheap. Let’s take a look. She looks very hip and cool. Interesting! Okay, this also has three and a half stars and it has five thousand reviews. A lot of the people who are upset say it’s too small, so I’m just going to just order up. I love this one. She just says “Wack!” It seems like all the other colors pretty much are sold out except for black, so I think that I might get to buy black. I see, I see. So that is three outfits down. All right. Let’s take a look at this This is a “new summer women fashion solid off shoulder T-shirt casual short sleeves blouse loose tee Tops black white”. This is a two and a half star rating. “It looks nothing like the picture. It’s just a white Hanes t-shirt”. “Nice shirt, but it isn’t an off-the-shoulder sort, more with a plain t-shirt type shirt”. I think we have to see what this is. It seems like everyone’s saying that if you want it to be off the shoulder you need it to be really big, so I’m going to get the extra large. Like everyone was like “this is just a white t-shirt. Do not buy!” and I’m like “Yes, buy”. So, this is going to be off the shoulder. It would be cool to put something underneath. Oh! Yes, this is what I want. This is like one of those really cute like crop like bralette tops for one dollar! This has four stars with 3000 reviews and it’s like just right like no one said that it was too small or too large. Oh, it’s one size, that’s why. That makes sense. All right, let’s add that in. So, we just need a bottom for this outfit. Ooh, let’s get a pair of jeans. This should be interesting. This has also three-and-a-half stars with a thousand reviews. I’m going to go with large. The jeans are eleven dollars. So on the more expensive side of the things that we’ve got already. Oh, it’s fourteen dollars, okay, never mind. They were eleven dollars to begin and now they’re suddenly fourteen dollars, so I guess that’s fine. Outfit four, a check! It is cool to see like who’s buying what. I guess the strategy would probably to go for the things that more people bought. Ooh, look at this jumpsuit. I’ve seen one exactly like this at Urban Outfitters. I almost bought it I think like a year ago. I would buy this for six dollars, for sure. “Made out of balloon material”, “Material is like a swimsuit”. What on Earth is this thing? I’m gonna get a large and I’m going to get it in Army Green, how about? So, that is outfit five. I could search something. I have just been scrolling Maybe we could try something like a skater skirt and see what happens. Ooh, yeah. Here we go. Ooh, look at this. It’s one of those skater skirts that has like little suspenders. People like this. It’s got four stars, but only 20 reviews. Not a lot of people are saying too small. A lot of people are saying too large. I’m going to buy a medium, but it is kind of the nerve wracking decision. I think that they had the right idea to just style it look like a white t-shirt. I love this, “I ordered a black extra-large, but I got a white medium tank top that has words on it”. Someone says, “I got a 4x and it appears to be a toddler medium”, “If you aren’t sure about what size you want, go one size up.” I feel like let’s just go with that. So, I’m going to get a large in this. Okay, and that is outfit six. Oh, this top is really cute, and it’s almost gone. I need it. It looks like a little cleavage top. I have none of that. It’s called “Summer Fashion women casual sexy mesh V-neck blouse sleeveless tops t-shirt vest”. Meow! A lot of people think it fits just right. I’m just going to get a medium this time around and see what happens. What’s the difference between black and cool black? Should I get a cool black just to see what that means? All right, so let’s look for a bottom for this outfit. There is a tab that says bottoms. Ooh, those jeans are questionable. Here’s something, so four stars, one written review. It’s not a lot of information, so this is probably the riskiest purchase yet. I’m going to get it in A large and that rounds out the last outfit. All right, I think that is seven outfits! A lot of the like estimated arrival times are like well over a month away. So, It’s going to take me a while to get these things, but I’m Incredibly excited to see what they are. Some of their reviews were all over the place and it also seems like sometimes People don’t get exactly the item they ordered. Like not just it didn’t look like a picture like this is a completely different item. So, we’ll see, but if any of these things are good They were a great deal, so let’s see what happens. That is a lot of Five-dollar clothing, so it’s been about a month and a half and these things have been slowly trickling in, but I think I finally have everything. [This is a mess], so I took on the pile, hung everything up. There were a couple of things I felt like I didn’t recognize but we’ll get To that when I, you know, like try to put them on. So, I started off with this green billowy jumpsuit thing. Okay, So here is the jumpsuit on. In the reviews people were kind of weirded out by this thing. They said it was giant and also maybe made out of balloon material, but when I got it it was pretty cute and soft out of the bag. I am Kind of loving this. I think that there’s a couple of things that are a little odd. I thought these were pockets at first, but they’re just kind of like wings. Like there’s some wings around the thighs like M.C. Hammer pants style and some strange ruching around the calves, but aside from that it fits pretty well. I put a belt on it just to add some shape to it and I also wore birkenstocks To match the kind of like “Earth Mama” vibes I was getting from it. I just look very comfortable, and I feel comfortable, but I also look comfortable. It was definitely hot outside, but the fabric was pretty thin and flowy. Got a lot of breeze waves for the air to travel through. The fabric did cling to my butt a little bit. A couple of crevices were spotted, But besides that I was pretty impressed by this. When you weigh the pros and cons like the price versus the “thigh fins” Eh, it evens out pretty much, I think. So, outfit number two was this sweatshirt dress that I was super excited about. I thought that this dress looked like what was shown on the website, but it did fit a little awkwardly. There was some bulk like around the middle because of the pockets and it was a little bit shorter than I expected, especially in the thigh slit area. Okay, so we’re at the mall right now. I think the style of the dress is fine. I think like besides the pockets like it’s a cute dress. It’s just so warm. It’s not terrycloth. It’s like a ski fleece, So it could work really well like with tights and boots in a winter climate, but in July in California It’s just, like even inside the mall, I’m feeling warm. It’s confusing because like my legs aren’t covered, but they’re so warm. Overall I wouldn’t say I got scammed with this dress. Like I did get what I ordered, But I didn’t like it as much as I hoped that I would. It just didn’t fit me right. It was a little too hot and it’s a bit of a tight hood So you got a little bit of the South Park effect. [Goofy Laugh] So outfit number three was my white, off-the-shoulder top, black bralette, and distressed jeans. Okay. So here is this outfit on my body. I like the straps on the top of the bralette and I actually can fit into these jeans. pretty effectively. The top was not just a “plain white Hanes t-shirt”, as the reviews had suggested, But it didn’t show off as much of the bralette as I wanted it to. It was also a little bit bulkier than I expected. There were a few more folds and flops than I had hoped for. That said, it was all pretty comfortable to wear and I didn’t really notice that I was wearing Wish clothing throughout the day. I’m liking it so far; my only complaint is that these pants are riding down and I feel like if I tug on the belt loops, they’re gonna just come off. I would maybe not wear all these things at the same time again. I feel like I looked a little bit like a mid 2000s, Jessica Simpson.
TYLER: It also looks at your hosting T.R.L. It’s the sleeves that bring out that like late 2000s vibe, but the individual items were pretty good. Day four Brought us face to face with the only item that I actually did not recognize when it arrived. So, I did not remember ordering a pair of black pants, but I did remember ordering some distressed sweatpants. I think these are them. The way I identified that I hadn’t actually received a completely wrong item was the rips in the pants, but this definitely isn’t what I thought that I had ordered. They were supposed to be sweatpants, but they feel like almost like a swimsuit, a little bit. I was just so surprised by the material of them. These things are like crepes. Like an inedible very thin cloth pancake. They’re neither sweatpants nor jeans nor pants nor leggings. TYLER: They’re like fake clothing.
SAF: Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s like It’s like doll clothes. That said, the top was super cute and it looks a lot like the pictures. At first, I put it on backwards because there’s no tag anywhere. Let me just humor myself. TYLER: You’re turning it around again?
SAF: Once I got it on right way, front ways, things started going well. Okay this feels better. So, while the pants were kind of a fail The top was one of my favorite things that I got. I feel like they scammed me with the pants and I scammed them for the top. So, outfit five was my little suspenders skater skirt and white crop top. Okay so here is this outfit. This skater skirt was really a cute style, but I just didn’t love the fabric. So, I had left the skater skirt hanging for a while because when it came out of the bag it was like super wrinkly, but the folds did not come out. So, we drove down to Disneyland. The car was not super kind to my skirt. TYLER: Why?
SAF: It’s a little more wrinkled than when you last saw me. Which was already a little wrinkled to begin with. I kind of wish it was more of like a jersey type fabric and this is more of just like a crinkly somethin’-somethin’. After walking around for a while, it’s a little bit humid, I think my wrinkles are coming out. Maybe not entirely, but… Besides that I thought that the skirt and the top were pretty cute together And I would say that the crop top was a pretty solid buy. I am glad that I listened to reviews and sized up though. A+ on the crop top. I feel like both items pretty much look like the photos and with Wish it can just be hard to tell what the fabric is going to be like before it gets to you. So, you kind of get what you get. Can you see my underwear?
SAF: Oh, no? Good. So outfit six was my mesh top and denim skirt. Now the skirt was definitely my riskiest buy because there was only one written out review. I would say that it fit like width wise, but it was a little bit Longitudinally challenged. Like my butt ends here I actually think from the front like it’s not that short. It’s just that the back gets shorter. The other thing is I feel like I’m kind of like walking with my thighs close together just to not move the skirt too much. Though I think for something with no reviews I did get an actual skirt and not just like a puff of smoke and a stolen credit card. So the top I liked okay, it definitely does look like the photo. This is pretty close to what I expected. It’s not a perfectly fitted shirt like there’s some Emptiness right here. I thought that it fit pretty well, though it does feel like swimsuit material. It feels like with Wish like even if it looks like what I expected it to look like there’s always just like Something that’s a little bit off. I think most of my focus was on the length of the skirt, but besides that the outfit was pretty comfortable to wear around. Now outfit seven was wrinkle-pocalypse I’m sure that if you steamed this it would be less wrinkly, but I can’t find my steamer. But I did leave this hanging for a week and I also did the steamer shower trick and pretty much none of the wrinkles had come out by the time I put it on. I just look like I’ve been sleeping in this for a few days. Maybe should I put a belt on it, would that help? I really do like how it’s longer in the back, but I don’t love how it randomly cupped my booty. Like it’s close to be kind of like a straight down sheath dress and there was a little like cupage. I will say that there’s nothing wrong with the comfort of this dress. It feels just a little bit like I’m wearing a sheet It was, however, a pretty light and breezy dress for a hot summer’s day. It’s easy and breezy up in my crotch-eezy. TYLER: Inappropriate. And maybe if you were living somewhere humid, the wrinkles would come out on their own. So, that was my Wish haul. It’s definitely a crapshoot. And I don’t know if I know how to navigate Wish any more now than I did before. I do think there’s some stuff on Wish that is a very good deal. The reviews are almost always all over the place, so you kind of just have to go with your gut. And I’m actually really psyched about the stuff that I found that I like because it’s kind of like finding the diamond in the rough. So my favorites were the green jumpsuit, the black sheer lacy shirt, the black bralette, and the white crop top, but if I had any advice for people shopping on Wish, tops are more of a sure bet, skirts and dresses were a little shorter than I expected, and I think that sizing up usually helps. Also, if you see a pair of cool distressed sweatpants, Do not buy them. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you’ve bought anything from Wish before Let me know in the comments below. If you liked that video make sure to smash that like button, and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to Smash that subscribe button and if you’ve already smashed that subscribe button, make sure to also Smash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications. So you get a notification every time that I post. Here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my next beat I do a lot of daily clogging and Q and A’s on there. A big shout out to Ivy for watching. Thank you for watching Ivy, and I will see you guys the next time!

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  2. I buy everything on wish!! I actually have that see through rainbow jacket you’re wearing in the opening credits lol I bought it for literally $5 about 2 years ago haha I love it! I even got a light up faux fur jacket on there for $30! I get my Harley Quinn joggers I sleep in for $5-8 too but mostly I get the extensions and wigs cuz they’re good quality synthetic inline what you get at cvs or party city during Halloween and aren’t as expensive as Sally’s hair extensions. I’d rather pay $8 for a pack of hair then $100 and they’re both yaki blends (human and synthetic) you can buy literally everything and everything on wish and I do lol cuz it’s good quality for cheap prices and if something doesn’t fit or work you can request a refund, explain the issue and upload a few pics and they’ll give you your money back and you don’t have to send the item back! (Since it would cost more to ship it back then it is to buy it in the first place) at least they’re really good and on point with customer service and refunds. I’ve been buying clothes off wish for years and the trick is to read the comments about sizing. Sometimes I can order my size but usually you have to order a size or two up. Just read what ppl are saying and look at the size charts. I got a size medium holographic skirt once and it was definitely a size large or XL and didn’t fit. Be careful with the leggings and most t-shirts especially graphic tees they’re usually printed on that stretchy nylon/spandex bathing suit material and are just awful, well the shirts are the leggings are fine. I’ve gotten a few cotton T-shirts lk a $5 David Bowie one and a $5 tie dye crop top with a ying yang that says chill. I get my body jewelry there mainly my ear plugs I’m a size 5/8” that size can get pretty pricey at hot topic when you can get the same thing on wish for 95¢!!! Not even kidding! You can get brand name stuff too but it won’t be listed under that name usually just what the product is. Wish is straight up magical I love it! I’ve even found dollskill clothes and accessories on there that are lk a 70% markup on the DK website compared to wish. So yes some stuff is gonna be crappy and break apart but that’s with most if not any and all companies but at least they’ll refund you immediately and you keep that item or give it away lol but most of the stuff I’ve boughten over the past few years, yeah yearssss, it’s still in tact, no problems at all! Like the Lisa frank holographic jacket we both have. It’s hella light and feels kinda cheap right? I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s still in the same
    Condition! It’s a dope jacket too! Literally anything you want or could think of Is on wish and is super cheap! I check there first before anywhere else when I shop. Hell I even got my first tattoo gun on wish lolol it was awesome!

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  9. I've ordered some wish. Actually I've gotten some really nice stuff we just got to really be careful what you ordering. My husband likes this one style of sandal. And I don't but anyway it was cat brand you know like construction equipment cat. and they are actually really good quality I ordered him The Witcher cold and we live in Wisconsin and he actually gets hot in it and I ordered him snow boots and he loves them. I have ordered myself cloths. Got to really watch the sizes. I ordered a swimsuit with peacock feathers beautiful swimsuit of course I ordered it to Big cuz I was afraid not to go up a couple of sizes. So I ordered another smaller one I love it. I try to only go by the reviews who actually put pictures and videos up. So you can see what it really looks like. By the way if you are completely Missled complains they will refund you. But if it's a higher price Item you do have to return it. And they're not going to let you get everything for free you are limited to complaints

  10. I bought this one skater skirt from Wish that has attached shorts underneath that is basically my new favorite clothing item. I'm not usually a skirt person, but I've worn it so many times since I got it that I'm going to buy at least one more in another color.

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  27. Something people don't seem to mention in these Wish videos is how good the customer service is. If you don't get what you ordered, you will generally get a full refund.

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