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We Practically Buy Every Wheel That Surplus Center Sells

We Practically Buy Every Wheel That Surplus Center Sells

alright time for everybody's favorite segment where we show you what we have ordered and unbox it this is our order from surplus center this is gonna be all of our wheels for our robots for 2017 they're cyber slam go back and check out the video that we did there 2016 cyber slam first one we did entry-level robot competition well show you what we ordered here and this is what $138 a robot what we did order some air cylinders but just a couple now these wheels we got from surplus center really great company most of these were around the 50 cents apiece so we ordered a bunch just to have for other projects too and we got a wide variety from stuff like kind of like a shopping cart style for you these are probably the best ones out of the box for the robots we think they're pretty grippy just blue these are kind of likes on those little razor scooters you see around there's a smaller those grippy top tires like I was showing you they're just not as as rubbery we got some bigger ones here these are actually pretty nice they're rounded but they're kind of grippy to just a wide variety of wheels we got here surplus Center is the place to find stuff like this go check it out on the internet they will send you a free catalog and you always say I don't like to plug Walmart in other places but I will plug surplus Center they always done me good when I've ordered stuff for them and I think it's just surplus intercom I'll go check them out if you're getting into this it's a great place to get not just wheels but they have a lot of parts so yeah check them out and if if you like this or even if you don't like it you just want to heckle us there's a button down there that says subscribe go ahead and click on that we appreciate

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