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We found a Military Humvee! Part 2: Vlog 61

We found a Military Humvee! Part 2: Vlog 61

it's a coma we're going explore right now another old case harvester or something like case as a John Deere I don't know my tractors you guys I'm sorry if you all are like spazzing out in the comments see we're going this way it's a little creek owe you some creek running the ouvea baja running all right now big country boys look at this Hawks in the air they're circling something I know Falcon or something how's the BB Frank yeah that's a hog for following poison spray we just found a Humvee where's where's the dude it starts okay hang on no it'll start this thing will start you tell us been running come on yep it's a it's a Detroit Diesel that's a Detroit Diesel oh now Guinea start surplus I'm getting this Taurus dang it fine I just start this what does it start oh my god anything breaks out they have extra I don't know I'll know where the things that I don't know or the things that director why well have started yeah military's raid there's gotta be something hey Josh she's like look at the seat right there that would suck there has to be Humvee to start this is what Josh is in right now it was let's get a a front view we could do a review on this driving down the road one last time don't you start day and we can't get a start ah no no would cheese like to be driving a Humvee have you ever sat on me no let's see what it was been here am general okay that's GM do you okay you guys what year it is 97 94 so guys sad news that couldn't get the h1 start it really wanted to the battery was too low so right now we're in we're going in between the field you see the Hummers over the way over there just kind of driving through just some crows you know it's a mud pit they're not going through Rock um so yeah but it's it's kind of disappointing I was really hoping h1 what star because that would be bashing through this right now yeah this is yeah guy this is actually really flat for you Tennessee right through here you don't see this very often so yeah now there is some flat spots where we live too but it's more Rolling Hills I just like flat flat so we're on this bridge it looks sketchiest oh gosh okay go this way now oh that's creepy as crap baby stroller over there yeah assume Walking Dead here's something that was down there yeah it's something big maybe it's Bigfoot hey guys this used to be a campground that hundreds talk with families owned as you can see koa it is completely abandoned apparently tornado came through and ripped through this family for so long and all these like power spots used to be cabins that they had brand-new and over here is where the pool used to be it's probably still dug in fire pits some street lights that are still up in the office used to be right in front of those flying sure huh yeah there's the pool oh it's Oh God well oh my god that's gross that's really gross it's like a scene from Lilly the walking dead I feel like what we find in Teleco Plains I mean sorry Mexico or Mexico no thanks oh shit look at that Hunter hunter look there's the playground oh my god Hunter I still works look you're missing this palette hurts oh gosh hunter it still works my childhood is now complete guys were reminiscing on the good old days before we were I was trucks tomorrow before he was TRD Matt Stokely oh there's a walkway so right there we just used them so we made it out the farmland in our Chattanooga at this place called Sunset Rock yeah literally we we just got stuck behind a person dude 35 the whole way here though on this backroads yeah it sucked now hundred just a warning when we get down here there is no hand railings there's really not maybe I should've took you here then well they may have the last house here's about two years ago team makeout Rock don't ask me how or why I know that I'm sorry I was 19 nope it's kind of private sometimes and welcome to Sunset Rock yeah there's no hand really no railings yeah nope this is bad freakin s dude look at the houses over here look at this there might be I'm not sure oh my god we got we've got North Carolina we've got North Carolina right over there Georgia right there and take a look there's rain all around us look at this oh my god there's a trail down there oh my god this is creepy and absolutely freakin legit I'm not sitting next to you it's gonna push me off that's true that's what my girlfriend yeah I mean my girlfriend probably thinks oh god hunter wonder why are we doing this ya know kid oh my god you're going down on wait there's climbing hooks right here now well there's China nigga a little bit right down there this rock steady it not we're dead yeah pretty much we're just screwed so apparently I lost hunter somewhere don't know where he is oh look at that view guys the heck are you what what are the heck are you what the hell are you doing right there there's like birthday balloons right there I dated you a day to jump it what okay hang on oh my god oh that's kind of terrifying would you die phone probably miss get away from the hair it away from you no our love will be staying right here the whole Rock legs are falling off oh god don't

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