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Watchgang Platinum Review Swiss Military Watch Triton

Watchgang Platinum Review Swiss Military Watch Triton

hey guys
Sandra with my watch edition I’m coming back to take a closer look at that Swiss
military watch that I received as a part of my watch game Platinum subscription
for December 2017 before we get started though just a couple quick housekeeping
items first I want to thank AJ and Steven for our taking part in my New
Year’s Day Giveaway if anybody hasn’t seen it already go back and check out
the comments they were actually in the first tube to be able to successfully
guess what video this watch has made guest appearances in now funny part
about that is when I was putting that contest together and I was thinking
about it I thought I have only worn this Washington three different videos they
quickly pointed out to me that I actually watched Ward this watch in four
different videos and they were actually able to successfully find them and point
that out to me now if you remember the contest rules
stated they get beat subscriber and you had to tell me what three videos this
watch made a guest appearance in final thing it had to be the first person that
commented they both commented at pretty close to the same time and I wasn’t
about to let one of them get screwed out of a watch so guess what they both got
one of my watches so sent those out this week Stephens is still on his way to
them and check the tracking this morning it’s got a little bit farther to go but
a JT has his in his hands already and hopefully he is enjoying it I just want
to be give a big shout out and thank you to both of those gentlemen
or participated rest assured though guys if you did not win don’t worry there
will be more watch giveaways coming up in the future I had a lot of fun with
that project and I hope you guys did as well so stick around and see what I have
in store for us in the future today though we are going to take a look at
this Swiss military watch a little bit closer alright so let’s get this box
open you can see like I’m show previously cardboard box on top some
packing material open this guy up and you have real nice hardwood almost a
black shiny liqueur type surface I don’t know if that’s the right word forgive me
King dusty as hell that’s one thing I will point out and just that face value
looking at it the Box reminds me a lot of the boxes that the blacklist watches
came in but let’s get this guy open and see what we have so in here we have the
wash polishing cloth that says West military watch no compromises and of
course we have the watch but we’re going to open it up further so in here is this
almost like a cardboard when I want to say it’s possibly faithful a there might
be real leather lower quality leather but nevertheless yellow leather on the
inside in here we have a couple of cards this card is going to show us
instructions for our water resistance then we have the certificate of
authenticity card that came with it and then finally I believe this is a manual
yes this is the international guarantee this is pretty much just the
international guarantee in like 70 different languages 70s in saturation I
get that throwing these things back in the box here first
it’s gonna bite me now I don’t know anything about the Swiss military watch
company this is the first watch I’ve had from them but we’re going to take a look
at this guy here let’s take a walk around this watch and get this on our
way very very close here I’ll get some closer images here in a minute
but at face value we take a look at the watch real quick stainless steel case
blue silicon band right off the bat I’m not a real fan of silicon bands just in
general I’m not a diver the the one thing I that I hate about them is you’ll
notice this and some of the close-up pictures when I get it to you I have a
German Shepherd if you haven’t seen the dog in other videos but with silicone
bands they attract dog hair like there is no tomorrow so I’m constantly pulling
it like right there I’m constantly pulling dog hair off of any silicone
band watches that’s a quite annoying but that’s that’s the watch we take a look
at the back real quick we have that open display case back this is an automatic
that you can see very very thin diver which to me is really really neat
because this seems like a little bit I don’t even know the size actually you
know what we’re going to figure out the size of this room quick just because I
can’t find a whole lot of information on the website about it so I’m just gonna
measure it myself and at the crown this is a 50 millimeter
dial at the crown inside the crown you’re looking at 47 millimeters on this
guy so it is a bigger watch bigger diameter case on this watch but they
maintained the thinness of it so this is one of the wreaths things that I’m
starting to like about this watch is just the overall dimensions on it I like
how thin that is if you follow me on Instagram I actually wore this watch
dare to go to work and it was very very very comfortable and a lot has to do
with that thickness on that case so let’s jump on the line and see what I
can actually figure out about this wash now I’ve been traveling the past week or
so has a couple of weeks give or take so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to be
on Facebook and in watch gang exchange to see what people are saying about
these Swiss military watches so unfortunately I don’t have that
information to help me out in my search here but just taking a real quick look
first thing I did is I went to Swiss – military comm which is the website
address listed on there packing material going to that site I cannot find this
watch anywhere they do have a lot of really really really interesting designs
and really neat looking watches Swiss military watch company that is and it
looks like they are focused a lot on you know building watches for specific
military services so they have a navy section an Air Force Action Army section
and they have which says new in 2016 I think it’s
funny exits 2018 now but it says new in 2016 they have a motor sports section as
well now the problem being is I cannot find
this watch anywhere on their website so that tells me one of two things either a
this is an older watch or B this is a newer watch and they haven’t updated the
site or C I’m just wrong about all of it which is entirely possible taking a look
around a little bit more to see if I can find this watch anywhere usually what I
do when I can’t find a watch on a watch company’s website the first thing I do
is I just go to ebay and type in some characteristics about the watch in just
start scrolling start seeing what I can find and actually I found a watch that’s
very very similar to this which I actually think this is the model of this
watch it’s the Swiss military anova noah anova manova
I’m sorry Swiss military manoa Triton forty seven millimeter automatic watch
now I’m fairly positive that that is this watch however I’m going to point
out a few things about it so the watch model that I found on eBay which you’ll
see the screenshot there it shows this watch it shows the case it shows the
color pattern with the exception of the dial color it shows almost the exact
same watch the exact same name of the company however the logo right under
that 12 o’clock position is different and this one says Swiss military canola
whereas my watch simply just says Swiss military watch company I’m not sure the
background between this and the differences between the two of them
fairly certain they’re the same company I don’t think it’s that I’m dealing with
a different company or looking at a different company
I think they might have had a company name change and I mean either dealing
with an older watch or a newer watch which is reflecting that name change
nevertheless there’s a website Swiss military dot CH is the website for Swiss
military Panola and that’s where I was able to find the Triton model now the
trade model as you can see here looks almost exactly like this washers like I
mentioned there’s a few things that are different first thing that’s different
is I cannot find this color pattern anywhere as far as the dial is concerned
this watch is available on the Swiss military da CH with the same blue
coloring and a white dial but not the navy blue dial so that confuses me a
little bit but that’s not hard to do so it’s neither here or there this site
does say that the crystals on these are sapphire crystals but there isn’t any
information about the movements they use or anything like that so I don’t have
any further real technical information about this they do classify this watch
as 47 millimeters and that’s 47 millimeters without the crown like we’ve
measure just a minute ago because I can’t find this watch too much it
doesn’t really do me any good to go into price comparisons on what I paid for or
what I received it forward versus what they’re selling for on various sites the
only site that I’ve actually found selling this watch or the Swiss military
Panola version of this watch is actually on ebay there’s like six listings on
eBay and they range in price anywheres from four hundred and ninety nine
dollars in seven cents all the way up to 608 six hundred and fifty seven dollars
less shit here’s one for eight hundred dollars so anywheres from 425 up to
eight hundred dollars is what this watch was going for they don’t list the MSRP
on this west military watches website so I can’t even tell you what the MSR
he is on it so that that’s neither here nor there but you can find a watch very
very very similar to this one on ebay for about 520 bucks that’s good at 525
looks to be the average price for it as a reminder this was from the watch game
Platinum subscription so I only paid $2.99 plus shipping for this watch now
let’s talk about what I like and what I don’t like or what I think is weird
about this watch tonight yes I used the term weird so as I mentioned previously
what I really like about this watch is the size and size characteristics so the
the dial size and then the case thickness I really really think our need
I’m not a huge fan of the silicone band like I mentioned now don’t get me wrong
the silicone band is probably one of the most comfortable bands that I’ve ever
worn however for my lifestyle between the dog between you know my watch is
sitting for a while and collecting dust silicone bands attract for me and I
think it’s it has something to do probably with static cling but for me
silicone bands collect dust they track dog hair and they just look like crap
right after you get them out of the box that it almost feels like unless you’re
diving in they’re constantly getting washed off or you’re constantly washing
them off long-term I’m not a huge huge fan of silicone bands but this one is
like I mentioned probably one of the most comfortable watches that I’ve ever
worn with a silicone band so that is a plus for me I dislike the fact that I
cannot find much about this watch anywhere however those things happen
especially if they’re they’re coming out of gray market or whatever the case may
be I like the color pattern on this watch
I like the navy blue I think it’s a it’s a very very sharp navy blue the colors
consistent throughout the dial and throughout the band really really
enjoying that I like the dial design the one thing that I don’t know if you guys
have picked up on yet which is I have seedy in case you can’t tell in it’s
driving me nuts if you look at that five o’clock in deceit right there that five
of that number five design is absolutely annoying the hell out of me
so I don’t know if it was a misprint I don’t know if that’s how they intended
it to be but closing off that five that lower edge of the five just looks
ridiculous to me it looks like possibly it was a six that they tried to fix or a
nine that they turned upside down and tried to fix
I’m not sure what the deal of this one thing I will note with this though is
that the Loom is correct so you’ll see later when I show a loom
shot of this watch you’ll notice that the five does look correct in the dark
however in the lane which is 95 percent of the time where I’m wearing a watch
that five just looks really really really odd to me and I don’t understand
the styling design so if you look at some of the other trading models well
I’m looking at it on eBay they have it I don’t know if it was a problem not
necessarily a problem I don’t know if it was a manufacturing decision to do that
did it make manufacturing that five easier the fabrication of it hi honestly
don’t know but that’s that’s annoying as all get-out
I do see on the white face tiles the five has a black background whereas on
this watch the numbers have white background so that might be part of what
my issue is is that it doesn’t have that black background to that indicee to give
you that separation and the five but going from the loom to a white
background or white stuff up I guess on the Hinda see just it doesn’t make any
sense to me like I mentioned they’ll stick around
and you won’t be able to see that loom shot at the
of the video alright guys so that was the Swiss military training that I
received as December 2007 teens watch getting Platinum subscription watch from
watch gang calm overall I would say this watch is definitely starting to grow on
me I’m liking it a lot better than my initial reaction to it when I first
opened the box very very comfortable I think it’s a stylish wash I think it’s
it’s pretty sharp and it feels really really solid so for this watch I’m
actually liking this watch a little bit better than the svet that I received so
many Harvey say in my other watch gaming platform subscription watch for December
2017 nevertheless guys thank you very very much for watching don’t forget if
you haven’t already hit that subscribe button down there in the right-hand
corner of the screen and as always don’t forget to follow us on his grim and
histogram slash watch edition down to us if you have any questions you can always
reach out to me on our website at my watch Edition com thank you guys and
we’ll see you soon

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  1. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you can find info on watches!? I really like the look of this one! Looks like a nice smooth sweep on the second hand. That would look really cool on a distressed leather Nato! The 5 is definitely weird….

  2. Thanks Andrew…. Onwards and Upwards in 2018, your channel deserves much more attention, it's one of the best. I will be sure to post photos of your/my new watch when I get back to the UK in about 10 days or so. Cheers

  3. What are your thoughts on Chinese made mechanical watches? I'm thinking about getting this Rider watch with a seagull movement (homage to the nomos tangente)

  4. Love the piano black case on that watch. Shout out for sending me an Aragon! The swiss looks heavy duty but that rubber band is a real turn off, it needs a nato strap asap. Let me know if you ever find a deal on an OOO automatica that's what I have my eye on next.

  5. Hi. I work in a hospital and need exactly this watch with the silicone band. Please let me know if you are willing to sell me this watch. If you are willing, I'll share my details with you. Thanks

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