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Watchgang Black Subscription: Szanto Desert Sands 4315 Watch Review

Watchgang Black Subscription: Szanto Desert Sands 4315 Watch Review

hey guys this is Andrew taking a closer look at the Szanto chronograph that I received
as a part of my watchgang black subscription for December 2017 before we
get started I just want a clue you into one a little exciting piece of
information. starting today and every day until January 1st I’m going to be
releasing a new watch review video at 12 p.m. now, why am I doing this because I
have a buttload and watches that have come in and I’m extremely backlogged and
need to get through them too it’s the holiday season and something tells me at
least one of you is going to be sitting around the dinner table with in-laws and
bored out of your freaking mind 3. January 1st 2018 at 12 p.m. I’m going to
be releasing a new video for a watch that I’ve been looking for for a while
now in that video I’m going to tell you one of my subscribers exactly how you
can win one of my watches it will be a watch that I’ve reviewed on this channel
it will be a watch that I like and not a watch that I hate if it will be a watch
that I sincerely hope that you guys like as well so stick around subscribe if you
haven’t already but definitely watch January 1st 2018
12 p.m. my watch how can you win my watch so since I’ve done my
unboxing I’ve had a chance to take a look around at these watches a little
bit and at the Szanto watch company in general and I’ve learned a few different
things now one I didn’t realize but the szanto watch company was actually started
in November 2013 by Barry Cohen the founder and owner of luminix another
very popular watch company now when he started this company he was looking to
start a brand that dealt with primarily vintage style
watches with a more up-to-date movement in or designed to them so that’s how he
came up with the brand from what I can tell all of the Szanto watches are based
on a miyota quartz movement I have been found specifically what movement this
watch that I’m taking a look at today is using but definitely interesting company
if you look into their history a little bit taking a closer look at the Szanto
chronograph as I mentioned this is the desert sands model 4513 which is
currently available on their website for two hundred and ninety-five dollars now
their website is Santo talking a little bit about this watch you can
see it is a chronograph extra benefit it has the date indicator at the six
o’clock position right in the circular part of the six is the date normal
chronograph functionality chronograph hands the case measurement of this watch
is 44 millimeters in diameter so this is a really good case size for me
personally which i think is one of the reasons why I’m a why I’m a fan of this
watch it’s not too big it’s not too small it’s very very comfortable to wear
the case material is stainless steel however has an IP antique bronze plating
to it which gives a kind of that gunmetal look or vintage look depending
on how you the hands and dial numbers do have thick
loom on them so I’ll be interesting to see how this guy glows once I get it
charged up here and get some still pictures of it at the end of the video
this desert sands 4513 is run by a Japanese quartz movement which I believe
is a Miata movement I’m not positive on that though
but I’m pretty sure it’s a Miyota quartz to ID chronograph movement the crystal
on this watch is a hardened hardened mineral crystal as I mentioned in the
watch gang unboxing video these are 22 millimeter leather straps
with their signature buckle on these watches this watch has a hundred meter
water resistance so it’s definitely not a watch that I would take swimming or
even play and I’m getting wet personally taking a look around to see what these
watches are going for are online it’s kind of interesting I have not found
this model listed anywhere as of yet available for sale through secondhand
markets I don’t know if this is a newer model I don’t know if it’s an older
model I really don’t know the history of this watch but I took a look at sites
like Amazon. Amazon does have a large number of szanto watches but they don’t
have the desert sands model 4513 which this watches took a look also at Princeton watches is an authorized Szanto retailer so
they’re an ad they do have a few different chronograph models but again
they don’t carry the desert sands models of the Szanto tine watches finally
I also took a look at eBay eBay again there’s a whole bunch of Santo time
watches up for sale my guess is a lot of them are watch gang black subscribers
however I do not see this chronograph model so I’m feeling pretty pretty happy
about this this montsum scription there are some desert sands 400 I’m sorry
4,000 series model available on eBay right now they range
anywhere from $80 up to 150 dollars so it looks like if I was going to say
overall the kind of going rate for these watches right now is probably I’m going
to say in the hundred one hundred and twenty five dollar range typically a
hundred dollars plus shipping will get you one of these watches especially if
you’re buying it from a watch game subscriber taking a look at this watch a
little bit closer let’s see if we can get them in focus there for an as I
mentioned in that Maxim video these leather straps have the Szanto logo
imprinted into the bands they’re real nice thick leather band I mean yeah
they’re they’re not waxy they don’t feel cheap they’ve got a lot of give to them
but I think they’re gonna wear in over time pretty nice the buckles on these
are really nice and thick they have some meat to them definitely you know
definitely don’t feel chintzy you like they’re gonna break the catches nice
thick leather also looks like the same pretty close to the same material that’s
used on the band and then the watch itself again with that antiques IP
bronze case back on this watch you can see there shows the forty five ten
series stainless steel Japanese quartz 100 meter water resistance case
thickness on this watch I didn’t find out what the rating was actually yeah I
didn’t find out what the rating was on this but it does not look that thick at
all if we flip it over here you can see the buttons for a chronograph function
and then the crown to me it’s a well-designed watch it’s very very
comfortable definitely I wore this watch the other day all day and didn’t have
any problems with this watch alright guys so that was the desert sands 45 13
by and no time that I received is a part of
my watchgang black subscription for December 2017 overall I would say this
is a pretty pretty nice watch for the price point I’m definitely not upset
with this month’s watch gang black subscription I’m I’m actually really
really liking this watch and I I have a feeling this watch is gonna get some
wrist time but with that being said guys don’t forget check us out tomorrow and
I’ll take a look at the other Szanto time watch that I received as a part of my
watch gang black subscription in every day after that at 12 p.m. a new video new
watch definitely check it out don’t forget New Year’s Day your chance in
winning one of my watches thank you guys don’t forget to Like don’t forget to
subscribe post up in the comments if I mess anything up and you feel free to
tell me about it anyway guys thank you and have a good day

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  1. I really like these Szantos it seems like there’s a bunch of hate on them on the FB page which really surprises me! For the $99 sub price I think they’re unique I love the vintage look! The date window in the 6 on yours is AWESOME! Great video

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