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Watch This Russian Hacker Break Into Our Computer In Minutes | CNBC

Watch This Russian Hacker Break Into Our Computer In Minutes | CNBC

So I am joined here by Mikhail Sosonkin from Cenac You’re gonna show how easy it is to hack into a computer so this is my personal computer. So in this attack we will pretend to be a wireless access point that you normally connect to let’s say in a hotel so if you go in there and you try to log into something called Four Seasons guest Okay As you expect the wifi is around you’d want to be able to connect to it and a person who just arrived will think I’m a guest I should connect to the guest network Sure So now if you go to a website that you would normally use like Okay And you know normally what happens when you go to a website just after you’ve logged into a hotel network it says, “oh please log in you’re a new user” So here it’s asking for your room number and last name which you’d normally do and actually I can see your information show up here and so part of the attack is that it makes you it tries to convince you that you need to do an update, you know, your machine is out of date and it’s one of those so you’d want to click on the download button because it’s convincing you to do this and once you have executed that’s it you already have been exploited. I can see it here it says, I can use this Macbook Let’s say if I want to take a screenshot off your webcam so I have a special command here for essentially accessing your little camera right here If I say execute there we go. I just saw a green light pop up there for a second For a second, but now it’s already too late now I already know what’s going on around you Oh wow This particular attack is recording as a picture but you can actually record video You can also record sound if you wanted to That’s really disturbing You can execute things on the behalf so what I’m going to try to do is actually open the calculator application. Okay. Here we go. There’s my calculator it just popped up. I can basically execute any types of commands I want on your behalf. So what can people do to protect themselves? You should sort of be on the lookout for any time you sort of do an action and then the computer asks you to do something on your behalf. You downloaded something and it says, “hey please enter your password” If you didn’t expect that to happen maybe you should kind of stand back a little bit and say well does it normally happen when I log into a wifi access point? Or if you’re logging into a network and you didn’t expect to be redirected to an update page you should kind of stand back a little bit and say actually I’m not going to download this until I go home and I can trust my wifi. Well thank you so much great to see this. Glad to have the opportunity to hack your machine. Hey there, thanks for checking out CNBC on YouTube be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on all of the day’s biggest stories you can also click on any of the videos around me to watch the latest from CNBC thanks for watching

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  1. Let me be frank, if you start downloading update from WiFi login page, you deserved to be kicked, what a dumb demo.

  2. Ex-CIA & NSA technical director says forensic analysis shows DNC emails were not cyber-hacked but downloaded internally to a portable device.

  3. Did he create a GUI using visual basic to bypass the subnet sysop firewall servers?

  4. Well there's this thing called survival of the fittest and the people dumb enough to fall for the scam are perfect for society to lose. Sorry but if u can't see past a crappy apple update then u should get hacked.

  5. OMG! THIS IS AWESOME… but ._. i have 1 question ._. What software/OS should i use to hack computers like this russain guy?

  6. It’s not good that you’re tarring people with the same brush, a hacker could be any nationality, they aren’t just Russian!

  7. Yes the most dangerous hackers are those they never get revealed cos they are classified and it takes the right connections to get them you can always contact [email protected] if you ever need the help of a professional hacker he’s a real genius

  8. this is more like social hacking, since you, he have to fool her to download the program, which allows him to control the computer…

  9. Lol what a joke. His so called "special" command was a meterpreter shell from Metasploit. Any basic pentester or security tech can do this. Funny how they praise the Russian Hacker's abilities of this ukranian guy.

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  11. My pc got hacked and i tried to reset it…didnt work also the hacker blocked all the antivirus sites and chrome and i cannot get to my gmail account and all now i gotta reset my pc manually and install windows again from my usb drive i mean this hacker is genius he knows all the ways i could delete the virus but since he knows that and blocked all the ways i simply cant😑 hacker was from russia also cuz the site that Pops up when i tried to go to google is in russian (i tried to s download wii usb but the original site is deleted)

  12. Hey everyone this is called the Hotspot Honeypot technique. Feel free to google that if you are curious how to avoid these. Just a piece of advice , there is a potentially malicious reason some wireless networks are left open. Safe Surfing everyone 😉

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  15. Yeah its not hard to crack a public WiFi like one in a hotel, he just uploaded a rat but if she had an anti virus she would be safe cause a rat is easily trackable most of the times

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  17. @THE MAN THE MYTH THE BAKER Yeah, because Hmongs, Cambodians, Mongolians and semi-illiterate rural Chinese peasants sure are geniuses, right?

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  21. There is no such thing as hacker. People being described as a "hacker" are actually just people who understand the system and knows the flaws of the system

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