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Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

So the wall will get built, but we may not, we may not
have an agreement today. We probably won’t. But we have an agreement
on other things that are really good. Nancy, would you like
to say something? -Oh, thank you Mister President for the opportunity
to meet with you, so that we can work together
in a bipartisan way to meet the needs
of the American people. I think the American
people recognize that we must
keep government open. That a shutdown
is not worth anything. And that you should not have
a Trump shutdown. You have the White House —
-A what? You said Trump? -A Trump shutdown.
-Oh. -You have the White House. -Now it’s gonna go
all over the place. -You have the Senate. You have the house
of Representatives. You have the votes.
You should pass it right now. -No, we don’t have the votes,
Nancy, because in the Senate
we need 60 votes. -No, no, but in the House.
-And we don’t have — -And you could bring it up
right now today– -Yeah, but I can’t — excuse me. But I can’t get it passed in
the House if it’s not gonna pass in the Senate,
I don’t want to waste time. -Well, the fact is you can get
it started that way. -The House we could get passed
very easily and we do. -Okay, then do it.
-But the problem is the Senate, because we need 10 Democrats
to vote and they won’t vote. -That’s not the point,
Mister President. The point is, is that
their equity is to be weighed. And we’re here to have
a conversation the careful way, so I don’t think
we should have a debate in front of the Press on this. But, the fact is the Senate —
the House Republicans could bring up this bill
if they had the votes, immediately and set the town
for what you want. -If we thought we were gonna
get it passed in the Senate, Nancy,
we would do it immediately. We’d get it passed very easily
in the House. -No, that’s not the point. -Nancy, I’d have it passed
in two seconds. It doesn’t matter though, because we can’t get it passed
in the Senate because we need
10 Democrat votes. That’s the problem. -Again, let us have
our conversation and then we can meet
with the Press again, but the fact
is is that legislating, which is what we do,
you begin, you make your point, you state your case,
that’s what the House of Republicans
could do, if they had the votes. But there are no votes
in the House, majority votes for a wall.
No matter where you start. -That’s exactly right,
you don’t have the votes. -You don’t have the votes.
-If I needed the votes for the wall in the House,
I would have them in one session,
it would be done. -Well then, go do it.
-It doesn’t help because we need
10 Democrats in the Senate. -No, don’t put it on the Senate,
put it on the negotiation. -Okay, let me ask you this, and we’re doing this
in a very friendly manner. It doesn’t help for me
to take a vote in the House, where I will win easily
with the Republicans. -It will not win.
-It doesn’t help to take that vote, because I’m not gonna get
the vote of the Senate, I need 10 Senators,
that’s the problem. -Mister President, you have
the White House, you have the Senate, you have
the House of Representatives — -I have the White House,
the White House is done. And the House would give me
the vote if I wanted it. But I can’t because I need,
Nancy, I need 10 votes from Chuck. -Mister President let me
say something here. -Mister President,
let me undermi– let me just say one thing.
-All right. -The fact is you do not have
the votes in the House. -Nancy, I do.
And we need border security. -Let’s take the vote
and we’ll find out. -Nancy, we need border security,
it’s very simple. -Of course we do.
-We need border security. People are pouring into our
country, including terrorists. We have terrorists. We have caught 10 terrorists
over the last — very short period of time. Ten!
These are very serious people. Our border agents, all of our law enforcement
has been incredible, what they’ve done,
but we caught 10 terrorists. These are people
that were looking to do harm. We need the wall. We need — more important
than anything — we need border security of which
the wall is just a piece. But it’s important, Chuck,
did you want to say something? -Yeah, here’s what
I want to say. We have a lot
of disagreements here. The Washington Post today, gave you a whole lot
of Pinocchios because they say
you constantly mis-state how much the wall is —
how much of the wall is built and how much is there,
but that’s not the point here. We have a disagreement
about the wall, whether it’s effective or not.
-The Washington Post. Not on border security,
but on the wall. We do not want to shutdown
the government. You have called 20 times
to shutdown the government. You say, “I want to shut down
the government.” We don’t.
We want to come to an agreement. if we can’t come to an agreement
we have solutions that will pass the House
and Senate right now, and we’ll not shutdown
the government and that’s what we’re
urging you to do. Not threaten to shutdown the
government, because you can — -You don’t want to shutdown
the government, Chuck. -Let me just finish —
cause you can’t get your way. -Let time you shut it
down you got killed. -Yeah, let me just say
something, Mister President, you just say, “My way or we’ll shutdown
the government.” We have a proposal that with
Democrats and Republicans will support to do a CR that will not shutdown
the government. We urge you to take it. -And if it’s not good border
security, I won’t take it. -It’s very good border security.
-And if it’s not good border security,
I won’t take it. -It’s what the bor–
-‘Cause when you look at these numbers of the effectiveness
of our border security, and when you look at the job that we’re doing
with our military. -You just said it is effective.
-Can I be — Can I tell you something? -Yeah, you just said
it’s effective. -Without a wall — these are only areas
where you have the walls. -We want to the s–
-Where you have walls, Chuck, it’s effective. Where you don’t have walls,
it is not effective. -Let’s call a halt in it. We’ve come in here,
the first branch of government. Article One,
the legislative branch. We’re coming in, in good faith,
to negotiate with you about how we can keep
the government open. -Open. -We’re gonna keep it open
if we have border security. If we don’t have
border security, Chuck, we’re not gonna keep it open.
-I’m with you. We are gonna
have border security. -And it’s the same bord–
You’re bragging about what has been done. -By us.
-We want to do the same thing we did last year, this year. That’s our proposal. If it’s good then,
it’s good now, and it won’t shutdown
the government. -Chuck, we can build a much
bigger section with more money. -Let’s debate, let’s debate
in private, okay? -Okay.
-Yeah, let’s debate in private. -Okay.
-We have taken this conversation to a place that is devoid,
frankly of fact. And we can dispel that.
-We need border security. I think we all agree
that we need border security, is that right?
-Yes, we do. -Good.
-We do. -See?
We get along. -Thank you, everybody. -You say border security
and the wall, can you have border security
without the wall? -You need the wall. The wall is a part of security. -Are you redefining what it
means to have border security? -Yes.
-We need border security, the wall is a part
of border security. You can’t have a very
good border security without the wall, no.
-That is strictly not true. That is a political promise. Border security is a way to effectively honor
our responsibility t– -And the experts say you can do
border security without a wall, which is wasteful
and doesn’t solve the problem. -It totally solves the problem. And it’s very important.
-But I don’t want to take this. Unfortunately this has
spiraled downward, when we came at a place to say, how do we meet the needs of the
American people, who have needs. The economy has —
people are losing their jobs, the market’s in a mood. Our members are left– -Well, we have
the lowest unemployment that we’ve had in 50 years.
-Okay. -Fifty people of the
Republican party have lost — are losing their offices now
because of the transition. People are not,
the morale is not up. -And we’ve gained in the Senate. Nancy, we’ve gained
in the Senate. Excuse me, did we win
the Senate? We won the Senate. -When the President brags that
he won North Dakota and Indiana, he’s in real trouble. -I did. We did win North Dakota
and Indiana. -This is the most
important thing. We came in here in good faith
and we are entering into a, this kind of a discussion
in the public view. -But it’s not bad, Nancy. It’s called transparency.
-I know. But it’s not transparency when we’re not stipulating
to a set of facts. And when we want to have
a debate with you about saying we confront
some of these facts, without saying
to the public, this isn’t true. -You know what,
we need border security. That’s what we’re gonna be
talking about, border security. If we don’t have border security
we’ll shutdown the government. This country
needs border security. -We agree to that. -The wall is a part
of border security. -Not the wall.
-Let’s have a talk. We’re gonna get the wall built, and we’ve
done a lot of wall already. -How big a part of border
security is the wall? -It’s a big sec–
it’s a big part of it. -Is it everything that you need?
-It’s a big part of it. We need to have effective
border security. We need a wall in certain parts,
no not in all parts, but in certain parts of a 2,000-mile border,
we need a wall. -How much money? -Uh, we are doing it
much under budget. We’re actually way under budget
on the areas that we’ve renovated
and areas that we’ve built. I would say if we got,
if we got $5 billion we could do
a tremendous chunk of wall. -Are you willing to accept
less, though? -Well, we’re gonna see,
we’re gonna see. Look, we have to have the wall. This isn’t a question,
this is a national emergency. Drugs are pouring
into our country. People with tremendous medical
difficulty and medical problems are pouring into and, in many,
may cases it’s contagious. They’re pouring
into our country. We have to have border security. We have to have a wall
as part of border security. And I don’t think
we really disagree so much. I also know that, you know,
Nancy’s in a situation where it’s not easy for her
to talk right now. And I understand that. And I fully understand that. We’re gonna have
a good discussion and we’re gonna see
what happens. But we have to have
border security. -Mister President, please don’t
characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting as the leader
of the House Democrats, who just won a big victory. -Elections have consequences,
Mister President. -That’s right. And that’s why the country
is doing so well. -Let me just say this, what the
president is representing the terms on his cards
over there are not factual. We have to have
an evidence-based conversation about what does work, what money has been spent,
and how effective it is. This isn’t deba– This is about
the security of our country. We take an oath to protect
and defend. And we don’t want to have
that mischaracterized by anyone. -I agree with that. No, no I agree with that. -So let us have a conversation
where we don’t have to contradict,
in public, the statistics
that you put forth. But instead can have
a conversation about what will really work and what the American people
deserve from us at this uncertain time
in their lives — -One thing I think
we can agree on is we shouldn’t shutdown
the government over a dispute. -Yes. -And you want to shut it down,
you keep talking about it. -I want — no, no, no. The last time, Chuck,
you shut it down. -No, no, no. -And then you opened it up
very quickly. -Twenty times. -And I don’t want to do
what you did. -Twenty times. Twenty times
you have called for it. -Chuck.
-I will shutdown the government if I don’t get my wall. None of us of have said —
-You want to know something? -You’ve said it. -Okay, you want to
put that on my — -You said it. -I’ll take it.
-Okay, good. -You know what I’ll say? Yes, if we don’t get what
we want one way or the other, whether it’s through you,
through military, through anything
you want to call, I will shutdown the government,
absolutely. -Okay, fair enough.
We disagree. -And I am proud. -We disagree.
-I’ll tell you what, I am proud to shutdown the government
for border security, Chuck. Because the people of this
country don’t want criminals and people
that have lots of problems and drugs
pouring into our country. So, I will take the mantle. I will the one to shut it down. I’m not gonna blame you for it. The last time, you shut it down,
it didn’t work. I will take the mantle
of shutting down. -That is no– -And I’m gonna shut it down
for border security. -But we believe you
shouldn’t shut it down. -Okay.
Thank you very much, everybody. [indistinct chatter] -Press, let’s go,
make your way out.

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