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Watch Gang Wheel – Egard Navita Gunmetal Watch Review

Watch Gang Wheel – Egard Navita Gunmetal Watch Review

how’s everybody doing today
got two more watches that came in one I’m gonna guess is a watchgang wheel watch and the
other is my assumption is my watch gang black subscription from August I’m gonna dive
into this first one which is my wheel watch I believe we’re gonna set my watchgang black
subscription off till next month before I do that quick risk check today we are
racking the Balmer from previous month’s apologize for the glare I’m gonna do my
wheel watch one of the watches I’ve gotten from a wheel spin first and the
reason I’m going to do that is because I’m trying to pissed off about this box
got home this afternoon found box on my door UPS delivered everything was all
good until I looked at the box itself and that’s how the box came so we’re
gonna open this one up and see if it’s already um if it is alright great no
harm no foul if it’s shredded then we’ll have to deal with it from there but the
the thing that’s kind of frustrating to me about this is obviously nobody likes
to see their watch his trash before they even get him in this instance the
funnier part is it was just in the last set of videos that I did that I was
bitching about how little packing material watch companies put in the
boxes and surprisingly holy shit I cannot believe that this inner box
does not look touched at all if you can see the bottom of this box it’s shredded
like how this inner box made it I don’t know so far I’m kind of happy so
we will see what we see here this is a wheel watch as you can tell I’m a little
bit happier now this is a wheel watch that I’ve won on watch gang wheel
I forgive which spin I think this was the more expensive spin I forget the
details on it but if you are a member of watch gang and you check out their
wheels of watches you’ll be able to see little trash hood not too bad let’s open
this guy up I believe this one is the e guard we’ll see how you actually get
into these things I try to open these up so I don’t trash the original packing
material because I don’t know some of these watches I sell some of these watch
ins I keep so Eagar interesting way of opening and everything’s just kind of
shoved in here kind of interesting my first days dealing with plastic wrap
and elbow wrap so I apologize alright so I’m gonna have to shut off
the light on this guy because you guys couldn’t see it very well as an eager I
don’t know a lot about this watch other than I like the heft to it I’ll pause
the video here in a minute and do some close-ups you can see the movement in
there automatic movement see what else we got
marks this pillow obviously came with it I believe the guard sends USB keys with
all of their watches be honest with you I’ve never fired one up to see what’s on
it I believe it might be probably marketing material something to that
effect but I’ll jump in and check it out at some point
and then my warranty card 3-year limited international warranty which
incidentally it’s not filled well so technically speaking I don’t know if
this is covered under warranty or not I’m sure you Garwood pipe in after
seeing this video and say it is plus the beautiful part is watch gang has amazing
customer support so worst-case scenario I would have just reached out to them um
I love how heavy this watches I’m a huge fan of heavy heavy watches the gunmetal
I like as well what I’m probably going to do is pause the video here in a
minute and get this guy open take some still pictures of it and then we’ll fire
up the laptop and see what kind of information we can find out about this
watch at the same time I will take a look and see if I can figure out how
much I spent on my wheel spins just so you guys have that also but again you
guard I believe this is I don’t even know the friggin name of this one right
now um I’ll get that for you here in a
minute once I actually do a little bit more research but that’s a watch I hear
some still pictures and I’ll be back in a minute you hi guys thanks for checking out those
still images I’m gonna apologize ahead of time the lighting in here is horrible
right now because it’s starting to get dark and I need to fix my lighting setup
but again we’re looking at the guard watch that I got as a part of a watch gang wheel
spin this guy is actually the Egard Navita so if i’m pronouncing it
wrong sorry but it’s this is the gunmetal version so far just holding on
to this watch this is a very meaty watch i love this watch so far will likely
100% go into my rotation for watches to wear this guy is limited to edition
there’s only 125 of them made in this one see if it tells me which number this
one is on the back yep this one is if you can’t see it is 28th of a hundred
and twenty five that were actually made I’ll get some more info about that in
the future this does have a sapphire crystal on it this guy uses the my yoda
9 0 s5 movement you can see almost the skeleton type dial in that watch which
is gorgeous metal bracelets screw down crown on this guy with 200 meter water
resistance so far I haven’t been able interestingly enough to find a whole lot
of places online that are actually selling this watch directly of course
granada’ I just looked real quick on the e guards website they’re going for 575 I
jumped over to ebay take a look at what they’re going for on ebay and here’s a
brand new in box with a Buy It Now price of 402 dollars for the same watch on
this one so pretty decent pricing you know I
I’m so far I’m happy with it we’ll see how it wears we’ll see if I get some use
out of this and I’ll review more in the future again dial rotating dial nice
firm clicks to it so thank you guys for checking this out and you know if you
have any questions hit me up and either in the comments section or on the
website at watch addiction dot us again thank you all you Watchgang Wheel Watch – Egard Navita Watches

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  1. How much did you spend to spin the wheel?
    Not a bad at all. For the sake of readability it would be nice if the hands were more substantial and the marking on bezel to be a bit more downplayed.

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