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Was hat die Armee aus mir gemacht

Was hat die Armee aus mir gemacht

it makes us look stupid it's so outdated recruiting it's basically children to train them as killers of the action for adventure I'm really uncomfortable with the way that I think about how we sold the army to younger people I feel like I was party to some fairly questionable stuff my medication these are antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills for panic attacks you know brought on by PTSD how long will you go on taking this medication for the rest of life they don't tell you that in the crazy does your job get the best out of you he set me down in the recruitment office and zippy brooches and her I was just sat down even thinking wow do this know this the sort of propaganda was really effective you know to a kid for the action excitement for adventure to show you all the pictures of the adventure training like I'm sailing skiing the only show them of glamorous ones being so young I was easily manipulated anyone was devastated the one was Gotthard she was in tears the army were aware that parents and guardians may be stopping people from joining the army by throwing up concerns about their welfare post-traumatic stress was definitely it was definitely one of those conditions so the army drafted is in to work on that particular communications problem I just said this is what I want to do so reluctantly she signed sandy the consent forms an awful one may 99 you've got deployed to Kosovo I was 19 then so that was quite quite an eye-opener serbian army has looked horror in its way the smell bodies you know burning bodies when you smell the smell and never leave you you're never using words like killed or named they would put people off so you have to find different ways to express those concepts the divorce between the language and the actuality starts becoming a problem when you start thinking about your audience I then went to Iraq in 2005 when you're so young you just can't comprehend what's going on I mean mom said when I come back I wasn't the same after that those 2006 equals we met so yeah 2017 yeah I'd only been back from a racquetball 12 months like that I was suffering a night really bad nightmares but night terrors you know about things it seemed he was having anxiety attacks couldn't breathe properly I was trying to in bottles of vodka a time you know as quick as I could get leather for the phone for the friendships for the Friday nights trying to just get meself away from like the mental torture of PTSD I left school and I went to work on the checkout beep-beep-beep I didn't start growling until I'll join the army the most important part of this is learning a trade so if you're a parent or a guardian your kids going to go into the army but they aren't just going to learn soldiering they're going to learn a trade that they can use in civilian life I got an NVQ in the armed services and I thought where's that gonna benefit me get paid get qualified army learning different class you've got to really start from the bottom again and when you've got no money or anything you got no money or pride so it's just spirals into depression and how real is all this the family aspect that with the day-to-day day-in-the-life the training that's kind of that's kind of the wrong question because it's not a question of reality because everything in here is real the thing that you want to be thinking about is the emphasis doesn't show someone with a head blown off does it or you know whose children whose child has just been killed doesn't show that there's a positive emphasis placed throughout the whole of this so if you're positive about the army they feel positive about the Army's how the Army's helped them they feel positive about the Army training they feel positive about learning a trade they feel positive about daily life in the army I feel positive of that life on the frontline and they feel positive it's just it's not it's just deception you know they don't tell you the downsides of it so when you're so young you know so being so young you don't know what you're doing initially did that didn't worry me because we were answering a communications problem and that was the appropriate way to speak to people of that age group but as time wore on I started thinking to myself should we we speak into this age group at all I felt through it at first you know you you

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  1. Volljährigkeit sollte erst mit 21 sein, so wie früher und die Entscheiden Soldat werden zu wollen erst mit 25 , wo alle Reifeprozesse wirklich abgeschlossen sind .

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