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Warhammer 40k Army – Deff Krumpany going for sale

Warhammer 40k Army – Deff Krumpany going for sale

hey what's going on guys this is George you can be looking at some photos of the death krumpin II that I am selling here pretty soon on a very popular online merchandise seller um anyway it was just about time for me to let them go I got a lot of towels i need to concentrate on but just wanted to put this on here and get some some publicity going for the sale pretty much you got all of the nine Killick hands of one of them is still on the sprue we have all the options that are going to be available pretty much anything that was on a sprue is going to come with this it might have been clipped off but everything will be with the cans all the arms are magnetized so the arms can pop off and then even like the little storm bolters and count as melted guns they pop off as well I want to say pop they are magnetized on the actual weapons themselves on the arms are glued on and the only magnet is actually where the arm joins the torso so those are them were the spots that they're magnetized on the sprue that you see a course is going to have the ninth Gillikin and everything it needs to be a fool killer can I in the photo I do not have a base but the base will need the dreadknots I base will be included with this as you look continue there will be a fist on model count asthma fist on model he is a big mech with parts from the knob box that I have put on there he is on a small base so if you want to chop them off and use them as you will you can or if you want to use it as a count at missed you still can on moving back we have the 20 trooper models they are all knobs from the black reach set and the knob box that came from the or there are 17 armed with a close combat weapon and their pistol three of them are different one of them has a power claw and a close combat weapon and then two of them have the shooters that I used for count has melted guns they all have magnetize max mini pre heresy jump packs and you can take those off and use them on foot put them on you can't jump troops and then you'll also see in front of them the effects for the jump packs themselves that you can put on the jump pack or I was thinking about adding them to some of the barrels as firing effects I also included our two sprues left over from the knob box so if you wanted to use any of those i know there's two power claws left some close combat weapons and some of the big choppa's and stuff like that so if you guys have any questions about this Oh last but not least the Codex the coda the blending of those codecs will be included in this so you can buy this force and play it you can play two thousand points ready to go you can actually take out some things in place 1750 if you want and you can add points and easily play twenty to fifty or 2500 easily with this list it's definitely possible um so yeah if you have any questions just let me know you can message me here on the YouTube channel I'm going to have this video up for approximately I don't know a couple days just to gain interest and then this will be on the major retail online seller

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