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War in the Central African Republic (Full Length)

War in the Central African Republic (Full Length)

In December of 2013, VICE NEWS went to the Central African Republic To try to understand an under-reported conflict that was descending into what the United Nations call a complete chaos The week before we arrived saw some of the worst violence. With hundreds killed in the capital, Bangui France and the African Union, already with a small troop presence, rushed in more soldiers To try to keep the peace

Reader Comments

  1. Good to know the middle finger means the same everywhere. On a more serious note these folks has suffered enough.

  2. wow France an other fucking top countries take so many natural resources & unnatural resources for the price of shit money and cheap labor but won't give them a hand so ironic

  3. "We tried using a white flag."
    "Where are the French when you need them??"

    Presumably they needed to borrow a white flag lmao

    I love the French but it's too good of a joke not to make.

  4. This is why I thank God everyday I was born in the USA….. I pray for the lives of these people everyday…

  5. None of this would be happening if it wasn't for the globalists. These people are too numerous and have been detribalized.

  6. 11:22 ….yeah. Sure. That was real. That explosion was real. Nope! Not a lie! Not a plot to portray something that never happened. Totally real. Real.

  7. This should VICE focus on, instead of stupid politics. This is what the world we are living today. And BTW, The reporter should be nominated for best reporting and documentary. Better than watching AH on Clown News Network.

  8. 🇪🇺 should start a troop surge into Africa to enforce the peacekeeping as the Europeans are responsible for the mass destabilization of Africa.

  9. Africans cant govern themselves.Either its due to lack of intelligence,incompetence and corruption.The African continent is HELL on earth.

  10. The muslims started terrorizing the Christians and when the Christians retaliated the muslims started crying…

  11. If only my country South Africa had fixed its problems and would help the Christians and Muslims have peace with each other and formed a peace government. France is just helping the Christians which is making the conflict worse.

  12. Might not agree with some of the policies and politics that VICE likes, but you have to respect this level of determination for getting the authentic story out.

  13. It’s 2019 and this conflict is still ongoing. Who would have thought this will continue into it’s 6th year. Very sad development.

  14. i remember a story from my uncle about Civil-War docu, where all was staged. The shooting was done just for show, the people hurt played. People in town still remembered the plot and laugh about it. They didn't know if the reporter was aware of it but were sure even if he was … he still might have chosen monetarywise rather for the emotional story then canceling the documentary.. i feel really sad about civilians suffering from civilian war… God protect the innocent by helping them protect themself… Please

  15. France and french troops are not there to make peace or to help. They are there to expolit and take resources frances forgien policy is disgusting look up what they are doing in syria, the "14 african nations", and there meddling in indo china region with laos and Cambodia.

  16. Notice how there are only men in this document. I guess this explain why all the refugees coming to Europe are males…

  17. Idk man, those explosions, camera's shaking and the whole situation in general at 11:18 seemed kinda fake to me

  18. I always womder in interviews when they ask someone a question in english and the persom responds in a different language does tht mean they understand eachothers language or is there a secret translator .. i always wonder

  19. There are so many fucking " Generals " on that continent there is no room for the Privates. Its a total fucking joke, A beret with a meaningless insignia on it makes you a General.

  20. I am sure they wish back those days of colonialisation instead of their so called "independance"! Even if they have no arms from the western countries, they slaughter each other with machetes as in Ruanda…

  21. Everybody is blind. Nobody sees that when the muslims went away the country was better? I hope people use this video as a lesson. Do not trust islam. Religion of hate !!

  22. Man this was horrible to watch and i hope & pray everyone over there realizes there all human beings and should get along for the sake of their country and have peace amongst there fellow people . there would be no war if EVERYONE WAS TREATED EQUALLY GOD BLESS ALL IN LIBERIA

  23. The French want your jewels and Gold, its rich of them over there, now the French to STEAL IT, WITH THIS CAREFULLY PLANNED CONFLICT… SMH WAKE UP PEOPLE

  24. Why is almost every country in Africa suffering so horrifically like this??..why can’t they get it together..i don’t get it

  25. the doctors without borders bit at the start isn't as bad as it sounds when she says about patient numbers. my town has 125,000 on its books with 10 doctors for them all

  26. I hope islamist fundamentalist fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.. killing, looting , raping innocent christians learn lesson from this. Now you are the first to attack christians in thier homes.. when these oppressed christians rise up there will be no hiding place to you even if you run into holes you will all be fished out to get the consequences of your wickedness..

  27. His His lung collapse thats the sound you make The way to do it is inserting a needle attached to a syringe into the chest cavity to help him

  28. Africa just seems like one big war torn country, filled with pain. It would be better off just sinking into the sea.

  29. Thumbs up to the vice journalist and crew members for having the courage and bravery while under heavy gun fire and traumatic situation to document such events and show it to the world. While some of us are fortunate and take things for granted.

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