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War Games Atlanta on GPB

War Games Atlanta on GPB

our latest adventure in this worldly ball complex known as wargames pink laser tag with a computerized yet realistic twist all right so my gun is called the tank you knew that was my nickname this is our learning called for with it I get to be boarded a you get to be you see Thor and I have decided tank Thor and this guy storm girls war games is a tactical laser tag that we've added on and it's the first of its kind here in the south and what it is is it's not the traditional laser tag that people think we gear towards the port adults it's like playing Call of Duty for real or it's like playing a first-person shooter for real you work as a team fully rendered environment on the inside that makes people feel like they're really at war with sounds and and ammo boxes and all kinds of neat gadgets we have proximity mines and and people can work up to those things and actually rank up and we do keep track of the team stats and rank players so we're really excited to be able to provide a lot of services to people the battle was fierce but once Daryl stepped in and helped the girls we were overwhelmed and we lost her base also here at the whirly ball complex Rockstar karaoke but for the sake of our audience we're gonna leave it on mute chaos in the war room and calamity on the court even if the traveller team can't deliver a victory we always guarantee a good time

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