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Vostok Komandirskie Rising Sun Time Trend review – Recensione Vostok Komandirskie Rising Sun

Vostok Komandirskie Rising Sun Time Trend review – Recensione Vostok Komandirskie Rising Sun

Good morning friends. Today I’m going back to talk about the Komandirskie imported into Italy by Time Tren in the 90s. I will talk about the Rising Sun model, also known as the Rising Star. This watch differs from the other Komandirskie of the series, we will see the differences together. On a technical level this is the same as the other Komandirskie. The movement is a 2414 manual winding. With the complication of the date entered at 3 o’clock in the dial. The case measures 38mm and has a screw cap and crown. The first particularity of the watch concerns the bezel ring. This is a bidirectional ring with numbers and notches but the particularity is its color. Instead of having a chrome color, this ring is golden. This will be the guiding thread of the particularities of this model. The bezel ring is interchangeable, but you have to be careful because this model came out right with the ring you are seeing in the video. I insist on this topic because if you want to put in your collection a Komandirkie Rising Sun conforming to the original you have to look for one with the right bezel. As proof of the question of the ring we also have a flyer advertising of the 90s. Now let’s talk about the dial. The theme of golden color is also central to the dial. We find it on the hands but above all on the indices. This is the only dial of Komandirskie that has no printed numbers but applied indices. The graphics are the ones that give the watch its name. There is drawn the red star and the rays that start from the center of the drawing. Unlike the other Komandirskie the graphics here are colored and it is not a simple white print. Other peculiarities concern the sales kit created by Time Trend. We have a strap branded Vostok (Boctok) and CCCP. The real gem to collect is the leather case dedicated to the Rising Sun model. The case-watch combination is made thanks to the symbol imprinted on the leather. I am showing you the housing dedicated to the Rising Sun, this is clear since the mark is stamped with the star and the rays. This is a good opportunity to see a complete collection, coherent and NOS. Thank you for following me, see you in the next video. Ciao!

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