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VMI: Rats Meet Cadre

VMI: Rats Meet Cadre

Rats! Those who stand before you are your
cadre. They represent the essence of VMI. They have mastered the system which you are about to enter. A system that will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Only your instant will and
obedience to this group will ensure your success. They will not give up on you, even after many
of you have given up on yourselves. They provide the best, and demand nothing but the best.
And because of this, you will respect them. If you succeed, you will earn the privilege
of calling yourself a VMI Cadet. They will teach. And you will learn. You will not fail
them. Because you have no choice. Cadre – Post. The Institute will be heard from today! Rats: MEET YOUR CADRE! Cadre – I understand these rats are entrusted
to my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will develop them into disciplined,
physically fit, mentally trained cadets. I will demand of them and demonstrate by my
own example. High standards of honor. Morality. Stability. Personal conduct and military
skill. Company Commanders take charge of your companies and carry out the plan of the day.

Reader Comments

  1. it's worth the hard times in the end. It's been two years since I graduated. Strange as it seems…I miss parts of this place.

  2. This is a specific VMI training the start of personal character development. Actually military training that is relevant comes later in the cadetship

  3. parts of it, yes. As with anybody else there are certain areas I have my opinions about. Looking back at myself before college though, I have a hard time imagining how I would have turned out had I not gone to VMI. I am very grateful for all that I learned there.

  4. Can you compare the Citadel to VMI is it a different experience or similar?
    Congrats on your graduation….

  5. Thanks, two years away from VMI goes by quickly. The answer your question though…as fun as it is to bash rivals all for the sake of putting down your rival, at the end of the day, our similarities establish a bit of a common bond. I know many guys that said when they went to military training, they got along with guys from the Citadel better than anybody else, because they understood one another well.

  6. In a way I wish I had had that kind of college experience. Mine was very average College experiece USC graduate very conventional. Not too much to reflect on. But one of these four year military Academy experience must always be with you…

  7. USC is great in many of its own ways though. my dad graduated from USC, and many many of my family members went there as well. I see your point though…

  8. Haha, I think a "few similarities" would be an understatement when it comes to the speech. It is practically word for word.

  9. for those knocking the system, it works better than you know. it may seem stupid and pointless, but there is a method to the madness. and unless you experience it first-hand as a rat, knob, plebe, or whatever you will never fully understand it.

  10. you're correct. I am sure it is the best at something. I would argue that West Point has the best circle jerk throughout all schools in America.

  11. That would be very well put if it were not fabricated BS. Not sure what kind of history books you are reading, but VMI started out as an armory. They then began educating the soldiers that were stationed there and it became a school producing officers in the Virginia Militia. It may be hard for your narrow minded west point brain to comprehend, but not all people go to VMI to serve in the military. Thanks, and have fun circle jerking at the government's expense.

  12. I am currently at the Naval Academy, and this statement is totally, totally, wrong. I have some friends out at VMI, and I would not be quick to demean one of the greatest Military Institutions in America. If you think VMI graduates as officers have made a small impact on the world, I encourage you to go check out some of the names that have come from the Virginia Military Institute. I see you have also looked over the highest medal of honor per capita (non-governmental service academy) school.

  13. If you actually go to West Point, shame on you. This is horrendously narrow-sighted, and if you seriously think this is true, you ought to be dropped out of the school for incompetence. Don't you dare shame the sacred graduates of VMI who went out and served and died for their country. Don't dare shame one of the greatest Army generals of all time, George C. Marshall. Good day to you. PS- VMI has a harder initiation process than any of the academies. I would be surprised if you could survive.

  14. And I hope you saw the 4 star General VMI graduate standing in the archway. God, for some reason this makes me so mad. Go Navy!

  15. And I see your "research" didnt take you past page one of the google search results. Check out the VMI Hall of Valor.

  16. kind of lose all credibility when, in the sixth word, you call VMI and The Citadel "private" institutions, when VMI is the nation's oldest state-supported military institute. As for copying west point uniforms, that style of uniform was the uniform of the time when VMI was founded in 1839. And as for risking lives, VMI fought as a unit at the Battle of Newmarket on May 15, 1864 and that's why VMI is the only institute that has earned the right to fix bayonets at parades. Think what you want.

  17. So 10 cadets either died at the Battle of New Market or from wounds suffered from that battle. But apparently West Point wanted to be able to fix bayonets at its parades, also, so got the rule that a unit had to fight in a battle changed so they could fix bayonets as well. And you, conqueror18888, are claiming VMI is stealing West Point's respect. Really?

  18. people arguing west point vs vmi vs citadel…its all bs… one team one fight. I respect everyone regardless of commissioning source

  19. My fraternal twin brother is a cadet at VMI. I have so much respect for what he and all the VMI cadets do, I don't think I could do it myself.

  20. well tell him good luck. Third class year was still hard, and really slowly moving. Once you clear that year though, it's smooth sailing from there.

  21. Questions: Who are the cadets on the third stoop jeering? How does a rat go from being a rat to a cadet corporal the next year? Can you be a member of cadre and also on a sports team? I dont see how. Is it at all awkward for the upperclassmen who are yelling at the rats who where already veterans? Thanks

  22. if you have more questions you can send me a message and I can give betters answers than those one word responses above!

  23. yes, but I'm still on the fence about giving up the civilian life. I know that VMI will make me the best that I can be for a military career, and not every regular ROTC will do that. For this reason I want to go, and this is probably what would get me through the Ratline.

  24. There are a lot of great choices. The best I can say is to do as much research as you can and to decide what fits you best.

    VMI is a great school with a lot of history behind it. They have been expanding lately and made some huge improvements right as I was leaving. It would be a great time to start out at VMI due to the changes made recently.

  25. Yes each person finds their own way to push through.

    Was there a recruiting open house at VMI this past weekend that you attended?

  26. Yes, I enjoyed my stay, but I know that what I saw wasn't as nearly as bad as what the ratline is. While I was there I learned a lot about what VMI has to offer, but at the same time I learned about what my goal is.

  27. Thanks! If I decide to go the Army route I'll go to North Georgia since I live in GA for in state but if I decide Navy or Air Force I'm looking at VMI or Citadel. Thank you.

  28. If you looking into the Senior Military Colleges also look at Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and Norwich University along with VMI and the Citadel.

  29. Yeah, i guess your right, Rookdom at Norwich will most likely be to hard for him, he really should look at VMI, it will be easier 😉

  30. No that was not a serious statement, it was a joke hence the ;). I have nothing but respect for your school and the other senior military schools for that matter. Also, what makes the Ratline different from Rookdom? They are both difficult challenges that both schools use to make better people out of those who join the corps and to help create better officers and citizens. I'm glad you have pride in your school but show a little respect to the other Senior Military Colleges.

  31. So weak… They can't even push the rats anymore during this. I did enough push ups, and up downs to last a lifetime on Cadre Night… This is borderline SOFT.

  32. good, I don't think VMI wants to be compared to the Citadel 😉

    They can try their hardest to compare themselves to VMI though.

  33. It is all relative, wouldn't you say? And also, how does doing break-off exercises make you any better of a person? Don't Rats still do something called Sweat Parties? I think there are still plenty elements of the old VMI in tact. Just observations from the outside.

  34. This is absolute bullshit.  Complete waste of time.  Of no intellectual value whatsoever.  No wonder "military" schools like this where the elite come to play soldier have no redeeming quality at all.  All this idiots are just rejects from real military academies like West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs.  But, let'em play solider if it turns them on.  As long as tax dollars aren't used, fine.

  35. @rockit730 this military school isn't a reject school. It is one of the most traditionalist military schools in the country and it has a large selection of degrees, might I say more that wake forest. The people there aren't elitist. Many come from middle class families and the honor code is even more strict than all other military schools and is harder to stay with than other military schools. A waste in federal funds would be your healthcare bitch.

  36. What a pussy bunch of crap. Who the hell would actually pay to endure something like this?  None of these people could get into one of the federal service academies which is why they're play acting t it at schools like VMI, Citadel and Norwich.

  37. Saw VMI for the fist time today. Looks like a prison. So thankful I was poor and stupid. I now realize how lucky I was to go to a huge public university with division I sports and thousands of pretty girls my own age. Go Mountaineers!!!

  38. If a young man or woman completes the rigors of VMI then the sky is the limit ! This seems to open a lot of doors not otherwise open to someone who didn't learn the kind of tools VMI teaches. I only wished I would have attended such a school, I just didn't know about it when I was 18. I did join the military. This would be a better option than a civilian school. Everything a person experiances at VMI will be needed upon going out into the world. Because it's extremely CHALLENGING!

  39. The other academies are good as well. It seems that they all are difficult. No one is easier than the other. I would think. I was in South Carolina in Basic & the heat was pretty bad.

  40. This appears to be the age old case of “I was treated like shit, so now I get to relish doing the same to someone else.” The only thing the upperclassmen have on these rats is they were born 3 years earlier. Otherwise, they haven’t done shit. At least Marine DIs have actually have to prove themselves before they were trusted to thrash recruits. You upperclassmen haven’t been to war, haven’t led anyone in real life or death situations sorry to burst your bubble boys….

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