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Vlog 27: DIY's w/ Daddy! Vintage Army Cot Flip! [REPOST]

Vlog 27: DIY's w/ Daddy! Vintage Army Cot Flip! [REPOST]

round two of working on the cut well I put it on the first tool box why is not really a toolbox we got quite a few be hard this is the paint we're using pesto Liam professional high performance enamel and semi-gloss white any angle spray you want to do the feet down [Applause] [Applause] alright next step is the cushion no cuz it's gonna be completely covered with fabric all right so we had the plywood cut to fit and the next step is to cover and upholster it and maybe tuft it I don't know I might do basic stuff ding buttons down each side Center in one on each side we'll see what will happen make it a little extra fancy you [Applause]

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  1. Look at my favorite Uncle and beautiful cuz! Love you guys! The cot turned out great! I need to catch up on all your other vlogs! 😙😙

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