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Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary

Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary

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  1. Wow I thought they will all be sad because of what they need to do and because of all the little food they get

  2. "…collective mindset ..a paranoid system.."..always true to the bone of the people living with the communists

  3. change? can you change how you are born? 'improvisation' can a 'robot' improvise 'things' to better his 'staying alive'?

  4. What's real and what's staged? Everything is staged everywhere, not just in North Korea and this includes the USA. Do you think Catholic Church is real? American Dream is real or Hollywood is real?

  5. That guy who said arriverdici shows that the people of North Korea want to free and with that they will slowly change the country from the inside into a country like Norway, I hope that that's going to happen

  6. Why does the world have to conform to white men version of history, "christopher Columbus" really that fucking lier and murderer

  7. This is a nice documentary, but in a sense all documentaries about NK are the same in that no one ever gets a real look at how people live there.

  8. When and if North Korea becomes an open country, they'll see all the awkward shit they did to themselves on these documentaries lmao.

  9. The brainwashing in the USA is a lot more pervasive and harmful than what goes on in a country like North Korea that at least emphasizes sharing.

  10. I can also see more real Korean faces than any plastics in southern Korea..
    I can see more women everywhere involved that are thought to be stress-some works..
    They work their own way to food and life.. so they know the value of every single thing they get, as they earn them !
    I can see everything is very very well organized, that almost no imperfections could happen
    and most of all there is a hidden sadness, still they all laugh, smile despite all the problems they have..
    It just increases my respect to the people and I wish them to reunite and be more progressive.

  11. The narrator claimed that like pictured in the DPRK, he would pay 2-3 times more for a cab as a tourist from another country, as (he states) he would in “Rome or New York”. I disagree with his casual claim, as it relates to NYC. Cab rates/fares are regulated in NYC, and I have not witnessed visitors from other countries being charged more than US citizens, or residents living in NYC for that matter.

  12. I have an amazing, totally unique idea on how to make a North Korea documentary – Don't be an incredibly rude and offensive a$$h*** like everyone else!
    When you meet a poor person, do you constantly talk about everything they don't have with them!?
    Or perhaps you'd have an hour long discussion with a mentally ill friend about how crazy they are!?
    When family invites you in their home for a New Years Eve party will you be partying and toasting to all the mistakes they made years before?? Or will you be tapping glasses on discussions about a bright future planned?? Have some damn manners and give people a chance!!! They treat women good. Respect all but fear none. Hospitable to foreigners. There's absolutely no extremists in the Korean population oppressing women while raping boys, hell bent on jihad with all who are different than them. Same goes for Venezuala! I got nothing but love and respect for both countries and much rather see NATO bombing those who can't keep peace with all and treat women and everyone right.

  13. The young woman at @26:07 was scared to death when she saw that supervisor walk up. Wonder what he is usually like?

  14. “Allowing” the elite to enjoy things like fireworks, amusement parks, western clothing and music, access to surplus food, etc., will only strengthen the Elite’s faith in the Kim family. They feel like they live a pretty good life. So who cares that one family gets the respect they deserve, or whatever they’re all brainwashed to believe. So if ever the millions of rural NKoreans outside the rich capital revolt, the Elite will likely side with the Kim family and the country will fight each other. It’s like the books/movies The Hunger Games. You have the spoiled people in the capital and the deprived people in the districts who get tired of the bull***t. That book series ended in war and revolt, FYI.

  15. The west should accept that countries not following the democratic system can be successful. Communism is also a western model. It is unseemly for journalists to visit N. Korea to prove that everything they see is a false presentation, false facade. Why should they want to see opposition rebellion? It's good that the presenter spoke of what the Americans did to the Koreans.

  16. You’re trying to make the country’s people look socially ridiculous. It’s beginning to look more and more like propaganda rather than reporting. “…When I start filming the students use their calculators like mad. But the calculations mean nothing…” SHOW ME. YOU HAVE A CAMERA!

    Little jabs like this is likely why they hate westerners.
    Journalists can’t make claims anymore that are not supported by documentary evidence. I won’t accuse anyone of lying, just that you could be if you expect to use only your word as proof.

  17. 23:42 who buys that many water bottles/teas, and no food?! Honest this looks random as well. I’m thinking oh here’s a casual dude just shopping, but when you take a closer look, idk something isn’t quiet right, and it makes me think this is just more stages shit. I’m highly doubtful there is a upper middle class. Maybe an upper elite, but not an upper middle class. This is just another staged showing.

  18. DO NOT VISIT N. KOREA – You only see Pyong Yang & other propaganda and your tour money helps Kim's nuclear build-up and stay in the regime.

  19. Why are you American interested in their life. You teach you own, they too teach there own. What is you problem, always spreading propaganda about about country you don't like

  20. This only represents the lives of a few privileged people in North Korea. Life in the capital, Pyongyang, which is like a tiny island in a sea surrounded by walls. Ordinary North Koreans cannot enter the city without a good reason. So the video depicts the life of wealthy ones only.

  21. Commentary is leading and biased. For example when he said the students were using their calculators and it looked fake. Well the moon landing looks fake too. Point is he is injecting his bias that he feels against NK.

  22. This place is going to end like The Hunger Games. The lower class will get tired of serving those in the capital and eventually they will rise up and take out the leadership.

  23. You don’t see alcoholics, homeless people, drug addicts in North Korea like army of the homelessness junkies in LA streets that’s for sure…

  24. i got to say those new skyscrapers in pyongyang are so beautiful. unlike the rest of them which look like they are decaying and losing their structural strength.

  25. no gangs, no rape, no murders, no religious wars, no obesity, little children can walk safely, this cannot be allowed to continue

  26. Various models of tramway street trains of different edges all made in Czechoslovakia during “steel curtain” time, some in really bad shape, probably imported from China or Russia. It brings me memory from my youth when I was growing up in “socialism with human face” society. It wasn’t that bad later in “my time” as is in Kim’s regime but I remember to hear this words from my relatives and friends as a kid so many times….”watch out your tongue and be quiet, “they” may hear as and we will end up in jail”…..constant feeling that “someone” is listening or watching, what are you saying, reading, watching, listening…..yes there were people been locked up in jail for political opinions, tortured, hanged, or put in labor camps in 50’s and 60’s , locked up like animals and worked to death. Hundreds of them died shot and tangled in barbed wired fences on state border line, killed by trained border patrols dogs as they tried to escape from eastern block to democratic west. It’s so good that time Is gone. ✌️🌞

  27. I think reunification of the two Korea's might well be done without any interference from the USA The American people have been brainwashed into believing the world cannot do without them (actually we can)

  28. i love how North Korea plays the same game as a journalist "only tells half the story" and "manipulates the story they are telling". this journalist must hate being beaten at he's own game.i feel like thats the only reason he throughs out those little insults of the North Koreans and their leader.

  29. Come to think of it, I don't even understand anymore why the Koreas are still in war up to this day. I think if reunification is what they wanted, it can be achieved without outside nations having to meddle in their affairs.

  30. These are Potemkin villages full of paid actors which are opened just for tourists. You didn’t see North Korea, You’ve just been in really creepy Disneyland.

  31. This "reporter" is very insolent and unprofessional…always trying to shove a narrative down our throats and sometimes even being disrespectful and patronizing towards the people he interviewed. The coronel mentioned Westerners that come to NK and are nice to them but then they go back and earn money at their expense…he was talking to one such person.

  32. Of course the whole population loves Kim Jong Un. He is the “only” obese person in North Korea. Therefore, obesity is a forewarning of – if you smite me in any way – I will smitten you with the fear of hell…Beware.

  33. i wish someone could go to north korea and report on it and not put in their 2s cents worth about how bad it is. Personally I think it is a society far superior to america. Humans have to be controlled because they are so fucking self centered and they only care about themselves. I will bet u r a lot safer in north korea than in america. wanna bet

  34. Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il and someday their grandson and son, Kim Jong-un will all rot in hell with Satan. They won't have to worry because I will never visit their country especially after their treatment of Americans on visit such as Otto Warmbier with torture which later lead to his death once he was returned home and imprisonment others.

  35. Low key wanna send a battalion to the middle of the country and just fight out the military then liberate the people and introduce them to foreign food

  36. Doesn't seem completely terrible. The upper middle-class seems to live better than me here in the US. I wash my clothes in my bath tub and dry them outside and burn pallets in a wood-burning stove I built myself to stay warm

  37. It's sickens me how Western countries are so demonizing of anyone that doesn't live like them. Always talking about their countries propaganda and how everyone is brainwashed. Every country has its own form of brainwashing. In Texas public schools are teaching kids that slavery was just a job.

  38. You get a free tv or fridge, issue if you take the fridge is there is inconsistent power grid so your food will go off anyway

  39. We laugh at the way the North Korean people are manipulated, but it's just an unsophisticated version of the manipulation we in the 'free' world suffer every day.

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