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Visiting A Scrapyard. Police Cars, Military Trucks and More!

Visiting A Scrapyard. Police Cars, Military Trucks and More!

we open an antique store but it had to be family friend where we could work and still have fun sometimes you have to climb a mountain or open some new doors to find the treasures inside this is our life this is our adventure this is curiosity so good morning today I'm off to another scrapyard it's a little bit chilly outside it's still winter but I'm not gonna let that slow me down this is a yard that I've known about since I was a kid and every time I Drive past I see the same cars there's an old police car sitting there there's some other stuff and pretty much nothing has moved out of this yard since I was a little kid so today is the day I get to actually go through this place and see what they have let's go check it out so for years I've driven past this place and let me show you what the street side view is as you're driving by I've never actually been in this yard but this is what I've always seen on the outside rows upon rows of old city bosses tow trucks police cars up on rooms there's a Volvo 1800 right there on the back of the truck so this is kind of what you see when you're driving by I'm driving on a main road right now and I've always thought this place look kind of cool and kind of wanted to go in so today's gonna be the day and there if you see it the old RCMP station wagon and he tells me that car got parked there when it was only two years old so we're gonna go inside this yard and have a look around so I believed this fellow had a contract with the city to clear out all their old buses construction equipment and stuff like that and it's just been kind of piling up here for a while so we're just waiting to meet up with them and go through yard looks like this building has not been used in a while this looks like it was a little chopper maybe even a gas station at one time then he's piled up all this stuff around it that right over there is an old looks like a cab over like this snub nose sort of cab over but it's an old gas tank delivery truck will tanker truck judging by the yellow I'm not sure what station could have been she'll see if I can get over there so how long you been on this property for fifty years and so it did you had a contract when you started your towing company and okay yeah okay so that was a white rose gas station at one point well it's the right kind of colors well that's an old Edmonton City bus right there oh is that electric one okay what's in the old shop here that's falling down so you had army stuff – hey oh sure I'll just wait here for you and I'm just gonna peek in what used to be a building easy can't even get in there look at how this wall is bowing out a little nervous standing on this side of it never know what's gonna be in these old falling down buildings the unknown about a scrapyard is if it could be something really good just lying at the bottom of a pile lots of construction equipment out here two forklifts and old cats and all kinds it's done still in Land Rover so we had a contract with the militaries well to clear some of these old vehicles so there are occasionally just like Land Rovers hit and stop sitting around out here so yeah we're gonna make our way through the art and see what altars to see what year is this Lander over here seventy-eight so you got these all from the military you sold most of them hey oh there are diesel okay so but the engine was alright so that's why they got rid of it just yeah just little two-door oh yeah I bet they'll get through anything how did you work oh this is one of those flexible buses with the accordion kind of in the middle that was a Jag sitting up on top of the roof there well I saw you have a P 1800 sitting over there did you all they're good little cars well some of these are fairly new so you still buy and stuff like this w-what that's probably a 2007 whoa vandals did that really oh yeah little tractor sitting there too what's the old tractor sitting here oh Michigan okay that's quite the stack of cars going here quite the stack of cars everything from cabs off of old trucks this is like potentials like you're going to squish it or oh that's not new for one there so that was an undercover police car who and well I can I can see lots of these old city buses sitting around oh yeah yeah oh yeah that's been steady yeah we're still we're making a go of it you know that's that's the fun thing about having your own business right is you get to steer it in whatever direction you want oh I'd love to have a property like this yeah you're looking at selling the property aren't you what are you asking for the property how many acres so 650,000 an acre Andy are you paying city taxes here I own that bay oh you're smart yeah I didn't want a favor right to anybody year and a half ago no coca-cola truck oh I see you've got a there's another Volvo eighteen hundred up there on the roof and you've got a 2-door 123 Amazon and then I got one more line drovers yeah a little Land Rovers how on earth did you get the Volvo's up top there you must have a cherry picker little reach at high you just get underneath hitter we out here recently because there's other footprints near that was you hey for those two tour Amazon's like that are actually pretty interesting cars sure I did yeah I you see I have had several I've had a oh they're great do you say you got an old twenties car sitting over there too really poor Volvo sitting up top there oh yeah there she is there on top of the bus and what your is that that's like a 1918 how long has it been sitting on the roof of that box there's another bus those are oval window buses those ones yeah I've had a few of those Volvo's like that they're concur no I've had a well I can see it but looks like there's a motor in there yeah right there but a 68 somebody's probably been sitting here a while I guess eh yeah it's about a 68 or so which one's the Mountie car oh yeah doesn't look too bad what year is this probably 76 or something here oh yeah well guys fix these up around sheriff lots of ambulances and so have you thought about this bringing the crusher in to clear all the stuff it's it's kind of unusual a little Volkswagen diesel truck [Applause] and then so over the years vandals would come and smash all your glass oh there's that Mustang sitting there good unusual little Volkswagen and that's like a late 70s Mustang to I think sitting there rows and rows of stuff I thought you sold the Maui car okay oh the station wagon I gotta get her go through the guy wow that one's probably gonna be easy to get to because it's 35 offence I was driving one of these Ford trucks a couple years ago mine was a 79 yeah I had one kind of like this not not a quad cab like this so it's not her oh yeah extended cab there yeah it was a good reliable vehicle oh yeah some that guys made their own running gear there on the frame and put your body's like a dude they could drive or and I picked him up at in the mail at that time you know but I did couldn't take him whole army US military cream oh yeah that come out of Arizona I didn't bring it up but Bill's truck supplies did looks like it's right out of the 40s yeah it is it's really all the US Navy had had a daughter and you got a Mercury call it sitting there too Oh lots of good parts sell on it thankfully nobody smashed a glass on that and that wheel right there is awful one of those big old rolling fire extinguishers like a shot those are kind of neat things yeah they'd haven't been shops and so look at you sold something out of there's an empty spot even got a boat the open bow on us I'm an opened out it's an inboard sometimes the engines and those in boys to be pretty uh not in their little Ford tractor we got some engines and stuff going on in here where all the cop cars came to die that looks like it was a five liter Mustang or something sitting there oh it's a fastback so do you have any you said you got some junk inside the building maybe some of the smaller things might you said you might have some old police lights and things like that well you said you might have some old cherries like the little ones I'm sure well let's head back towards the building there what's up are you I'm okay right now yeah thanks for asking them it's kind of interesting this police van could own your own paddy wagon oh you got some rigs in here big trucks and what are you doing a good job navigating all these little paths here I guess have you done it for 50 years it's probably no big deal what was this military truck was that like Air Force sir yeah it looks like it's actually looks pretty complete so I'm sure that could be found yeah but you know they they got crab steering they go sideways oh yeah okay yeah that's an interesting vehicle like they had a good engine so you could turn the wheels completely sideways okay yeah like that and they would be could go sideways on the ship – so where did that one come from a little Perkins easel military one back there I saw you had an old what looked like a cab over tanker truck at the front okay those looks like an old army jeep part of one sitting there so they made you cut them up much mutts okay that's too bad you had to cut them up so the government wouldn't give them to you unless you cut em up oh so is that why the military got rid of them yep I mean you must have a fair amount of money or if the steel sitting around here – if you like I'd be almost inclined to just call the scrapper and keep the few all good things you could sell at auction or individually and then just get your money out of the steel so this probably you think it'd be easier to sell a property like this once it's all cleared out they yeah they so they said you can clear the land so they said if you get it all cleared they're interested in the lab well yeah you're right on the major stretch it's a nice piece of land yeah all the mirrors and things like that okay so this guy is still an active service Oh from rubbing it into the machine so I didn't buy any vehicles or really anything today a lot of the stuff was either industrial or a little bit too new and probably will need to be scrapped there were a few interesting vehicles the old Volvo's or whatever nice to save those but alas they're probably little too far drawn probably best for parts now but the old gas station we peaked in through the window and it is crammed packed full of cool stuff so we're gonna try and get together on that again and he's gonna let me dig through that old gas station and see if we can find some cool vintage oil cans or antiques in there but yeah it was full almost up to the roof inside so yeah I'm pretty excited about that but yeah thanks for coming along on another adventure you never know what you're gonna find on these trips so I'm looking forward to revisiting and going back to that gas station to check-in that out don't forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven't already it's just a little button on your screen there you'll see it says subscribe hit that button you can also check us out online at curiosity Edmonton CA and yeah thanks for tuning in guys and we'll see y'all soon bye for now you

Reader Comments

  1. Someone is going to make their face crushing stuff out of their one day. A couple big auctions to clear out the ones people would want and crush the rest

  2. That army tow truck was the best,but of course,,many other needed a transplant ,This man still has the HHR paintes pistachio green,,trade it in,lol

  3. I have the parts to put back in. Junkyard-speak for I want a small fortune for it anyway and it will never ever get done. Found a number of Canadian built WW II trucks in a yard. Same speech. Wanted a fortune. Still sitting in the same place untouched since I first saw them in 1976. My buddy was willing to pay a reasonable amount but "No, gonna fix them up." Right.

  4. I love to see American cars & trucks, they're stylish compared to our old stuff which invariably looks like an ovesized pram, or a Taxi. Loved the military vehicle with crab steering, that's what I'd have hauled out of there but it's desperately sad to see so many vehicles rotting. Young People + The Long Term Unemployed could be taught skills of Vehicle Dismantling & make money to be shared between themselves + the Yard Owner. Anything is better than vehicular graveyards, although, aerial photos of the place would make great poster prints! It's amazing how many people miss this trick. People who love old cars would love to have that poster on their wall, same goes for the Potter House. The shelves of pottery are Book Cover/Poster Art.

  5. As you were walking done your street it looked like a film from the old days with your ambulance in your driveway. Then across the street a couple doors down another service vehicle across the street possibly fire dept. From the same error. I always look forward to your new uploads.

  6. Alex, did you ever get back to that police/ military scrap yard to look inside the building? I saw the VW Caddy Diesel pickup and it sure brought back memories. They were sold in US from 1979 – 1984 and I had 3 of them, 2 diesels and one gasser. Such a shame they aren’t sold here anymore as they got extreme mpg with the utility of a small pickup bed AND front wheel drive. My wife loved the looks she as they are so rare here.

  7. 16:31 Big Block Chevy. Looks weird in blue but might be rare. Or might be a boring truck motor. LS swaps are making the old big blocks pointless for the average street car it seems.

  8. 17:36 OJ Simpson White Bronco. Those 90's Broncos in NICE original condition with no rust are worth a good bit of coin now days.

  9. 15:54 OG 1st gen Dodge minivan, cargo version. Rare car you don't see now days, would love those cool hubcaps for some wall hangers in my garage.

  10. 8:55, is that a 1967-1970 Cadillac Eldorado???? If it is, it makes my heart sink, those were very stylish, well built, ahead of their time type of cars.

  11. white rose gas station. I lived in one that was converted into an apartment for years. can still see the name under the paint

  12. It doesn't seem he is running a business, in other words people aren't allowed to go there and get parts, nowadays the wrecking yards have computerized inventory this guy is basically a hoarder, things come in but don't go out, people even collect old busses and may need parts, it would cost a fortune to get rid of this hoard unless you separate the metals aluminium etc, then there is the environmental cleanup oil gas any other contaminants, I don't know if Canada is as strict with their environmental policies.

  13. Unfortunately this day and age money is tight for everyone that would love to restore some of them vehicles it would be great to do for a hobby

  14. Military equipment has to be cut up,crushed and sent to recycling process.Ive seen theM110 howitzer minus gun which were used for bunker buster.tanks ,113 all sorts of equipment even the f4 PHANTOM

  15. The yellow mustang it's a 1972 I think it's worth big Cash plus that comet am a few other ones you should pull them out of there

  16. before you get to the video it looks like there is about a 75 buick century there? would love to have that car

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