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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs jinn uncle | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs jinn uncle | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, there are so many ancient things kept here. Look at this lamp. I think there is a jinn inside it. I will rub this lamp with my hands. Haha!! It is not necessary that every lamp will have a jinn inside it. Somebody must have picked it up from a street and displayed it in the museum. No Gintu, this lamp seems to be hundred years old. There is a possibility of a jinn being in it. This lamp is similar likes yours. That lamp! I guess that lamp is shaking. According to me. You stop assuming Vir and listen to me. This is a waste lamp. Its place is not in a museum instead it belongs in the dustbin. Gintu, my friend, please think before you speak something. Jin!!!! Haha! You people are trying to scare me, that a jinn has come out from the lamp. I am not afraid of any Jinn. And from this waste lamp, What? Jinn has come out? Why didn’t you tell me before. Hahaha!!! So, all your strength is gone? Haha!! All your arrogance is finished? Haha!! Speak more bad about me. Sorry uncle, sorry, I made a mistake. Mistake is already made by you. Now you need to pay for it. Atak matak latak jhatak, throw Gintu somewhere else. Vir, help me, Vir!! Jinn uncle sorry, GIntu has made a mistake, because he is a little foolish, but he is very good by heart. Please call him back here. Now he will never come back. He has insulted me. But we have always respected you, infact we were praising this lamp. Yes, you are right. Ok, I will give you a chance to have your friend back. If you want him back then you need to search for him. Atak matak latak jhatak
Send them wherever their friend is. Oh this is Fursatganj. This means that Gintu has been hidden in Fursatganj itself. This Fursatganj is mine. My magical Fursatganj. Here everybody is your enemy and my friend. Every person is made of magic. Everything is made of magic. You have only one hour with you. If you fail to find your friend within one hour then you won’t get him back ever. Hahaha!!! But Jinn uncle, where should we search for him? Ok, I will give you a clue because you praised my Lamp. I go here, I go there, I’m in great difficulty, where should I go? Hahaha!!! That means, there will be many ways to that place, and we will be confused as to which way we should take. Excellent Imli, this means Fursatganj is the only place from where many ways go in every direction. Come on let’s go there first. Vir, did you see that those laser rays didn’t affect Bunty? This means that he is made up of magic. He won’t get affected by my laser beams. Vir, you need to find Gintu within one hour. Ten minutes have already passed. Now you only have Fifty minutes left.
Bye bye, go search him. Haha! Oh!!!!!! Vir, now I won’t let you escape. Vir, when his dart blasted on his leg, he got hurt and he screamed. This means that his darts will affect him. Haha!! So you have passed one hurdle. No worries, now listen to my other clue. I am not a lock that can be opened by a key, but I can’t even work without a key. Hahaha!! I’m not a lock that can be opened by a key, but I can’t even walk without a key. I am not able to understand anything. A toy works with the help of a key, an old model watch works with the key, and what else? Yes, an old model watch. Watchtower. Imli, there is a big watch in Fursatganj’s watchtower. It is a kind of old watch. It works with the help of a key. It is not a lock that can be open with a key, but without a key it cannot even work. Vir, you are right. Come on, let’s go to the watch tower. So you came Vir, but you took a lot of time. Half an hour has already passed and now only half an hour is left. Welcome to the world of Jinn uncle. Jet shoes on. Be careful Vir. Vir, even he can be finished with his own weapon. His weapon is his tongue. Only fifteen minutes left. We have to find Gintu anyhow. Haha!! You have tackled the web created by my illusion world and moved ahead. But I won’t give Gintu to you so easily. Listen to one last clue. Few of them come and few of them go. While going they take quite a lot. What they take is not visible but without it, they are nothing. Haha!! What could be the meaning of this clue? There are so many places where people come and go. Like markets, malls, but whatever they take from there is visible. School, that place can be a school, here students come and go. They take away knowledge from the school. Knowledge is never visible. And without it the students are nothing. Our school is ahead of this school. I think Jinni uncle has traped Gintu in our school. Come Vir come. You have only five minutes left to find Gintu. But I won’t let you reach there. Hahaha!! Today, none of the powers in the world can stop me, from reaching Gintu. How did Mad Max become so active? Don’t forget that even he is made up of magic. I need to hit him with his own electric hunter, but how? Imli, Chulbul, please go and find Gintu. Where are you Vir? Only one minute is left. You won’t be able to reach Gintu. Extra powers on. Bye bye Mad Max. No!!! Gintu. Gintu!! Haha!! So finally Vir you have reached here. Now only five seconds are left and you need to find Gintu among these students. One of them is Gintu. Gintu!! Finally we met. Vir, I am very happy with you. You all are real friends. Most probably, people who have a jinni behave like a lord. Gintu you are very lucky to have a friend like Vir. OK, now I should leave. It was nice meeting you all. Bye bye, sorry uncle. I will never repeat this mistake.

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