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Vintage Helmet – Impossible Restoration

Vintage Helmet – Impossible Restoration

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  1. This is not a restoration but a mashup and cleaning. I don't understand why make other holes at the sides of mouth, the original holes was similar a fan and you have added a rectangular of other holes around! And No painted!

  2. тебя обманули ))) это маска сделана из формы для выпечки пирогов

  3. Looks like someone was trying to recreate the metal mask from the cover of Quiet Riot's Metal Health album.

  4. Боюсь вас разочаровать. Но сын отгреб знатно.,От Мамы, за то что переделал форму для выпечки коржей ,в защитной маску, ну там для игры.

  5. you messed it up you should have not used screws and why did you bend it ?? if it was worth anything you ruined it !!!!!

  6. Really bright shiny reverts but every other thing is rusty. There are a lot of people like me that worked on a wide range of things and can see right through these so called, Oh look what I just found! Come on man!

  7. You inspired me to restore some of my very old stuff like a family heirloom mace which is over 500 years old but very rusty

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