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Vintage Finds: Swedish Rucksack

Vintage Finds: Swedish Rucksack

this is my recent find and it is a really old Swedish rucksack I'm guessing it's military it has a three-count logo on it we're gonna get to that real quick but there's the three-count logo right there I looked it up online and it's from Sweden so I'm guessing this is Swedish military gear if you watch this channel you know that I really enjoy military gear and a lot of vintage stuff so this is right up my alley I found it at a antique store for like ten dollars it's pretty bad shape washed it cleaned it but who knows they'll love the material on here is leather and canvas and just really nice use of leather too so not a little bit of leather but a lot of leather the frame is actually metal we're gonna see it's connected to and leather parts right here so when I saw at first I just couldn't believe the quality and it's really well made there's nothing really shoddy about it and I think it's meant to be used for a very long period of time so all these harnesses and things are leather even some of the harnesses are old leather handles right here so just incredible workmanship on this bag and you know you never see stuff like this you see a lot of like reproductions and they're never this good and on the back it has this really big leather piece and this is where the straps go in so attention to details insane and quality leather is insane and for the bag to survive such a long time it just just stands up to how well it was built in the beginning on the bottom of the bag you're gonna see some straps so these are some Strauss's so you can strap other stuff to the bag again it's all connected by the metal frame and the bag is in bad shape the canvas is actually in pretty bad shape so what about opening it it's a basic rucksack so this is a actually the bottom of it so there's a belt piece probably to take some weight off of your shoulders and you can see that another three-count logo and this is the inside of the bag stitching inside isn't too bad it's not tapered it's not you know very well done but it's it's lasts a long time so it's durable see it's basic little rope right there and you pull it to close it so a really cool fine they're probably gonna sell it or keep it but yeah these are just an amazing bag just the quality level is just off the charts thanks

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  1. This ruck looks like it's in pretty good shape minus the mouse holes! It's not uncommon to find mold and dryrotted leather on these as well so I'd say you lucked out. We sell these at If you're interested in the history and other rescources like how to repair the ruck you should check out the page. We also have a new page detailing the movies and commercials that the M39 has been in.

  2. Just got one for $30 CDN today in really good shape. It seems there are slight variations of the pack through the years it was produced since some of the smaller details are different on mine and others I have seen.

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