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Vietnam veteran awarded military medals

Vietnam veteran awarded military medals

we served our country in the Vietnam War and now he is serving students right here in Metro Detroit today an assistant superintendent is given a special honor for all he’s done rod Moloney is live in Westland and rod I bet he never imagined being awarded for his service half a century later no Jason you know the medals didn’t matter to him back then but you know you come to a veterans of foreign war post like this one and you drive by and you kind of notice an old building could be run down and you don’t notice the real importance of the building why it exists and it does for just what happened here today giving an old soldier his proper do an honor guard formed inside Westlands harris carer VFW Post 33 23 for Army Specialist v Stephen Kelly now 77 years young here’s a picture of Stephen in Vietnam in 1968 more hair and less stomach back then he was an MP and served during the infamous Tet Offensive he tells us war is a meat grinder a terrible terrible thing and like most of his fellow Vietnam veterans doesn’t like to talk about the carnage he saw a married man with an infant son back then the medals meant nothing to him it was a good likelihood we would not be coming back and so to come back to realize that was actually happening it just took first place half a century of good living later I still don’t want to talk about it but I have this sense of wanting to leave some sort of record some sort of representation if you will on into the future so you know senator Gary Peters did the legwork to get the Pentagon to find out what medals Stephen had earned oh let’s Bonner and trillions my honor seven and all including meritorious service good conduct and the overseas hazardous duty award and Peter’s gave them to him today I’m not a hero I’m very proud of what I did I did it the best I could now what he did when he got all was served community garden city was the assistant school superintendent there but one of the things that he said that he’s done that is most important to him as he’s raised a lot of money to help autistic schoolchildren with the needs for their education back to you yeah well deserving in rod he’s clearly humble so I’m kind of curious what is Steven gonna do with all those medals well he told me they’re going to go on a frame they’ll probably go on a wall and he’ll probably not say too much about it thereafter yeah you’d expect all right rod thanks good story

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