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Video Tutorial : Military Security Camera Systems & Video Surveillance

Video Tutorial : Military Security Camera Systems & Video Surveillance

Welcome to the Military Security Camera System
presentation by Virtual Surveillance. This video will give you an inside look at
our company and a handful of the amazing features that come with every one of our custom engineered
video surveillance systems. Virtual Surveillance has been in business
for over 10 years and has implemented numerous enterprise class surveillance solutions
for each of the military branches and many Government agencies. Some of our Military clients include :
The US Navy The United States Department of State
The US Marine Corps The United States Department of Homeland Security
The US Air Force The US Army
And many others Each video security system is custom engineered
by our expert security consultants to suit your needs at home or abroad to ensure the
safety of your soldiers and maximize the security of your facility. Some of the Benefits to Purchasing From Virtual
Surveillance are: Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
Free Lifetime, US Based Technical Support Professional Design, Installation, and Service
Scalable, Top of the Line Security Systems Extended Service & Warranty Plans
Flexible Payment Plans 10 Years of Enterprise Experience
INFRARED SECURITY CAMERAS Each of our military grade cameras is night
vision ready for monitoring your facility or installation
after hours. This view is from a camera that is does not
have infrared capabilities and is unable to see in the dark. When you use an infrared camera, you’re
able to see everything within the camera’s field
of view because the infrared LEDs flood the area with infrared light so the camera to
record in pitch black environments. These cameras are a must have for after-hours
surveillance and monitoring. MISSING OBJECT DETECTION
Missing object detection allows you to designate a high value object to monitor. The moment it is removed
from its position, an alarm can be triggered or alerts sent. This feature is ideal for keeping an eye on
valuable equipment and items. The camera is always watching so you don’t
Like missing object detection, unattended object detection allows you to designate a
zone in the camera’s view and detect when an object is left in
that area. For example, if a suspicious item appears,
the software will highlight that object on the screen and
can be configured to trigger an alarm or send an alert. This simple feature can help draw attention
to suspicious packages, potential threats, even lost items to be
returned to their owners. This feature is ideal for corridors, roads,
parking lots, breezeways, supply depots, perimeter fencing, mess halls, and many other
We understand that not everyone is a security system expert and the floor plan based navigation
feature in our NVR software was specifically designed to
be used by people outside of the security industry. Your facility’s
floor plan is recreated and uploaded to the system where your cameras may be dragged and
dropped onto the blueprint. To view these video feeds, it’s as simple
as scrolling across your floor plan and clicking on the camera. That video
feed will pop up in a standalone player for your viewing convenience. We have seen this system implemented in numerous
correctional facilities and Police stations. FACIAL DETECTION
One of the key requirements of security systems is monitoring who is entering and leaving
your facility and this feature is exceptionally useful to achieve that goal. The facial detection function in our NVR software
catalogs every face captured on video into a thumbnail index and
is time stamped for later use. This gives you a clear image of each person
that visits your location from the moment the face was detected to the moment that it
leaves the camera’s field of view. This level of documentation is unparalleled
and is highly recommended for use at all of your entrances and exits. OBJECT TRACKING
Object tracking is one of the many features that comes in our NVR software and can be
used on any camera in your surveillance system through the software interface. This view is from our 4 megapixel fisheye
camera and when you de-wrap the fisheye view into the 180° tri-view,
you have a much better view of the monitored area. The tracking feature automatically follows
movement in the camera’s field of view until the person or object comes
to a stop or leaves the area. The software recognizes that there is movement
and uses the electronic pan, tilt, zoom feature of the fisheye camera to follow it
across the field of view and highlight it in the top right view frame. Another fantastic camera view is the multi-grid
view which allows you to simultaneously monitor numerous points of
interest with a single camera. This lets you have multiple static viewing
frames at varying zoom levels so you don’t miss any details. You can monitor entry into a sensitive area
while watching soldiers on duty and keep a close eye on
foot traffic from a camera the size of a smoke detector. LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITION CAMERA SYSTEMS
We regularly integrate license plate recognition cameras, also known as LPR cameras, and the
system shown is our standard LPR solution that has a 99% license
plate recognition rate. As you’ll see in the video, the difference
between our 5 megapixel overview camera and our LPR camera video in the bottom right is
clear. The quality of the
video produced by the LPR camera gives you a clear view of the license plate and, in
most cases, will even allow you to see the name of the state as well! An LPR camera solution is a valuable addition
to any security system and can be used to :
Track visitors & personnel entering and leaving your facility
Generate alarms for unauthorized personnel or soldiers arriving on site or leaving outside
of approved hours Improve the efficiency of your logistic pipeline
Activate other devices such as electric gates, alarms, and door locks
Monitor on-watch activity LPR cameras are specifically engineered with
special IR cut filters that see through ambient lighting and poor weather,
and produce the highest quality image possible to store captured license plates for later
retrieval. The license plate
captures are compiled in a very user friendly interface that allows you to search by a license
plate number, traffic direction, time frame, or by a specific LPR
camera. The data is then populated on this screen
with the most recent capture at the top. SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM ADVANCED VIDEO ANALYTICS
PACAKGES These following features come standard in
our advanced video analytics package. People Counting : Counts the number of people
or objects passing through a pre-determined area
Crowd Detection : The software detects that a crowd has formed and generates an alert
Scene Change Detection : Generates an alert when a camera’s focus or field of view is
altered Advanced Video Stabilization : Compensates
for inclement weather or shaky video in a mobile system and produces a clear, steady
image Advanced Video Quality Enhancer : Filters
and enhances object visibility in foggy or blurred environment caused by bad weather
That concludes our video demonstration. If you would like more information on what
our surveillance solutions can do for you, please
see our contact information in the description below to speak with one of our qualified security
consultants. Thanks for watching! 866-424-9070
[email protected]

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