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Veterans Reveal Their Most Difficult Experiences

Veterans Reveal Their Most Difficult Experiences

It’s a little bit overwhelming trying to get it summarized in a little bit, but what I can think of is just Just self-sacrifice Basically One thing Afghanistan taught me is that Things can change in a second, a hot second your life can be going perfectly fine And you can be happy, and you think that nothing’s gonna happen to you And then it does. I remember it very vividly when I got hit with an EFP which is an explosively formed penetrator Which is a particularly nasty type of IED Improvised explosive device. I have to explain all the acronyms I’m sorry It was that just surely February 7th was there just our anniversary for a Murphy 1-2 We did not see the IED coming it was disguised in a pile of trash that blew us up it was Murphy 1 2 which was a Helicopter crew that we went down. They were a few days from getting away some I just arrived there I knew his was 7 crew members. They went down we lost 7 of them And that was one of the main events that put me into the Wounded Warrior Battalion that was on cam penalty site This second appointment was a little more rough for me My wife was pregnant I missed the birth of my daughter All my brothers are dying over there in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. I got really depressed for a while Nobody gives a shit about him nobody puts it on TV. A nd I still deal with that every day And once you’re in the real world Back on the block. It’s just uh your Is you this is you and uh you’re out there trying to figure it out. Then I came home to Pretty much having my entire life changed. I came out here to California Pretty directionless didn’t know what to do It was really hard but I’ve had I’ve had some some time to kind of think back on it When I was got out like was either Dwell on that and let it just go and just be nothing or I can just continue going on. I’m sitting and smelling the roses like they say Whatever that means, that I’m sitting there, and I’m I’m just making sure that I appreciate people that around me appreciate everything that’s going on Hope my life gets better I hope I am finally able to stop being sad and Find something to live for Lot of the guys use we suffer and we wonder why we do how do we get that mind to calm down Some people tell me I care too much I Just feel like I care enough Being in the Marines were all together And there’s this tight-knit bond that you You just don’t expect to have we all didn’t always get along we all didn’t have the same background We didn’t all have same perspectives, but if any one of those people call me right now And they said they need it whatever I’m there. I’ve never experienced that type of bond But what I have realized is that no matter what you go through? There there’s always somebody there always What helps us in the long run is working together? Because countries and people bring so many different things to the table us as humans are capable of so much Being someone and making a difference in someone else’s life is really living But how will we ever do it if we don’t actually step up to that plate? Well it seems like it’s getting pretty crazy these days seems like we might be beating our chests into another road or there’s a lot of people that are divided right now and And yeah, I just think that you know perspective is something that we all need right now The things that we can achieve as human beings is remarkable, but we have to do it together We just have to do it

Reader Comments

  1. Men and women like this sacrifice so much for their country. And yet we are back here worried about hating this person or that person for the smallest reasons.

    Be thankful for what you have and who you have. Love everyone and give up all the BS.

  2. I reallz dont understand it. But all vets in the US are like normal guys. Soldiers in my country are like military types short haircut people who are interested in military, you know. and in the us they all look like they have no relationship to army stuff technology and weapons , they all look like drafted people except they are volunteers. I dont get it. and its hard to explain.

  3. God Bless them for their service. God bless those who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms this memorial day.

  4. I hope your life gets better, I hope you stop being sad, I hope you find something better to live for. I hope you realize how many people love you and realise how much the world appreciates what you went through and what you were willing to do for us.

  5. War is fucking bullshit .. I am so against this shit . We shouldn’t be fighting . These men are being used by their government

  6. Whenever I see veterans try to act like traumatized victims i click dislike. Even if you really are fucked up. Nobody told you to enlist and fly oveseas to fight. Taliban and Iraq were never a threat to America and never would be. You deserve PTSD or whatever mental illness it gave you

  7. This hits home for me, I got out of the Marine Corps in 2016 and civilians just don’t understand who we feel and they don’t try to understand and that’s why we’ll always turn back to our brothers and sisters in the military

  8. I totally feel for these men. Every and all resources need to be directed to them that can help them readjust and live in peace.

  9. When I came back home the first day from Afghanistan (my second deployment) I had a mental breakdown at home and my sister called me a brainwashed robot

  10. i dont like the music it changes there stories into the narrative jubilee wants, of making you cry. i just want to hear them and only their voice.

  11. Bless their hearts. 2:44 I really hope his life gets better and that he finds something or someone worth living for. 3:08 The fact that he cares a lot just shows that he cares and has a heart. I believe you can never care too much.

  12. I just cant thank them enough for protecting us , sacrificing everything just for us , and yet there are still a lot of people out there disrespecting veterans, insulting them , I just can’t understand how people can be so damn stupid and selfish . Go check out a video of a prankster filming a homeless veteran vs a homeless teenager, the result will definitely shock you😭😭🤧

  13. I wanted to cry while reading this comment section before I even hit play on the video. We as a country need to be taking such better care of our soldiers than we do. We owe these people our lives…literally. ✊🏽

  14. Veterans miss war.
    I would too, if I spent 9 months with a tight knit brotherhood only to return to an alienating society.

  15. Wow, I’m going to watch all of these. It makes me heartsick knowing so many of these guys [in the military] are younger than my little brother.

  16. There's been a lot of research on this stuff. Men like war cause it helps them bond to other men. I literally couldn't give a shit about bonding with men or females, so I would be the typa guy to go up in this war-zone and kill the enemies and just be like "k whatever, don't care". Why these niggas so emotional? I'm a guy and I hate other guys, cause they fake this "tough act" when they really aren't that tough. Do these people know what the Spartans went thru… makes this shit look like a joke. Come on now… the cringe is too much. You sign up for war, you go to war, you deal with it. So fucking tired of these soldiers playing the victim card… YOU FUCKING SIGNED UP FOR IT. STOP FUCKING CRYING.

  17. "Being someone who makes a difference is really living. But how would we ever do that If we never step up to the plate" fr

  18. Please don't join the army, please, every single person in my family that went came back fucked up. Don't believe the governments lies.

  19. To the blonde guy in the glasses. Life is worth living . Life is hard and it isn’t easy but God makes it easier . He makes worth it , He breathes life into dead things . Praying for you man . He gives purpose to those who don’t have one .

  20. Almost 11 years ago my Dad passed away from drinking alcohol with medication that he wasn't supposed too. He was in the Navy for 21 years making rank Senior Chief Petty Officer as a Deep Sea Diving Independent Duty Corpsman. He worked with the Marines and two SEAL teams, SEAL Team 2 and DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6), sadly I was only 5 when he passed away so I didn't get to hear his stories straight from the source, but I'm glad I didn't because I didn't want to see him sulk anymore about war. He actively participated in Operation Anaconda/Battle of Roberts Ridge/The Battle of Takur Ghar. Neil Roberts was one of his best friends and he lost him… my father was apart of the recovery of his body, I've heard stories that he broke down crying when they got back the Air Base. And then at the same time another one of his good friends, Matthew J. Bourgiese (not sure on spelling), died when It should of been my dad… they were going on a assignment and my dad and Matthew were the only corpsman available at first my dad participated to go but Matthew insisted to go instead, well he won that argument and went on the mission, he did not return alive… killed by a landmine. Till this day I can remember my dad and I fishing and him getting very emotional talking about two guys that he worked with named Neil and Matt… he experienced many deaths of friends but I guess those two hit him hard just because of their relationships. Absolutely nobody should go through the pain my dad or any other service man went through…

  21. Fuck war! I’d rather serve crack than serve this country. I love America but killing people is just fucked up

  22. The US military is so quick to desensitize humans for war, but so negligent to treat the same humans after they’ve been traumatized and battered. It’s sickening

  23. Incredibly sad to see what they have to endure on an ongoing basis, and I do hope they recover and their lives better. I also want to say that even though this video was intended to show the sad side of things, this video also exposed great wisdom and insight for humanity as a whole. I wish more of the world heard these vet's words. Thank you for your service for your sacrifice and courage.

    "Perspective is something we all need right now."

  24. Thank you ladies and gents who did what youve done and do what you do for us to be able to cry and complain on youtube and many other great freedoms we have!!

  25. I know a guy who was a pilot for the RAF. He told me a story about when he was flying over the falklands and he saw an argentinian aircraft a bunch of miles ahead of him, and he missile locked it and shot it down with out even thinking. It was only when he landed back at base that he started obsessing over his kill. He did the one thing you never ever ever fucking do and began obsessing over the victim, he found out his name, place of birth family etc, and got serious fucking ptsd about it and it changed him forever. He even found some of his old photos and everything. Hes been dead quiet sincs '82. He thought he was ready for it, but it did fuck him up for life

  26. An amazing TEDx on people coming back from war :

  27. I thought it was just me I’m not good with feelings Thanks it helped with perspective. It was a 20hr flight to get there. And I feel like I’m still not home.


  29. 15 minutes. Hmmm. We all had different things going on while in Iraq or Afghanistan. When I flew (C130 Flight Engineer) you had many things trying to kill you. Gravity. The plane. Ground fire. Helicopters (running into them). The burn pit. Mortars. Rockets. AA fire (BIG AA). I flew these guys home on R&R. I flew these guys back to their FOBS. I flew their food in. I flew their wounded out back to Balad. I lost count how many times I almost became a news blurb @6 showing a smoking hole in the ground. I dunno. I am not the same person as before………………..

  30. and still people go off to war. I still don't get it, never have. The people who create the wars never go into combat. They let guys like this do it for them. That's the reality of it. It's just so heartbreaking to see these broken men. If you kill someone here it's murder if you kill someone on the battlefield it's okay. it doesn't make sense. It's still taking a life. i just don't understand how we, as people, can live with this knowledge.

  31. So much respect for these men. I know they’ll live with these terrors for the rest of their lives. God bless these men! You have our total respect for all you have done.

  32. to Truly Infamous
    Thank You for your post
    Thank You for posting about your Grandpa
    We came back to Chaos yet it was only chaos because our world was media driven and those of us who out of the box saw the chaos knew there is more than

  33. This makes me sad. Thank you for your service veterans! If any of you guus need someone to talk to look me up on instagram, thekilnor.

  34. Fathers, Do NOT let your sons fight another mans war. You did not bring them into this world for that.
    Literally ALL of this is still being discussed in American homes today. We don't want these damn wars. We want to fix our own nation and fight only when absolutely necessary.

  35. These gentlemen, like animals killed children 7-8 years old who were armed to defend their lives and what was left of their families. None want to admit it.

  36. Only a veteran can relate to EVERY word these men spoke. As a veteran myself, I’ve been feeling this way for the longest for some of the things they said.

  37. Modern US soldiers seem to be much more whiny than previous generations. Perhaps subliminally they realise that they are no longer the defender of freedom

  38. You can see there pain in there eyes. We as a country need to have more respect and compassion for these selfless, brave men and women who really sacrificed everything! Because they aren't, and will never be the same. My father fought in Vietnam and at the age of 18 watched every man in his platoon die, and then became paralyzed Then when returning home he gets spit on and treated with such hate. Then for the rest of his life battles with the VA to just be treated with understanding and compassion . My uncle was a navy seal in Vietnam and grandfather fought on Normandy's beaches in WW2. Several friends have become marines, and I know nothing of what kind of hell they have seen, but they all have the same pain in there eyes as these men did in the video! Our government and all of us need to step up and make sure that these guys are taken care of! Help get them medical, mental help. Help guide them into getting back into "the real world" Help them understand how to handle their PTSD and help their wives and children understand how they can help and understand what they're going through! Thank you to all the men and women who decided to stand up and become a soldier! We needed you then and we need you even more now that you're home! Thank you! May you all find peace, love, and understanding!

  39. This brings me back to when my dad came back from the Falklands with a massive wound in his stomach and one leg (he has a bionic one now) ❤️😭

  40. Veterans? What veterans we don’t have any veterans? Anyone attempting to wage war after 1945 is committing a crime against humanity and should be hung Norenberg this was decided a long time ago. There should be No such thing as veteran!

  41. Army vet here. I served 93-97. I joined because of Desert Storm. Somalia happened when I was in AIT. I joined to see combat and fight for our country. I never went anywhere or saw anything. I am traumatized by not seeing combat. I spent 4 years working out and getting ready for the Army. I knew the guys who were in Somalia. I wanted payback so bad. I served when no one thanked us. I used to go home on leave in class A uniform and no one would even look at me. I never got the handclaps like 9/11 vets or handshakes. I would give my left arm to trade places with any veteran who saw combat. My brother saw lots of combat and has PTSD. I have friends who have it also. I am lucky I say to myself as a reminder.

  42. Thank you for telling your stories. I hope that ya'll find peace within yourselves and don't let the past keep you in pain

  43. can we bring in the victims of war? you know? like the Syrians, the Vietnamese, the Libyans, the Iraqis. people need to hear their side of the story as well. it would be totally biased if you don't

  44. I can never understand how these people fight for a country and people far away from their homes. Truly selfless.

  45. My first hardest moment entering civilian life was that first person that asks me have you killed anyone. I just stared at them because they don't know what it feels like to acknowledge it.

  46. Thanks guys , I love you all , thank you from the bottom of my heart , you tried and your service was not in vain , im just a guy from london UK but listen to you afterwards felt I had to thank you personally x

  47. This is sad but some of the vets now days youngsters are making up elaborate stories of how many people they killed and what they were envolved with trying to impress people for attention while laughing and it pisses me off

  48. CRYINNGGGGG. 😭😭 There’s a Canadian musician named Tobey Kai who actually donates her earnings to help veterans. Recently she had a almost near death brain injury and was struggling so hard and never even told anyone. Tried to donate to her somewhere but there’s no link. apparently she was making music with loan money to raise funds for charity. Good people everywhere. She’s not even American lol. Just helping our people 😭. This reminded me of her. Heroes everywhere. Love vids like this to remind us what people actually go through.

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