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Very Cool 7.62×54 Ammo I Opened Up Today

Very Cool 7.62×54 Ammo I Opened Up Today

howdy folks fan prepper here I wanted to do a quick video i just opened up a new spam can of what i thought was the the regular russian silvertip email that I you know I think we've all seen and it turned out it was actually this stuff i don't know if that's Bulgarian or what the difference is and it's probably not anything special to you guys but this is actually the first time I've seen this stuff and held it in my hand I think it's pretty cool looking normally you see with the the surplus 762 by 54 ammunition for the mosin nagant the green but here these are they appear to be copper some sort just kind of a neat looking round nothing too fancy on these not a lot for this video I just thought that was kind of cool and wanted to share let me know what you guys think I'm vamp prepper happy shooting

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  1. I'm just the opposite the surplus I get is all copper washed I would be surprised to see the green color I get my surplus from SportmansGuide Cool Info Where do you get the green color from?

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