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  1. North Carolina Highway Patrol cruisers are the best looking state police cars there are. Well, unless it is in the rear view mirror with the blue lights on ha ha.

  2. Reckon what the story was behind that parking spot?? Joy ride gone bad?? Turned out to b junk so ditched it to get out from under it?? Insurance job??

  3. Nobody owns endless loops or recovery straps?? Carrying chain blows.You gotta kinda look like you’ve done this before.

  4. That guy from Maine didn't realize water, from time to time, goes from a solid state to a liquid state when it actually WARMS up.  Dollars to doughnuts he was thinking of ice fishing the pond and wanted to stake his claim on the ice – er – pond water…….

  5. Am I the only one that thinks pulling under that much stress on the cable with someone that close to it is fucking retarded

  6. The rescue swimmer had his wetsuit on BACKWARDS..
    What? No mask? Guess it's hard to wear one of those backwards and smoke at the same time…

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