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Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry Insulated Boot

Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry Insulated Boot

Being waterproof and insulated, Vasque Arrowhead
UltraDry boot has a tall cut and cold weather features that make it ideal for winter aerobic
activities like snowshoeing or winter back packing. Let’s take a closer look at its
fit and features. The upper of the boot utilizes a hybrid construction.
You have got waterproof leather and also a soft shell material. That combination makes
it durable and supportive, but the soft shell aspect also lets this boot break in much more
quickly than an all leather boot would. In terms of providing warmth, you have got 200
grams of thinsulate insulation and you also have an ultra dry waterproof booty on the
inside which bolsters that waterproof pro-tection. A rather unique look to the Arrowhead and
a lot of that is due to the snow shroud that is here on the front of the boot. You can
see that there is a speed lacing system. This is something that is really easy to adjust,
to loosen, to tighten even with gloved hands and a nice secure fit. It is a Kevlar lacing,
so super light weight, but also extremely durable and abrasion resistance. That shroud
and the waterproof zipper which closes over the lacing ensures that, again, you are staying
dry, but you are also keeping ice and slush from build-ing up over the laces. Here on the heel something worth pointing
out. You have got some real bolstered con-struction here on the back. And there is actually a
bit of a shelf that is there. That is a real-ly nice feature if you are wearing this as a
snowshoeing boot, because that strapping set-tles in right behind that and gets nice secure
placement within snowshoe bindings. Out of view on the inside here the midsole
is a compression molded EVA midsole. You also have a TPU shank in the mid foot, so really
nice mid foot support. And, again, nice cushioning. There is also a dual density EVA foam foot
bed on the anterior of the boot which further increases the cushioning and the comfort of
the boot. Obviously on a winter boot the outsole is
of great concern. The Vasque Venture outsole utilizes a cold hold compound. This material,
this rubber material gets really nice bite and grip even on frozen surfaces. So whether
you are talking ice or whether you are talking snow, you are going to have nice confident
traction. Pretty deep lugs on this boot, too. Obviously that is going to increase traction
as well. So if you are looking for a light weight,
waterproof, insulated, do everything boot for aerobic winter activities, look no further
than the Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry boot.

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  1. I'm looking at this boot or the Snowblime, both 200g thinsulate, but wondering how the 400g Snowburban would be in a range of temperatures. Do you all have any thoughts about what temperature ranges would be appropriate for a 200g thinsulate vs a 400g in an moderate activity setting? With minimum of a medium weight wool sock? I know everyone's experience would vary here but would appreciate some insight on when either would be too warm to wear or danger of frostbite starts sitting in say with the 200g to have a ballpark idea of expectation.

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