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Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool

Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool

Senior Hiker 77 just a short video it’s
concerning a job we do in the woods known as pooping in the woods I have
some tools I started with this was the very first one it was a little heavy and
it was actually it was the cheapest about around $4 but later on I felt like it got a little too heavy so this one I have to rate it as
thumbs-down next this was actually gifted to me and this is by sea2summit I
think it was about $17 but it was lighter and you know it didn’t
hurt my hand trying to dig but you can’t get past the surface roots behind trees
and stuff like that but it did a decent job but I nowadays I have to give it
thumbs down then I discovered this one this is called a deuce of spades and
it’s about $20 in this one did you notice it’s not being anything but you
can really dig with it but the only thing only issue I had was these edges
they just sharp you know but you could get in there and these three here would
require a knife of some kind of bushcraft tool to cut the surface roots if you’re
behind a tree out in the woods there’s roots that’s all I’m gonna tell you it’s
not like diggig in potting soil from Walmart or Home Depot but this this one
nowadays I got another one I’m gonna show you but this one now is this yes
still I still would use it but if they sure is I had with that it was hurt
would hurt your hand could you’d have to get down the name holes like that man
I discovered this one this is made by a company called Vargo
and they they sell it as a trowel and tent stake combo it’s titanium dig dig –
tool I’ll type it up on the screen for you but this one it does look like an
oversized tent stake now I don’t know when you’d use such a big thing as a
tent stake that big but that’s best what they advertise it as and if you notice
it has serrated edges it’s not knife sharp and what they did they did roll
they did roll this titanium like this so it doesn’t hurt your hand when you grip
it plus they roll the top of it so you can get down and really dig in the dirt
with it now I did a little video in my backyard last night actually just to
test it out now I was in my wife’s vegetable patch so I didn’t have a lot of roots in anything but I could tell by using this that this might
be my go-to tool now if if I find this knot later on I’ll do an update on it
but right now I’m gonna have to give it a thumbs up I don’t know why humans hide there poop no dog no animal cow horse they they don’t ask permission
either they just go where they need to go and they don’t dig a hole to put it
in but for some reason humans have to dig a hole to hide it but I suspect I
suspect it came from a military background maybe but that’s too funny
though after you get your hole dug and you get in the squat position I I can
stand right back up no problem but if I’m in that position for anything over
60 to 90 seconds ain’t standing up so the only option is to either fall back
into that treasure I left back there or I have to roll to the side a roll forward
to unlock the knees so I could get up but it’s quite a chore to do
in fact if it’s just overnight I just wait till I get home but anyway that’s
the deal I’ll insert a little video now now if that tool doesn’t work out I guess
I’m going to end up hauling a pick and shovel thank you for watching

Reader Comments

  1. love it…I dipped the handle of my Deuce of spades in "plastidip"…added a tiny little bit of weight…but it feels great digging

  2. Quite the scooper de pooper collection! 👍😃. Yep the deep knee bends get more difficult all the time. If I can, I try to find a log with a "Y", or two logs lying in that general shape of a V, dig my hole in the base of the V of the "Y" sit on the base at the leg with the Y . I keep my hiking poles in reach to help me get back up…LOL 😏 Of course if there are no logs around, oh well, one does what one must…. lol

  3. Why to hide poop? Because in popular places where people don't hide their poop the smell and look is just terrible! Sh*t is everywhere!

  4. Hi. This looks great and I'll probably get the Vargo tool. I suspect that the reason why humans bury their poop is because human pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites) can be easily transmitted through poop. It's usually nicer to keep these to yourself.

  5. It's called a 'cat' hole for a reason.Aside from felines I can't think of another critter that buries it either. Good video, thanks.

  6. The only place that I've been able to dig a cathole with the Deuce of Spades was in Florida. I think that you've converted me!

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