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USMC Boot Review: Bates Lights vs Danner RATs

USMC Boot Review: Bates Lights vs Danner RATs

Hey brain children, this is Patrick from the
OCS blog comparing the Bates lights boot to the Danner RAT. first let’s take a look
at the bates lights it’s light obviously due to its thinner sole and thinner
construction throughout it’s got some venting to allow water to come out some
canvas a general lightweight upper this is your preferred boot for running
obstacle course CFT, maybe garrison life in general.
definitely anything involving water because not only is it less weighing you
down in the water; it’s also gonna dry off quicker as well
it’s strengths or weaknesses though that lights sole’s going to crack and
distort, just generally not protect you in the long run. That weak ankle support
means it’s probably not your number one choice for hikes and humps and just
general in construction it might not last as well that long as well as not
protect you so much from scuffing, injury, or water seeping in so general Bates Light:
boot number one for CFT season. This is my favorite booth: the Danner RAT! It’s a
RAT: a rugged all-terrain boot due to the added extra material on the front
and back which is harder and more durable it’s also heavier as well you
can see that this a difference in the soles and how much thicker the danner
one is so this is a rugged boot it’s going to protect you in the long run
although it’s not going to be too hot as well I wore this all through an
Afghanistan deployment and it was suitable with some light wicking
material socks as well one thing to note on Danners: is not only the softer
interior means that they feel better for a lot of people but also the laces go
further to the front of the shoe meaning that you can adjust it to
match your arch or width of your foot specifically so for comfort durability
long term, I recommend the Danner boot! If you’re headed OCS, you need to
prioritize getting the Bates Lights. You’re gonna need them and you will not get
issued them, or anything comparable to them, at the OCS and they’re really gonna
help you with the PFT or the CFT and other events there and beyond in the
long run though invest in a Danners pair as soon as you can!
The sooner you have them, the better, and you can have them for 4-8 years. They’re
really gonna help you out in the long run I recommend the RAT because for snow
and rain whatnot it’s actually going to be less water getting into the front and
back of the boot so that’s my recommendation you have any questions
suggestions other things you want to talk well let me know, happy to. we’ll see you
next week

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  1. Thanks for the video. This is a question more than a comment, how do they compare for fit and size, is a size 10 in Bates fit the same as size 10 in a Danner?

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