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Using Your Wavian Fuel Can

Using Your Wavian Fuel Can

hi everybody its Julie from Swiss link and wavy and USA how to make a short instructional video for you guys today I got some questions on how the locking pin works how to open and close the can properly so you don't bend your lid so first of all it has the safety locking pin in here which is pretty tight when you get it the first time it takes a little bit of wiggling this one has been open and closed a couple times it just pulls out just like that it does have a bend in it that's for a reason it's a safety pin it's supposed to be difficult to to get open it's a child safety lock so to get it back in you can put it in and if you push it down and a lock it sometimes people think it won't line up you can also flip it over to line it back up so fairly easy take it out open your this is designed so if you have it open like that and you tip it forward it's not going to fall forward and close on you if you didn't have the nozzle on but what you need to do when you close it is lift up and forward because if you try to force it it will bend it and then your gas can will leak so it's very important to lift up and forward and easy close you put your pin back in so that's a good tip for you put the nozzle on it's also make sure it's all straight just clamps all nice and tight and then once you are pouring and you get the fuel flowing force of the can will open up the nozzle to get it flowing important not to lower the can below what you're filling too much because it'll put too much pressure on that end of that nozzle and can break also if you have any vehicle or a lawnmower quad anything like that use the unleaded adapter you just line up the little breather holes and that will go in and that will help you for fueling as well if you have anything with a smaller filler neck that's what it's for so pretty easy just want to give you guys some tips on not breaking your nozzle and not bending your lid so I hope you enjoy thank you

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  1. I used my can for the 1st time last night. It leaked a good amount when I wasn't fully tipping it. It leaked with both the carb compliant spout that came with it and the aftermarket spout. Both spouts seemed pretty loose. Any tips on what I should do?? Thank you.

  2. My can should be arriving tomorrow. Can I put the spout on the handle when not in use? I've never delt with them before, but it seems like they're the best jerry can out there. I got it so I can strap it to my ATV on its side (the can). Thank you.

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