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USGI Goretex Woodland Camo jacket and pants discussion. Part 1

USGI Goretex Woodland Camo jacket and pants discussion. Part 1

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  1. FYI. That "chest strap thingie" is where you'd pin on your rank or use one of those rank insignias that slide onto the flap.

  2. Any leaks from the pitzips?
    Mine leaked at the pitzips and I noticed they were not seam taped.
    I am going to seam seal the pitzips and front lower pockets.
    Good video.

  3. All around nice surplus jacket. I prefer woodland and my fave flechtarn over digital.
    Always good to have it. Probably wont be a beautiful sunny day when Shtf scenario hits.

  4. not bad at all, seems well made – i think if the bottom inside had a goretex hem of 4-5" it should protect the bottom pocket interiors and rear.
    a good clean and re-proof would bring it back to new – the rain will visibly run right off.

  5. Yeah when I was in the Army the lower pockets would get wet in the rain so I hardly ever used them except for things that could get wet. When I was stationed in Alaska we would wear our winter boots our polypropylene long johns and our goretex top and bottom. You will be surprised just how comfortable that combination is in temperature down to minus 25. I still have goretex gear and use it when I am out and about in the woods.

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