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us surplus shelter half set up for cold weather

us surplus shelter half set up for cold weather

negative degree weather down to you know 1516 and then down to the negative zero I'm slipping this like that I like the front open I like getting a breeze I sleep with the fan anyway so I like to just leave it open I don't close that much but I've slept down in this in doing into zero degree weather I just want to show you how to set it up this is a one of the shelter have to has put together the poster not here they're held up by two trees then we have all the room and I use the post out there to hold up the front porch oh so what I like to do is I make this just sewed it together with some fishing line bank line soda soda zipper on it and this is to 100% wool blankets the twin size models I got two of them and I sewed a zipper on and this is my sleeping bag and I kind of turned it into like a two-part vivvy I guess you could say or like a military Bob layer because what I do this is I have the sleeping bag which keeps you plenty warm wool blankets are really good that I sleep on a sleeping pad which this rolls up in to keep it dry on the outside and I usually put it down inside of a trench bag a really big trench bag the 55 gallon drum liners I get those and that's like an outer layer that I can put over the top of this if it was raining then on the inside I have a fleece sleeping bag it's a I think I bought them over a long time ago from cheaper than dirt they were I want to say they were like 15 bucks a piece or something like that and they're just they're like fleece sleeping bag and I keep it down inside of it so I have two layers there and then the trash bag over the top which makes a water baby you know a weatherproof movie I also had this tart that isn't it's a little stuff sack that I usually stuffed down in it and had this tarp is more of a bed just a moisture barrier Kiki off the green so this is a way to set up your shelter hat and take you down to negative degree weather you're gonna like I do I love camping on the ground in the winter because you don't have the snakes and things like that to crawl in the mattress with you but during the winter it also gives you some you're coming up off the ground you hang in a hammock it gets really cold so I'd rather go to the ground whenever it's below freezing and under down to when snows all around and hang whatever it's above freezing whatever you have you know 40 50 degree weather you can use it under quilt and over quilt and be fine but this is how I sleep whenever I know it's going to be cold I'm going out on a squirrel hunting venture something like that where I know I'm going to stay the night this is how I take it it's a lot more heavy than carrying a hammock this is a this is weight but you're looking we go with carry them on four-wheelers things like that and it doesn't matter the weight for don't care so I carry asthma I carry as much as I can be to be comfortable without having to worry about weight so much because we'll pull forward around it to where we're going to go I hope you like this video it's a short video on just how I set up here in the winter and a little bit about this little homemade sleeping bag I made here I'm really I'm really liking it I bought the zipper off of ebay I think it was like eight bucks for a thing it's a hundred and five inch long zipper and I just sewed it around and just like you would have a sleeping bag and then tuck the ends folded them over sewed them twice on the opposite side so that it gives like a a wind barrier and sewed the two pasty I didn't leave a pocket on the side that I sewed on both sides of it that you can stick things down in and it makes like little pockets you can have it while you're sleep then you got a pocket stick in or when you want to carry it you can roll it up long ways and have a pocket that you can keep long things in fishing poles things like that all right thanks for watching grace please like and subscribe

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