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US Military MRE Menu B #15 Mexican Style Chicken Stew Review

US Military MRE Menu B #15 Mexican Style Chicken Stew Review

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  1. This isnt for the whole day. Its for one meal You get 3 mres a day. In the you need way more calories than the average person.

  2. Hands down, the best part of the video is Kevin clapping for himself for opening the package! 😂 love it, thanks!

  3. You're getting better at opening these Kevin 😛 haha

    Those bars really do look like some one sat on them xD every time…. I'd properly like the stew but I was thinking while Kevin was pouring the stew into the bowl – that it reminded me of the fettuccine lol (the look) and you were talking (so you weren't paying attention) and was thinking oh no, she's going to hate the look of that loool!

  4. As someone who has spent a lot of time in hospital due to crohns resulting in me being extremely underweight I've had to suffer some pretty horrible hospital 'food' I wonder if these would be good for hospitals to have? Of course they'd have to add some veg but they all seem pretty balanced

  5. my husband bought these when he was in charge of buying road trip snacks .. ratatouille for everyone lol

  6. Great video!! I don’t know how you guys aren’t getting tiered of eating the same stuff everyday ha ha!

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