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US Military MRE Box Opening Menu A & Menu B – 24 Military Surplus Meals from Amazon

US Military MRE Box Opening Menu A & Menu B – 24 Military Surplus Meals from Amazon

today Kevin and I are doing an unboxing video of some MREs and the reason I'm doing this box opening of these all by themselves is because this is it's all one thing and it's a lot of them people are interested in seeing what Chuck yes because you can go we went to what Amazon Amazon these came from Amazon they were for both boxes it was one hundred fifty one dollars and fifty cents and that is for twelve Mills in each one yes so 24 MREs this is the menu a and menu B boxes combined you can buy menu you get the one that's random although the one that said you get a random box almost everybody in a comment saying you're almost always gonna get box B cuz I guess it's more common okay boxes a is a little rare so I wanted to make sure we got box Hey basically that's order both of them right that's these came from Ozark outdoors is the company on Amazon that we purchased them from there are the only ones that have like I think that said they were in Arizona yeah Arizona alright yeah Conway Arizona they give you the sister group over here there's a sticker that says what date they were packaged on and what date they were inspected on by five Ozark I have a close-up picture yeah and it has the red against the quality seal or something I don't know exactly what it is I know if it gets really dark they're supposed to be like not like they've been they've set up a seven or something I don't know what they've been above temperature higher than they should so they're packaged they're really heavy first of all they were shipped FedEx and they came fast they're within two days yeah we don't have prom so we didn't do yes so these why are we about why did we buy emerets is because I have had requests over the years of doing food reviews or I've had people say we need to try MREs and so I don't have any clue about MREs should be interests I know you get like a whole meal is it for the whole day for one mail or some you know just one mail yeah and you get like I think you get like a little dessert or something with them I don't know anything about them so we're gonna do one video on each one this one says case a Mindy's 1 through 12 okay we're gonna do literally like a 1 video per MRA so hopefully all of these are different because there is a chance you could get multiples hopefully all of these are different and hopefully I will be able to make 24 videos for you good they do they throw them off the truck what happened they're not gonna get bussed over there like and they're really thick cardboard tubes well I don't want it I'm trying to be careful not to cut into the boxes because it has plastic so maybe illustrate once he gets this ever will show you what it looks like when you open the box when he finally gonna go worn out yeah Hartman okay so when you open the box that's a piece of hardware on top so if you pick that off it's a stick to it I mean it's like victim along Oh inside box okay and they've got they should have known where's all I may want to know okay this is a menu none it says beeps – and these look like the actual MREs like a real the real MREs loquacious menu 7 is brisket Andre gravy with a seasoned beef brisket slices menu – oh they all say menu oh no menu – okay vegetable crumbles with topspin and taco style songs video 11 okay now Roman numerals and how do they arrive it to our first look at doesn't mean you 11 it's also says over there oh okay this is menu 5 chicken chunks wiped up to that we can hear chunks that's chicken joint that's the first one that hasn't I don't know I like chicken though menu ain't meatballs in marinara sauce that sounds good this is 10 chili and macaroni okay I'm happy yeah menu 12 is elbow macaroni in tonight okay I'm filling up the table this will turn us moving these around okay so you've got eight nine eleven what yeah so number two this is actually they were two beef shredded and barbecue sauce that's something number six is beef taco okay this is number one chili with beans I like chili number four is spaghetti with beef and sauce chicken noodles and vegetables in sauce so that awesome we got one of each one very one of me because there's there's a chance that you could you could get the same thing on this yeah it's interesting how some of them have pictures of people like camping out like this and then sellable just just say amore no but I think they look like they're actually just say Department of Defense and that's actually you have property government property so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna pause real quick I'm gonna take a picture of what I have here laid out I'm gonna let Kevin and he's running off the other works opening that box and once we open it they will show you exactly what it looks like as well got that so this one should be meals 13 through 24 and I found out hoping that box upside down I draw is it that's folks that's why I had that flap on the top okay this one is 23 so there's gonna be 24 okay menu 23 chicken pesto pasta menu 15 is Mexican style chicken stew 16 is chicken burrito bowl very interesting it sounds like something that I would normally eat it's chicken Brea or whatever I lose I need some stuff probably hash brown potatoes that was 20 I'm sorry number 19 is beef patty jalapeno pepper jack that sounds good this was my dog look over there 21 is tuna chunk light water packed with lemon pepper we both like a tuna so number 24 is Southwest stove beef and black means there's a 22 in here 18 is beef ravioli in meat sauce number 14 is creamy spinach fettuccine there's 20 22 is Asian style beef strips with vegetables 17 is pork sausage patty maple flavored so that's like a breakfast thing yeah there's some breakfast ones and your like the hash browns oh that hash browns head is baking with thank you for us and anyway we like that it's the paper and this is the last one huh there were 13 years cheese tortellini in tomato sauce thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty one two three four so we got we got lucky we got every many 40 different Emery some of the comments on it was all people were saying I got cleaner bags that didn't look like real Amore's and so like that we didn't like any of that yeah these all look like they're real memories and the boxes were sealed just like they would have been sealed from the military so I'm impressed oh I would if I wanted to do prepping or if I'm going to do hunting or camping or something like this from one experience I wouldn't have any problems ordering from the minute right because it's 24 meals this is the US government property commercial resale is unlawful only if now there's a rule there there's a rule that says you can do it individually you can sell that individuals use can't sell the like other government agencies there's a rule there that makes them legal because they talked about it well I mean it would be too late for us anyway because we're going to try me I don't think we would be the with a legal party here and be them it was a resilience something coming through this should be interesting we will be doing will do them in order so we're gonna start with number one it will go from there okay we're gonna try to get Adrienne on some of them you may not be on every one of them but we will try to get them on a few because yeah we don't really with ender we try to do like binge reviews where we get like five or six in a row you can't do five of these in the same no this is like very high calorie on the box inside there's a box inside of the talk but most of our twelve around 40 calories at least for me yeah so we're only gonna be able to review like one maybe one or two at a time right we'll try to get home in on as many as we can if we have to we'll try some on our own just so we can actually get them done and not have to wait so I'm excited I'm very excited about it and yeah yeah we'll see how it is I probably won't be excited after after drum what I like I like a lot of the shelf-stable meals like the Hormel Mills a lot of this stuff anyway for his lunchtime review but I've never eaten any of them but they're not bad I've never even eaten tuna out of a packet yeah well that's why I'm saying that tuna one the chunk tuna that will be interesting but but I've never eaten a Hormel milk so all of this will be very new very interesting to me but I hope you enjoyed the Box opening I wanted you to see what you get for your money like we said you can order just box a or just box B and it's gonna be half the broth right and you got exactly a little bit more it was $86 so you save a little bit when you buy both you can actually order four packs but they're random for see you might be so bad or you're gonna get four things that you're like I wish I really didn't want that right you might get four – I mean that to tune is there one or two tuna they said that can't guarantee I think you would get four individual one so I was kind of afraid of just doing four that's like heck with it you know wolves go well just go for it and go whole hog alright so I hope you enjoyed the video I hope you're looking forward to the 24 videos to come and thanks for watching

Reader Comments

  1. Mre meals are good,,but they’re TOO EXPENSIVE and actually don’t last on the shelf very long.
    That stuff lasts 20-30 yrs.

  2. Does it need to be frozen or in a fridge? I'm planning to give a whole box to a homeless couple in my area

  3. Great video, recently this year Iv'e been getting these mres from two churches that give food bags. It makes me respect our military much more, I'm saving as many as I can, but they are so much fun too open.Don't let the instructions for the heater confuse you, just read it a few times, it's really simple and they work really well. I think the average person could survive on two mres a day, but I think our men get three of them a day. thanx and god bless America.

  4. I actually had my first mre not too long ago and it was Menu 11, which funny enough its literally just chili with pasta, but the hot sauce packet makes it taste better

  5. How did I miss this video-hmm April 23-maybe I hadn't subscribed yet but was just checking out just the product reviews.  Watching this now after seeing the series-it is so funny-the look when you say Spinach Fettuccini and it turned out that was the one part of the meal you didn't like.  And Kevin saying…"This is one I'm not looking forward to"-the Lemon Pepper Tuna-and it was both of  your least favorite.  I'm going to re-watch these all in order all over again.  Thank you for trying these-it was a really fun series and seeing the struggle for the first couple to knowing exactly what you're doing was really a lot of fun.

  6. I was in the army in 2012, had many of these and there not all the greatest lol. Very few are decent to say the least and best part was the skittles or m&ms In them! Something we learned when we was in the field was to take the coffee creamer and sugar mixed together tastes like sugar cookies lol

  7. I'm so excited for these reviews! I promise no spoilers 🙂 It'll be interesting to hear which are your favorites, we'll compare notes!

  8. Just to let you know theres a date code on each packet with the mre's, cant think of how to works. Make sure to look it up 🙂

  9. I laughed so hard just from reading the title. MRE's are not something I expected you to try the way you always go on about calories. our British Armed Services 24hr packs contain 4000 calories. be careful cooking the American packs using the nuke strips provided, as they boil the water very rapidly. you would be better off boiling them in a pan, like us Brits do.

  10. That's so cool! I can't wait to see you try all that stuff! I've watched a lot of videos from emmymadeinjapan. She sometimes reviews MREs and has a military rations playlist. If you want to do some prep work, her videos are super nice and fun to watch!

  11. This is such a great idea! I am interested to see/hear your reviews. When I was a freshman in college there was a boy in my dorm who had a stock of these be used for meals which seems like a smart idea as they are quick and easy to prepare. And no dishes!

  12. It will be very interesting watching you try all of those. Hopefully they will list nutrition facts such as sodium. You guys are braver than I would ever be to try so many different things!

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