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US Military magnesium & Tubbs Xplore snowshoes

US Military magnesium & Tubbs Xplore snowshoes

okay so I'm going to do a not just in these snowshoes people ask me how they compare to the tubs I'm going to do two laps with each at my kids school the playground there is huge so hundred two laps ones breaking new terrain and one going over existing tracks with HSN see how they do fairly windy with snow anywhere from five feet close up with the binding in the bounds on the bottom of both of things and the fighting system really all that convinced about how this goes into the holes and the straps but I had a couple times where those have come off on me yeah and maybe it's just that there's some more getting used to it on these I showed you the bindings on these last time bunch of straps and clamp down in the bottom of these right over here and putting it on the side of them already out here today we got about four inches of snow that's night on that there's a layer of ice and other than where it's drifting up you're walking I'm walking on a lot of ice but there are some areas where there's a foot of powder and with the top they got pretty good flotation we'll take out the military ones to see how those two military ones and the biggest difference between these and the tubs we have similar amount of flotation but with the holes in these snow comes through the top pushes it down the top is being narrower so I guess it's tight it's easier to get through a bit more traction on the tubs with the crampons then then these have going up and down hills I like the binding system well more complicated on these then on the top it seems like it's more positive it's really possible to step out of things you can get your foot part way out but that's all that these bindings like a wider boot fortunately packs out boots or at the cabin for the winter these boots are my medium ones and they're not too bad but uh we're walking through the powder up here here you do the pathway with the tubs lost five minutes ago hey fishies up and off give my final opinion just wanted to give you an idea of the wind today blowing pretty good probably 30 miles a jobless walk get back in it's cold on tight okay figure I finished my review in the car no reason be outside if I don't have to comparison between the two traction was pretty similar flotation was pretty similar a little bit better on the tubs one of the things that was interesting was if it's a thin crust the military ones because are wider don't break through is easy and the tubs you do on the binding side I like the I like the fighting on the military ones slightly better because you can't possibly lose them the buckle that goes around your ankle they said it requires a wider boot but that's not too bad the tubs if it had a clamp on the back I prefer it you know because I don't like the clasp clasp the way it works in tight areas the tubs are definitely better but going up and down hills it was a draw the military ones they make this laughs they um because of the webbing they did they held up pretty pretty good so the difference in price between the two is about 160 for the tubs hundred and thirty nine dollars for the military ones based on the price I wouldn't have a problem buying the military ones and maybe working on additional crampons and making a bit better on hard ice and stuff like that but yeah I like them I'd like to try out a couple others maybe a lot of paramilitary ones for the cabin for spares and get something like the MSRs with the floatation tail I'd like to try some of those out sometime but III really don't have a problem with either one of them the tubs were thirty inch and the military one for forty two I'll put the model on the description so you can see which ones they are so that's it thanks for watching

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  1. you had some good weather there that day. cold and windy, separates the boys from the men right quick.

  2. How might the military ones perform in soft mud? For fishing in a boggy marsh etc? Same question for the Tubbs…I would suspect that the Tubbs might keep you above ground better due to the greater surface contact area (not mesh), but could be more difficult to walk for the same reason. Thanks!

  3. @buffcleb best ever. i paid 29 for mickey boots and 20 for snowshoes. i have surplus store by me that i actually made a vid about called mountainous takes you to the boring oregon surplus store. i got a alice pack for 19. peace.

  4. my video is on the right in related. 2 of my snowshoes vids. but i left another comment for you to see me make fire using magnesium snowshoes in snowcave that will air on national tv very soon. in the related vids on the right there are two of my vids using these. peace.

  5. i have a video i made using the magnesium snowshoes. on mt hood. i snowshoe into a snowcave. i then scrape the magnesium snowshoes to make fire using flint etc. go to search on youtube and search military magnesiun snowshoes mountainous. the footage you will see is going to air on national tv show this jan in canada on history tv. it is a episode on snowshoe. snowmobiles. and snowplows. i get those military ones for 20 a pair at my local surplus store. i use these in many vids in the mts

  6. @shartne It was alot… went over 40 yesterday and should hit 50 today before going back to 10 tomorrow… after it re-freezes I won't need snowshoes to walk on the snow… crampons maybe….

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