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US military flashlight

US military flashlight

hey guys watch right here to review my US military issue l-head flashlight this is actually something that I've never gotten around to reviewing which caught me by surprise so let's go ahead and get into it so this is a l-head flashlight as used by the US military believe this was introduced in the late 1950s and that please might still be in use today definitely has been used up until recently and let's go ahead and get into it so this is just a standard military flashlight it's very cool it's runs off of an incandescent bulb and it's powered by two giant D batteries that go right here on the bottom now most of the time you'll find these flashlights they'll be in a green plastic song of a moment in black I think those might be the knock-offs but it's a very neat flashlight it's a it's waterproof to a few feet I didn't believe and it seals up nice and tight everything is sealed up with these screw caps there we go and it's a pretty bright flashlight good for what you need it to do and the switch on the side has three different settings there's off and an intermediate setting where you can use to flash the flashlight so you can use it for Morse code and then there's a full on position and you can kind of use the dimmer but not really that's what the the middle position is for so very cool now the flashlight comes with several filters usually the one you'll see most often is the red filter and that red light is a it's easier on the eyes at night it doesn't ruin your night vision and then it's also a little bit harder for the enemy to see so you've got your standard red filter it just drops out like that you can use the flashlight then with just a standard white light or at the very bottom there's an outer screw cap and there's going to be some additional filters so let's see which ones I have a yellow filter I'm gonna go ahead and put all of these on just so you guys can see what they look like let's go ahead and do the yellow filter go ahead and screw that Fatboy on there's the yellow filter which pretty much looks like the regular light anyways then there's a blue filter this one seems to be more of a greenish yeah so this is the yellow filter that one that I had on is a green one so we'll do the yellow next and then we'll do the the blue filter that's so it's a very very cool flashlight yeah that one you can see it's a little bit it's yellow then you've got a a blue filter whereas blue is also an easier color on the eyes at night and the red so there's the little splash and then blue light so very cool now let's go ahead and replace it back with the standard red filter that's the one that I like to use and then got all your filters right here there's flashlights flat on the bottom so when you screw it in you have to put them inside this hollowed-out piece right here you just put your filters back and then you just screw it right back on to the flashlight and there you go now at the bottom it's got a kind of a lanyard loop I guess so you don't lose the the flashlight if you have it attached to something but it has a clip on the back which goes on the top of the Alice suspenders you've probably seen me wearing it before so that's usually where it goes and then the cool thing about this flashlight being an L head design is it's it seems to be a little bit more ergonomic or is that other flashlight you'd have to either shine like this already have to shine like that with this one you can keep your wrist at a natural angle and then you can go ahead and use it and then just revenge of it being this way is that when you have a clip down your suspenders and actually have the light on and then whatever you're doing you can see if you're bending down or doing whatever and it's a pretty simple rugged flashlight even though it's made of plastic it's still pretty durable and it's just very cool and these can be gotten for for fairly cheap around ten to twenty US dollars so I'm pretty happy with this one I had a black one but that looks stupid so I just got this one instead I should probably get a spare set of bulbs or I wonder if they make LED bulbs for these I'll have to look into that but she's so a very cool piece history and just a very functional item definitely something to have I usually have a clipped on my arm my Allis suspenders so just wanted to make this quick little video hope you guys liked it please make sure to LIKE comment subscribe and share

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  1. Not sure if you got an LED drop in bulb for this yet, but the PR2-1WHP-9V from works well and gives you 65 lumens or 2x the brightness of the original bulb. Just be sure to order the 1-9volt version which works very well with 2 cells or even 1 cell in a pinch. This is a better matched LED than the usual LED drop in that works only down to 3volts.

  2. They still issue them however they stopped makeing the white and clear filters witch pisses me off because those are used for fog kind of like high and low beam. These flashlights come in many colors. OD Green, Jungle Green, Black , Gray, Artic White , Tan, Navy Blue , I have 2 Black & Jungle Green .

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