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US Load Bearing Vest Enhanced

US Load Bearing Vest Enhanced

hey what's up guys today I'm just doing a video on my US military load-bearing vest I got on eBay for for about 18 dollars new which I well I thought was a really good deal as you can see I put a lot of accessories on it including the utility belt with all these other attachments on there and I'm just gonna go over what I have on the vest right now I hadn't filled up all the pockets and everything yet first in these first two pouches I have an SKS Tapco mag and this is a Columbia River sea desert cruiser not yeah I could probably put more on that one on the other side same Tapco s cast mag and this pouch I have some decoy line it's not quite as strong as paracord but you carry a lot more of it I'm in these small grenade pouches I have see here's a foxglove I have the other in the opposite pouch in this one I have a Ryback headlamp and two glow sticks and then another flashlight there of course I've got a military canteen and then in this but pack I have several survival kits with fire starters and just different other items that I could use for survival in there I won't go into that and this pouch I have a pair of binoculars basket by bass pro shops an emergency blanket and a multi-tool this is just another magazine right here this is a shotgun shell pouch and I believe it holds about 12 rounds of 12-gauge or 20 gauge shells right on the back I have I just got this a couple days ago it's a blackhawk hydration pouch and I have a 2 liter Camelback pouch in there as well just goes down the side there there's the tube and then have a mantis seam or not on the shoulder pad there and I think I've pretty much covered everything and if y'all know this is the Alice system uses the Alice clips most y'all probably already know that yeah it's not as new as the the Molly gear but I plan to eventually get a Molly best but I think this one will be it will be great for me right now all right so here's what the vest looks like I've got it on and it just distributes the weight really well I've got all these pouches and a good access to all them and even with the 2 liters of water in the Camelback is this new feels feels really lightweight to me because it just distribute it very well especially with the utility belt in with it as well overall it's just a really really nice list I like the way I have it set up and I think it'll serve me well thanks a lot you

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  1. Whats the point of carrying 12 gauge on you if you have an SKS? I don't know what your purpose is behind the vest, but you don't have a whole lot of ammo. You might want to invest in a MOLLE vest just so you can carry more magazines. Just something to consider.

  2. I look at the LBV as my last means of survival. IF I lost access to my main pack the items I have in the vest will be ALL I have left. I pack my vest to reflect this mindset.

  3. The hydration pouch by Blackhawk came with Alice clips, which I used to attach to webbing on the vest. I'm not sure if the make them anymore – it was purchased on ebay.

  4. You can get these vests for MUCH cheaper than $24.99 if you look around. I've seen them for sale on classified sites for as low as $10.

  5. Yes, they will hold a total of 6 AR15/M16 magazines. Two can fit in each of the lower pouches, and one in each of the upper pouches. That is a good price – I paid around that much over a year ago……welcome, glad I could help!

  6. I am planning to get this vest on Ebay to for 24.99, will the mag pouches hold M16 mags? Thanks, the video was helpful with deciding to buy this vest. One more thing, is it a good buy for 24.99? Thanks

  7. Thanks, I will try to. A care package sent our way would definitely stir up a riot haha!….that strategy would surely work to my advantage though!

  8. Keep 'em coming, Brother! I need to send your older bro a care package, maybe there'll be a MOLLE vest in there – make sure and strike him in the temple, that usually works here for first dibs, and most of my kids don't mind. – Mike

  9. Thanks for the tip….zip ties sound like a great alternative to the clips. I like the design as well, it holds enough gear and is comfortable – who needs a molle vest or plate carrier! Haha, well I may eventually get one of those.

    Thanks for stopping by – take care!

  10. When we were issued those, we'd toss the ALICE clips in favor of zip ties – ALICE clips don't last in salt water, plus they
    clips SUCK. Har!

    I always liked that type of vest though, nice to see it still going strong.

    HTH. – Mike

  11. It gets the job done. Yep woodland camo will never go out of style haha, but maybe one day I will upgrade to a MOLLE vest like yours!

  12. Stoopid ALICE Gear – YOU GEAR JUNKIE!

    Sarcasm 🙂

    I like that original vest for sure. And woodland camo is still cool IMHO!!!

  13. I'm pretty sure the smaller pouch would not hold one since it is somewhat tight for one AR magazine. I believe the larger pouch would hold a 30 rd AK mag, but it may not close completely because of the length. Hope this helps!

  14. The larger two pouches may fit them since they were designed for two AR15/M16 mags, but I doubt the smaller ones would hold the pods. Sorry, not positive though since I don't have any,

  15. Hey, I'm not exactly sure of the model but if you google search "BLACKHAWK WOODLAND CAMO HYDRATION 3L WATER BAG COVER" it should give some results. I bought this one from ebay about a year ago, and there were just a couple listings back then. My guess is they don't make this model anymore, but maybe you can find one….good luck!

  16. i have been looking EVERYWHERE for the hydration pack you have, but i can't find one with ALICE clips. the only ones i can find that look similar use MOLLE/PALS instead of ALICE clips, cost around $20 or more and id have to order it from hong kong (i try not to order from there, takes weeks.) i even looked on blackhawk's website. can you look and tell me the brand/model and where you got it please? would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

  17. Thats great man, glad you are liking your vest and other gear….sounds like your setup can definitely hold much more equipment than mine! haha I will have to check out that assault pack – anyway, thanks for the update!

  18. and all this is coming from a guy who preferred the older gear and HATES change, lol. But now i can carry 4 40rd (mini-14) mags in the chicom, 6 30s on the vest and 6 30s on the belt not to mention all the extra pack space, and it's still far more comfortable than the old Y or H suspender system. The CFP-90 pack system also seems to be much larger and more comfortable than the ALICE packs, as long as you don't over load it, which really is very easy.

  19. loving my vest, it does work w/ my chicom i just cant use the utility pouches (couldn't care less, plenty of space elsewhere.) I plan on upgrading to a camelback setup like yours and just recently switched from the buttpack to the CFP-90 assault pack, it fits a bit small but what a difference! feels much better w/ way more cargo space, I got the main pack (6000 c.i. alone!) so now i have the complete IIFS set. I recommend the assault pack instead of the fannypack, but thats just 1 man's opinion

  20. I believe it is a Mil-spec buttpack, it is made of nylon and very similar to the one you mentioned. I haven't thought of that carrying option, thanks for the suggestion! Good luck with the new rig btw.

  21. @the5thZ im upgrading to the IIFS TLBV from the ALICE harness, hope it integrates well w/ my chicom-style chest carrier. I'm not sure what your shelter plan is but a poncho and/or shelter half (i carry both) is very easily strapped to the bottom of the buttpack and works very well (u can even roll some clothes in the poncho to save room in the buttpack). speaking of, what brand is that one? it looks like the M1967 model but in black.

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