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sometimes you do wonder how things get into the law thrift store where I live on the northwest coast kind of little backwater well US Army sergeant gently if you don't there somewhere this is your you worse army jacket but I bought in the local thrift shop for three pound and the pattern is the universal camouflage button or you CD it's also called occup at Army Combat Uniform Putnam something like that and it was introduced in 2003 as an all-in-one universal camouflage for both desert forest and town there's no black and the camouflage construction typical piece of camel see the way the camel goes together it's a mixture of us light Grier which is 501 shared Desert Sun 500 shared and forestry green five or two shared blended together to give this computerized looking disruptive puttan it was intended to be a a universal camo pattern and so that they didn't have the issue separate come all uniforms for the desert the forest and the the kind of built-up areas so this did all of them and also issued with a hat and trousers this particular one probably saw service in Afghanistan because it's got the cloth patches on the velcro on that arm its name badge rank badge none of these are sawing on but actually on velcro bucking now by the year 2018 this pattern that camera it will be completely withdrawn from the US forces saw I know octave merely well-worn in World War two so this is theoretically a future military collectible ironically jeepers anything now but one dear it will have its dear but for the time being it's just something that somebody wears as a fashion weather item but it will be a military collectible one DIY kit cares it kind of velcro fastenings playable to good in their size is plenty in the : 37 yeah really nice item a little bit worn and the sleeve cuff but probably a little bit faded in places as well so possibly doesn't sure it that is true color because it's a bit it's a bit ferdi there on the corner it's faded out there but that's I suppose on that pocket there that gives an idea of what the true camo scheme is so that's the universal camouflage pattern UCD introduced 2003 and declared obsolete in 2014 and by the year 2018 it will be completely replaced by a brand new camel skin so quite a common item but in an English thrift shop on Northwest cost for 3 pound

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  1. thw american flag is sapost to be on the right side the rank is airforce and all the patches are not sapost to be there

  2. not a bad deal at all, however the rank is US Air Force and the shoulder patches are just random civilian novelty items.

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