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US Army Shelter Half Mods

US Army Shelter Half Mods

Michael didn't talk I usually stay in South Carolina for my job to occasionally have to come to Athens Georgia which is not a bad thing because they have a very cool army store here pnm army surplus or army supply I can't remember the name oh that's right it's pretty close anyway I got a I'm gonna be looking for probably the cheapest saying they sell in the whole store p38 can opener is right up here anyway um I can't find mine and I really miss it so I am going to hopefully this very cool place P and M army store right on the main drag in Athens Georgia well I was able to find two only bad thing about it I mean I guess though functionally they'll replace the one I lost but in coolness factor they won't because my other ones original original army issue and these are some you know made in China stuff probably but anyway that's what I came for every time I go to the store to buy something even if it costs a dollar – if it's a cool store I'm gonna spend 20 bucks that's what happened today I found my p38 can openers they're satisfactory but the cool thing was maybe maybe you saw my video and if you didn't see mine you've seen somebody's about the US Army half shelters or pup tents well you know I got two halves I made into one I made a tent in my truck one day and then another time I kind of did you might call like a baker style or well in where you don't have the sides but you know you have one side like that for a overhang but but I thought it'd be pretty cool if I if I set up both both half shelters maybe about four or five feet apart facing each other and if I had another half shelter along never mind all the talking the cool thing is I got another shelter half and this one's almost in mint condition it's got like one little hole in it but I can sew that up and with my other two halves I don't I didn't they didn't come with any of the original Stakes or poles not that I really wanted them really cuz you can you can fashion the a pole you know out of the woods but this one had you know the three three sections you know that makes one pole and I had eight of these or six of these stakes but for the shelter half the pole and six stakes was $14.99 and in the exact same store they were selling six six of these hat thirds I guess you'd call them but that was like I wanted think they were think it was $14.99 just for two sets of this and then $12.99 for a set of these stakes and I got all this for $14.99 so either the guy really liked me or or maybe he just really wasn't aware that he had the different components price it I don't I don't really matter the cool thing is is my plan is I want to set up I want to set up these two shelter halves about five feet apart and I'm gonna put this one across the back of those two and put a tarp over that my camouflage tarp and and what I'll end up with is like a freaking king-sized army pup tent I mean the way in my head I can think I'm pretty sure I can probably fit me and both of my kids in there I don't know I'm excited now I got to hurry up and get my job done so I can go home it's gonna take me two hours to get there but I want to set this up and see how cool it is and maybe I'll open up a can of tuna or something with my new can openers while I'm out there don't worry I'll show you you'll be cool hey whenever you're sleeping in your hammock where I guess when you wake up you ever just lay around and think about stuff I was thinking him I didn't get home in time to set up my shelter half you know I did cut my hair sleep in the hammock and as I was laying here I was thinking you know I said I did I didn't need poles and stuff for those for my for my mega half shelter shelter I started thinking if I have three half shelters and they weigh two and a half pounds of piece the only time I'm gonna use them as when I'm car camping they've got a car camping I'm gonna be in some kind of state park or a National Forest some someplace I'm not gonna be allowed to cut poles so I have to have to make some poles so that's what I'll do today after I had my coffee oh yeah yeah this will work well they're the same height except mine look a lot cooler I think I'll paint these green or black or maybe I'll just stain them would you know dark dark wood color I'm gonna leave the copper that'll I look cool and then I guess I'm gonna drill a hole in the top of here and I'm gonna put the screw in it and then I'll cut the head off and grind it smooth to kind of be the same as this there's the original and here's mine the originals have a small indentation I guess something struck it you know to 2-foot to keep it on the wood so I'm gonna do that too with mine pretty tight you know when you buy one of these shelter house that only comes with one pole so you know I I said I was thinking I really didn't need poles so I could just make poles when I'm out in the woods but I started thinking this thing so heavy and what I planned on doing I got three of them so I want to build a like a mega mega shelter with them but I started thinking I'm only gonna do that when I'm car camping and when I car camp I'm usually in a park State Park or maybe the National Forest here Sumter Sumter National Forest of course I don't want to be cutting any trees making any poles so I guess I need to have some poles so that's why I decided to make this I'll make some more but anyway the one that come with it it's kind of wobbly it serves the purpose will and I just wanted me make my own there about six or seven bucks to get all three sections to make one and I already had this stuff laying around my garage but I made it same size as the original Pole and I painted it the same color as the original one but I can pack all this stuff down together with to shelter haves and have you know enough stuff to make a complete tent so anyway just kind of wanted to show you how I did pretty cool I'm gonna stop the rain and I'll test it out yeah thanks for watching I know it was a long but I think it's worth it

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  1. Aye Chris, I was poking around for some US shelter half videos and I found this. Cool. I have one half set up in my yard along with a Belgium half and a Russian poncho. I have another US have in my garage. I plan to mess with it. Thanks

  2. Bummer you lost your original… But good deal on the shelter…. I love our army surplus store I could spend days in there and still not see everything

  3. Lol, I came across this today, looking at the pup tent, I’m thinking of getting one again, had one, but traded it off a few years ago, wish I would’ve never done it. No surplus stores here anymore. Can’t beat good military gear brother.

  4. I like the P51 because it's a little bigger. I have about 5 or 6 of those, I meant to give a few away at the Voo but I forgot all about them. I got mine free, the Scout troop my son was in was getting rid of a bunch they had, they gave prolly 20 to a homeless shelter. I bet they had 50 total.

  5. Cool idea, this just popped up on my suggested videos and I always wondered if there was a way to get a lighter set of poles for that shelter. Gonna have to try this out!

  6. not bad, I've got the two halves as well, but I wanted something a bit lighter so I took a canvas dropcloth from harbor freight and laid out the tent on top of it. then added 5 inches on each bottom then cut it out, waterproofed it, then found some shock-corded poles to use, it only weighs about 3.5lbs.

  7. My earliest memory of camping I was about 5 and my grandad brought a shelter half tent to our backyard. That canvass smell had me hooked ever since.

  8. The guy liked you. Great deal. Live them surpkus stores. Just cannot find a good one lically. Need to get further out there. Nice mods and of course a hammock is the best place to think. Good job. Subbed

  9. interesting video. A replacement for your P38, try the Australian Army version, its heavier duty along with having a built in knife and spoon. I got mine off eBay from a surplus store in Australia

  10. As to poles. I use those extendable clothes poles. Real cheap over here in the UK! (£2to3). Cut some off bottom if to long and use extending top pole for adjustable height. Light too.

  11. Here in Mass I get waxed and waterproofed shelter havles for 10 bucks a piece. A set of 3 tent poles for 4 dollars. Stakes are like $1.50-$2 each (you need 10) . So basically a whole tent costs me less than $50

  12. when I was in back 74-78 .we built a shelter like that .I was in the desert not raining so we used a poncho for the roof .kept most of the wind and sun off .it worked .mostly though we used shelter halves like bivvi sacks with the intermediate down bag .

  13. This site will show you a little known configuration to make a squad tent using 6 shelter halves. PVC can be used in 4 lengths to provide exterior support and a guy line can be run through the top seam so that you can hang stuff from the interior of the tent ceiling. It is VERY roomy and heavy tarps for the bottom complete the picture. Cheap cooking spray makes for a good waterproofing material that will still let the canvas breathe. Try it if you get a chance, you'll be glad you did.

  14. You could easily turn those into a super shelter with some clear plastic and some of that reflectex or whatever ya call it. With a fire in the middle, you would be nice and warm.

  15. nice.  I have a two piece Army issue shelter I use all the time.  I love it but it does tend to be a little heavy compared to using tarp or other material.    Good video, like your creativeness in adding another piece to it.

  16. Heck ya to the freakin' king sized army pup tent! I love my little can opener! I have several. You found a great deal on the section and stakes and pole sections! Great find!

  17. Very cool shelter my friend. I looked at these at a local surplus last week. I don't know why I didn't get one or two.

  18. awesome supper shelter , a great set up for car camping. you drove wright by my house on your trip if you came through knoxville.

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