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US Army MOLLE II Large Rucksack Bug Out Bag Review – Scout Prepper

US Army MOLLE II Large Rucksack Bug Out Bag Review – Scout Prepper

hey guys how's it going welcome back to the scalp prepper Channel I've done the USMC Iove backpack and everybody wanted to see the Molly – from the army kind of an army vs. Marine Corps hey no problem I showed you about five days ago three days ago the Army's assault pack that goes with this it's also in digital ACU gray camo so here it is the big pack and I will tell you now I like it I took it this out at Thanksgiving I got it last week I took it out of Thanksgiving I went to the deer lease I loaded all my gear and it had more room that I needed by far it did really well and it's surprisingly comfortable so I liked the backpack a little bit of specs on it right now on most army in most army navy stores on ebay all that kind of stuff these are on the market pretty heavy and you can find them for about 69 dollars sometimes 69 plus shipping so you make it to 80 stuff like that 85 but generally a great backpack for the money it is coming in cheaper than the Arctic's or a proper made Marine Corps ilbe that I've already reviewed in which is in a marpat camo so this was a little cheaper but this one isn't this is an external rucksack external frame rucksack whereas the Marine Corps pack a lot more sophisticated and it's an internal frame pack has those aluminum stays up the spine this is an external frame pack and what I mean by that there's the frame if you can see it okay here's the frame right here see these rails it's at the top of the frame on here your pack straps to it and it's actually literally a plastic frame and don't get wrapped around axes about plastic it's polymer okay it's not plastic that's a better word for it that makes people less nervous but hey guns are made out of it today so why not a backpack frame I've never seen one break I'm sure it's happened but they throw people out of planes with the heat so it holds up well I think we're okay I'm not worried about the plastic but it is external frame however I'll say that in my experience with these pads on the butt pad here covers the whole bottom you see that a tray is it since the same level as my hand down on the frame this is higher than this and with the with a super thick even thicker than this back pass I never hit the frame it never hurt me it was amazingly comfortable the backpack straps articulated real well and it works for me this is a cool pack so let me show you I've already shown you the frame it does have a hip belt that is padded and I'll say and it seems to be some common that I didn't know but these buckles are worn out a lot so a lot of times when you get these you got to watch that let me show you what I'm talking about just see that it's locked in it clicks but when you pull it comes apart there he goes you know you have to push the button a lot of these are worn out but I told the guy that I bought this from on ebay about it and lo and behold he was really cool about it super nice guy immediately sent me another one I had it in about three days so wasn't a showstopper at all just be aware that it can happen you remember the old Alice packs you'll remember the quick-release straps can you see that there and this is the same thing if you pop the top and the strap comes off that's all you do you pull up on this and it releases this so put it back in snap it back down it's got a quick pull on there which you can activate accidentally if you get this column something it could pull your backpack strap off it also has you pull up here on this big metal tab you just pull up and it instantly lets the strap out I like that it's a lot faster than getting the fast text buckle you know and trying to lift and getting it to open up so if you need this to adjust out real quick this is a super fast system other than that it attaches to the pack with series of tie-downs all around the thing plus these tie-down everything's pretty rugged I like it it also has load lifters up here so just like on your modern packs if you pull this it pulls the pulls your shoulders into the pack a little bit to get the weight towards you instead of and hanging backwards on you and that's just something for a balance thing and everything on the top is a super-awesome though not double-reinforced like a lot of straps but it is an awesome carry handle and this is generally how I've been carrying the pack around before you put it on use what I'm losing around and camp or you want to move it around the house or whatever I've been grabbing it by the handle you'll notice that most ruck sacks are one big old pocket just like the Marine Corps Sai OBE is one big pocket but guess what it's not this rucksack is two pockets and I understand that it's hard to see because it's camo which kind of blurs the lines but as you'll see I'll let me do these everything has straps its military based and you have the huge main compartment here and this if you can follow this outline on the camo this is a sleeping bag compartment it perfectly fits the modular seat Sleep System which I've already reviewed but the military modular Sleep System goes right in there or of course you can use whatever sleeping bag you want but I like this it has MOLLE webbing all over the front as you see in all dem asides and all in the front of this so you can strap down just about whatever to show you that I threw on two double-a are mag pouches or m16 mag pouches and I threw on a knife at pouch which is an individual first aid kit or improved first aid kit depending on which branches serve em so a first aid kit pouch and too many pouches for example here also in the front is a really cool map pocket from the army there I got me a u.s. army name tape I didn't see that keeping that so you know how cool is that and this did serve you know this is here's the guys unit right here on mine most of them say you asshole big mine didn't I wish it did it shut it in the picture but still a cool pack definite military surplus so I like the matte POC and this can also be you know if you're thinking hiking or hunting or whatever this could also be your fire kit your toiletries things like that maybe you've got the flashlight up in there or something the sky's the limit but it is a pretty easy to get to and well-protected because it's under the lid mat pocket okay if you notice I said it's two main pouches probably the first thing you picked up on is what the heck is that okay on each side I put on the with the molle webbing see the straps there I put on what's called a sustainment pouch by the government okay I have two of them one on each side and it's designed you see it says us which is cool it's designed to hold them re pouches and depending on how you cram it's only a three MRE deal it also had not only does it have this buckle top it also has a drawstring in here to cinch out the top so this could be awesome for your cook kit it could be awesome for full water bottles or your water treatment system or what have you this is a neat quick access pouch will tell you now and I got mine free with the pack so my pack included the sustainment pouches you can find it pretty cheap if you don't if yours doesn't come with one but highly recommend the sustainment pouch is even if you only use one or you just come they come with your packing you don't put them on the sides you can throw them down in there and put gear in them so now they're just little organizers for your gear unlocking that also on this side you see I put another sustainment pouch let me see that's this what's this down here well most of you know it's a one quart canteen it has the little cinches as well army is great about straps and cinches and everything cinch down everything strapped in this place Marine Corps two don't get me wrong navy two you know all the Armed Forces the Air Force so the military likes your straps so this is a one quart GI base canteen I got it for four dollars because it had it was brand new I've started three dollars it was brand new and I got another one for two dollars because it was used but you couldn't tell now with this I also shown you that it fits even though it's sticking on me the military's canteen cup which is a little old school but surplus some pretty cheap normally finally is about 895 I put in a kimchi cup right there one of the handles come out of me so it's got the foldable handles and if you notice on there I went with the stove so you put this down with the trioxane or a wet fire or a little-bitty whatever inside there's a fire you put this on top and it heats up your water you can boil water on this basically or in the back of the day you can heat a meal and what-have-you even though today your stuff flameless MREs you know with the little water deal so a neat little water system these are somewhere between 20 and 40 whatever you can find but the canteen the cup and the stove and the case are normally 20 to 40 dollars just a little sign out there and I put that on the outside because I don't like hydration bladders very much so you can put the 1/4 the 2 quart canteens on here because all the molle webbing this quick to get to I can reach from the pack on my back I think just reach out of my right hand undo that grab the canteen take a drink put it back in so how big is this thing well it's bigger than the Marine Corps is ilbe main pack although that has an assault pack that goes on the front that's 1500 cubic inches and it's a 4500 cubic inch pack this is a 5000 cubic inch large rucksack and it is just that huge rucksack in there I've got a gray pack cover which is really big wadded up to show you I've got an ACU military based poncho or military poncho USG up aren't you and it didn't even take up any of this thing so those are two somewhat big items and there's plenty of space still in there you'll notice this divider but you've probably seen in other videos this divider has a big zipper and you can literally zip or unzip to like make this one huge bucket or a top of the bottom I like the top of the bottom so that your gears in the top maybe even your heavier stuff and then your sleep system can remain separated in the bottom so very cool of course it's got a drawstring to cinch up the top keep stuff out plus of course the flap that has straps as well the top cover this top cover is attached permanently whereas the Marine Corps top cover has a little more to it a little more sophisticated and it's removable with buckles but remember that also means the buckles can break and you can lose it so you know here too there it depends on your personal preferences this one's so let's sophisticated but permanently attached a little more rugged the Marine Corps stuff a little more sophisticated but you could break it or lose it although you know what kind of guy loses the top to his pack so I'm just gonna throw that in there – you got to have some common sense here okay so I put in here you'll see another strap straps all over its military pack another strap to show you the Sleep System compartment I put a pillow in here just to blow it up again it has one zipper for whatever reason that runs the length if you'll notice these are huge zippers the teeth and the zipper pulls and the zipper they're just monstrous in size that's a huge zipper right there but the zipper goes all the way around I would have liked the seen to that you could do half and half you know but it didn't come in a way and of course I'm not the military this is a surplus item you take it you take what you get in here I put a king-size pillow a huge pillow and it fit right in there I just did have to give the pike some volume and to show you how big that sleeping Department is it's really about half the pack so very nice everything is real rugged it's all it feels like a thousand in here everything's super rugged as you would expect from military doesn't have a hard bottom on it but it is an external frame pack and the pack doesn't quite go down as bottom as low as the frame so you're okay there though I will again not that I could have picked this pack but I would like to see something a little more heavy duty on the very bottom of it all in all a great pack I love it I think it's $69 with the sustainment pouches the mag pouches and stuff I had it on different but it did I did come with a canteen pouch I just added the camping gear inside of it $69 a great value again surplus stuff is the way to go if you're looking for some great gear that's super rugged really above-average rugged more than the civilian market and a great price guys I hope you liked this Alice pack of the multi to pack we're going to go with Alice packs next and then we'll show I plan on doing a video within the next several weeks Marine Corps I OBE vs Army's moly 2 versus the old Alice packs which are used both in the Army and the Marine Corps kind of see the old-school Vietnam through the through Desert Storm and through today see how the packs of change that go from Alice systems to Molly than pals and how modular they are I think will like that video everybody likes army vs. Marine Corps so as always thanks for watching I appreciate the views check us out on the web at scout tactical comm check out the Scout proper channel the second channel in the scout tactical Network now on Facebook at scout forever and as always thanks for watching

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  1. If you will change your frame to where the inner curve is facing inward toward your spine and the outer portion is facing away you will notice a much more comfortable wearing experience.

  2. we used them in the navy and USMC and the PLASTC frame BREAKS!!! all the time. can not stand compression like getting thrown in to a pile

  3. If you could have only 1 of the following, which would it be and why ? molle II large system , Ilbe system , filbe system or the Kelty 128 . Thanks

  4. i also have that ilbe pack and the mollie II and to me the Mollie II is the more comfortable. Nice video.

  5. If you look a little closer the Sleep System does have 2 zipper's in them. I could see the 2nd. zipper on yours in the lower left (from where I'm looking) check it out. I've got the MOLLIE ll BP also and love it after I lowered the shoulder pads where they should be and worked on the Belt system also. Its the Best Back Pack out there I think.

  6. How come you have the frame backwards? Most of the packs I've seen have the frame curved towards the hiker. I like your videos.

  7. Question is.. How do you attach the assault pack to carry along for a day pack while your main pack stays at camp? Does anybody know how or can leave a link to illustrate .. Thanks, greet video

  8. Is there an older version of this pack because my pack that looks almost identical doesn't have the sleeping system zipper compartment

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