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US Army MOLLE II Assault Pack Bug Out Bag Review – Scout Prepper

US Army MOLLE II Assault Pack Bug Out Bag Review – Scout Prepper

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  1. Excellent Assault Pack. I used mine in Iraq from 2006 through 2008. I just had inside of it was mostly ammo, radio batteries, food, a water bladder, stripped down MREs for 72 hours, and a poncho, poncho liner, and a Gortex jacket with spare Mechanix Gloves. Perfect for combat if you have 24/7 operations from patrols to kicking in doors. The attachments outside I carried a sledge hammer and a SEARs small pick for busting locks and hinges. I still have mines as a personal memento from over a decade ago to remember what I did with my soldiers back then. My Assault Pack is still in great shape with no holes, plenty of scuff marks, dirt stains from the mud and dust of Iraq. If it could talk. It would tell you the fucked up stories of me when it went into missions. I was scared not to have my Assault Pack. Reason was when we got into Kuwait first for a month we had to watch a movie called Blackhawk Down. The lesson from that movie was we had to take what we needed to fight and survive during combat just in case we got cut off from our company and battalion . Very important for us in the Infantry.

  2. I think the bag is too small for a 3 day pack. There is no place for a hydration bladder. The shoulder straps will probably create hot spots on my neck. I am 5’5.76234” tall. Maybe by adding some external pouches on it…

  3. Hi – nice video. I have what appears to be the same Molle pack, however; on the inside of the main compartment there are two large yellow colored straps that I cannot figure out what are for. They do not appear to connect to anything. They just hang from the top of the bag (inside) and are in the way!! Before I cut them out of there I wanted to determine what they are actually for. Have you any idea? Thanks!

  4. Just so you know, so you know to keep looking, the Army is still issuing the “assault pack”. It is the exact same bag that you have except with the OCP instead of the UCP like you currently have. They are however moving away from the full sized ruck sacks to the medium sized ones. They’ve updated the molle vest “flick” as well as some other things. You can see what all comes in the new rifleman sets in the link below.

  5. Your a fucking pig dude ? Well you lost my support and many others feel the same fucking way….

  6. Accidentally took of a strap and now i am having a hard time putting it on any help?!? And buy the way i picked one up from a surplus store in Alaska for $40 brand new!

  7. hey i have a question, what if I'm trying to attach a nametape/nametag to my pack what type of nametape should i look for

  8. Good review man I have been looking for a new backpack for a while for going out hunting and camping out here in sunny scotland and your in depth review of the molle II has sold me on it.

    Cheers and keep up the videos and I'll keep watching them!

  9. They still issue these with the large and medium rucksack in ACU at CIF, but also in Multicam if you don't have them already for deployments to Afghanistan. They will soon be issued in Scorpion camouflage.

  10. ACU SUCKS!  It doesn't blend into shit except a gravel road.  Anyway, get the MOLLE butt pack that went with the MOLLE rucksack, assault pack and FLC issue.  Attach that to the bottom of the assault pack.  You can put whatever you want that can fit in that.  Hygiene kits, spare MREs, cold or wet weather jackets and pants.  Poncho and poncho liners.  Whatever.  You can also fit the patrol bag with the bivy cover from the MSS in it too.  The top straps I used to put my sleeping mat on or attach to main rucksack.  The sides you can attach a small folding chair with the straps.  You can fit the 100 and 200 round SAW pouches on the sides with an additional ammo pouch.  These assault packs are awesome.  I believe in a BOB situation that a solid color is better in order to be inconspicuous, but these army issued assault packs are awesome.  I've used them many times in my 11 years in the army.  Currently I have a small OD Green Fox go bag in my truck that I got for free from uscav (shopped there online a lot while overseas), but I plan on buying a woodland molle 2 generation assault pack.  The one with the zipper on the outside pouch like the ACU assault pack shown in this video, but in woodland BDU camo.  The 1st generation molle assault packs only had the fast clips and a draw string to tighten it down on that outside pouch.  No Bueno.

  11. Your 6 mag bandoleer is made to snap on the inside of the main pocket. I also mounted my 3 day pack to a gen 4 frame system so I can attach more gear to the frame/pack and still be lighter and better organized then the big ruck.

  12. Hey man I have this same bag and inside the pocket where the pad and hard plastic piece is for your back there are two thick reflective long white straps attached to the top of the pack. What are those and what are they used for?

  13. i like my issued assault pack and large ruck. except the ruck they issued us in OSUT didn't have the divider between the top and bottom, it was just one giant huge pocket which sucked because we had to pack our sleeping bags on the top for FTX. the assault packs cool because opposed to nowadays "assault packs" theres all these unnecessary little dividers in each pocket/pouch. when really just having a few simple big pockets is best. also we put a wet weather bag in our assault pack and ruck and then packed all of our stuff in it, and then we would tape up all excess straps with green duct tape so they won't snag on any twigs and branches and stuff

  14. If you could please show how you attach the assault pack to the rucksack. Im planning on getting the rucksack but want to plan ahead so when it comes in ill already know how and just attach the assault pack to it and be ready to go.

  15. Those Velcro slots (I'm told) are for the white webbing to go through for parachute rigging. I typed my webbing or since it was useless. I'm rid that it is extra support to keep your bag from ripping off. I love mine btw.

  16. I have the same pack, I like it but the main complaint for me is that the shoulder straps are too close together. I'm built like a linebacker and narrow packs irritate my neck, this one isn't too bad but will be a pain after a while. Recently I picked up the medium ruck and it's a little awkward compared to the straps of the large rucksack but it rides a LOT more comfortable than the assault pack. I hope to get the time to make a video of my rig someday soon.

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