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  1. marines wont get this becouse the army teaches you to fight live and aviod dieing but marines idt it works that way

  2. Wow, these guys really are robots.
    Serving the Empire, much like the Storm Troopers in Star Wars.

    These guys have everything they now need to finish killing off every Freedom Fighter left on the planet.

    Ill be fighting beside my fellow American Patriots against these mindless cowards.
    You stick with your well paying Empire, ill defend the Constitution without ever getting paid for it
    It will be NATO and US/Empire troops who pry kill me.
    But I will be in Heaven with G. Washington

  3. Well, from what I heard, and seen, from websites, tv, and soldiers themselves, land warrior won't be put into service for a long time

  4. man the army is gonna have new training programs for this new stuff i cant wait till i join this summer!!! =)

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