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US Air Force Pararescue training – Pararescue Indoctrination Course

US Air Force Pararescue training – Pararescue Indoctrination Course

US Air Force Pararescue training – Pararescue Indoctrination Course

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  1. Bunlarınki Eğitimmi Lan bune Böyle babanannem de yapar bizim Askerlerin Eğitimini Verseler Askerden Kaçmak İçin Yer ararlar

  2. This reminds me of my P.E classes they would make us do most of the exercises shown here but not the water one's

  3. Thailand
    Army:Ranger(tiger)/Queen tiger soldier
    Airforce : commando&pj&cct
    Police :Against terrorists
    For superhuman

  4. 0:29 when you walk to a marine training place and you think they are zombies and sence zombies arnt real how can we talk about them ILLUMINATI COMFORMED

  5. and people think the airforce is the easiest branch in the military. as a marine, id say their putting in some work here. good job fellas!!

  6. We have to respect our military, they train hard ,they work hard to rescue his or her country or nation.

  7. I would pass out the first 10 minutes respect to the people that risk their lives to protect their country

  8. i saw a marine training video before this and tbh this looks more fun even though none of them are probably going to be fun 😂 idk what i’m saying

  9. What's worse that digging a hole and filling it up? Filling a trench with water and bear crawling through it.

  10. What happens if you don’t pass the training where do you go ? Do they give u any open job in the air force ?

  11. This looks fun. Ive been doing hard labor for over 14 hours today and still going strong. I feel like this RN.

  12. I can’t even imagine being in the military, cost guard, police officer, firefighter or a medic I can’t even get up in the morning jeez

  13. It's a damn shame good soldiers who score optimally on their AFQT are cut short with affirmative action, All our White & Hispanic smart male soldiers are being opted out for blacks who score less to promote the liberal left wing agenda and lull everyone into a diluted state of equality.

    Let the people prove themselves. Stop dumbing shit down. No wonder why china's beating us like red headed stepchildren and we are 3T+ in debt according to current analytics.
    A young caucasian man is the worst thing you can be in today's society.

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