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Urban Chronograph Undone Watch Review from Undone Watches

Urban Chronograph Undone Watch Review from Undone Watches

hey guys is Andrew with my watch today Urban Chronograph Undone Watch Review I have a little bit of surprise we’re going to take a look at a
watch that I recently received in. one of the reasons I’m excited about is it’s
not necessarily because the watch itself but because of how I came about getting
launched previously earlier this week approximately Tuesday actually one of my
subscribers and absolutely one of probably the most loyal viewers that
I’ve had on this channel and you started watching me right from the beginning
maybe comment on a video that I posted asking about a specific watch brand I in
at the moment until he mentioned it I had not even heard of the watch brand it
doesn’t mean anything like I’ve mentioned numerous times I’m a novice
and I’m really just learning as I go but he he asked me if I had ever seen any
watches from undone watches and I had none so I took the challenge upon myself
to say let me see if I can get one in for you the exciting thing about this
whole watch Edition hobby and the community that surrounds it is how
quickly you can acquire something if you’re really really looking for so as I
mentioned on Tuesday of this week he made a comment on my video asking me if
I’m saying watch I replied said no I haven’t let me see if I can find one and
I’ll take a look at it for him so I set out on my search by roughly 8 o’clock
that night I was able to track down a wash and then we got into the yard of
the negotiation so I went through my watch collection the gentleman I who had
the watch told me what he was willing to do and I ended up making a trade for an
undone wash for one of my subscribers so that I can take a look at it take a
closer look see what my thoughts were on it on the channel
here for you guys so the watch I’m actually talking about is from undone
watches and what I was able to pick up is a watch called their urban so we’re
going to take a look at this and see what I think about it plus we’re going
to talk a little bit about undone watches itself in some of the things
I’ve learned in this past week that that kind of interests me so this is a
close-up look at the watch box that this unde under Liban came in as you can see
this is a hybrid mechanical quartz Quan chronograph
now I personally have never had a mecha quartz or hybrid quartz watch before so
it’s going to be interesting to just see how this watch reacts and how it does
right on the front you can see the date of purchase of 428 2017 now these do
come with a one-year warranty so even though I’m getting this watch secondhand
I still have a little bit of warranty left on it that in talking with the
trader or I’m sorry the the person I received the watch from I’m not gonna
have too much of a problem getting this warranty
this does have a Seiko instruments VK 61 Mecca Hybrid Mecca quartz movement in it
let’s open this box up and take a look and see what comes with it one thing I
will point out this is almost like a canvas covered cardboard with leather
buttons strap on it and inside first we have one of their warranty I have one
says some arty card it’s just an advertisement card for their social
media that’s where you can find them on social media and if you notice on this
card it says the first customizable retro watch one of the things I’ve found
in looking at undone watches is they have an extreme amount of custom age
customization that can be done to the watches themselves before you purchase
them too make them kind of unique in your own and
the watch that I actually picked up is a customized version of the urban modern so in the box we also have our
chronograph and owner’s manual as well as international warranty information on
the back so this is the undone modern chronograph so right off the bat one of
the things that I can tell that was customized over what’s just regular
off-the-shelf the Loom appears to be customized on this with the vintage look
versus clear white or black also the strap itself is customized specifically
for this watch this isn’t just one off the shelf that they bought but it does
does seem to fit the watch a little bit I’m not sure if I’m actually going to
hold on to this strap personally I’m not a fan of the green but I think this
watch would look really sharp on either a black or brown NATO strap and see what
I can find so as I mentioned take a little bit
closer look here so that’s that’s the watch itself there’s the case back which
appeared to have my fingerprints all over that so I apologize for that so
never having a mecca quartz hybrid movement in a watch before I started to
take a look at really what they’re all about and one of the things you can see
from this shot right here is kind of one of the the main differences so in case
you’re not aware my typical quartz watches you get the tick movement on the
second hand which we’re seeing at the six o’clock position right
you see kind of the tick-tick-tick of the second hand whereas on an automatic
you get more of a sweet movement depending on depending on how it’s built
now with a hybrid quartz mechanical movement you’ll still get the the tick
of the second hand because the actual clock functionalities of the watch are
quartz driven however if it’s a chronograph like in this instance you’re
going to get more of a sweep with that chronograph second hand and that’s
that’s primarily because that that chronograph is powered off of a main
screen similar to an automatic watch now some of the what I’ve learned about
these hybrid quartz automatic movements is I learned from watch and wound I’m
going to post up an article in the comment section or the details section
below this video so you can take a look and learn a little bit more about the
hybrid movements yourself as well I found it to be a very very interesting
video but as I mentioned this is a the undone modern chronograph the urban
modern chronograph based on from what I can tell just looking at it like I
mentioned the strap was customized as well as I believe I could be wrong
though but I believe they selected a different color than bloom as well could
be wrong I haven’t dove into their website a whole lot yet on this now one
of the things that I wasn’t so sure about with this watch that I’m gonna
have to kind of play around with and see if I like it or not is the actual size
of this watch the size of this watch is on paper 40 millimeters which is a
pretty good watch size for me but for some reason just looking at it it seems
really really small to me I can’t that’s the band or if it’s just because
I’m used to bigger and bulkier watches the band itself on this watch is only 20
millimeters wide so that could be why it feels a little bit small to me
recognizing that most of my watch bands are 22 millimeters so that’s that’s very
very possible one of the nice things about these mecha quartz movements is a
the cost but B just kind of the technology that goes behind building
them and in marrying that quartz movement with an automatic movement to
get kind of the best of both worlds again it is battery operated so there is
definitely going to have to have a battery change in the future but with
this with this case back it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be too much of an issue
to do that currently this watch is selling for approximately two hundred
and sixty five dollars on their website taking a quick look at eBay to see what
these watches are selling for currently it looks like they’re going in anywhere
from the 195 dollar up to 280 dollar range depending on the the model and
what you’re what you’re specifically looking for I think it’s definitely a
watch that I can throw a different strap on wear to work everyday seems to be
pretty well built there’s not a whole lot of heft or meat to the case itself
it’s a very very light watch but for watch this size that that kind of makes
sense taking a closer look at the watch itself very very thin case and that’s
another benefit of the hybrid quartz movement it has allows you to build
thinner movements than if it was purely automatic flipping it over you can see
the it looks like a seed there but you can see beyond done logo stamped on the
crown and then of course we have the case bag stainless steel case back they
do have mine’s the option of this that allows
you to get it display back on it as well you can see these do have quick-release
straps on them so be easy to swap the straps out alright guys so that was the
urban watch from undone watches they can be found at undone dot watch interesting
to me definitely check them out all in all I think this is a pretty sharp watch
as I mentioned I’m probably going to change the band on because I’m not a
real fan of the color but it’s probably a month that’s going to go into my
regular rotation who knows maybe in the future if my subscriber that requested
this has a watch I’m interested in maybe this one will end up in his hands who
knows either way stick around take a look at some of
these close-up pictures of this undone watch as always I thank you guys for
watching I appreciate each and every one of you you can find us on my watch on Facebook at Facebook Instagram /
watch addiction dot us and always here on our channel on my watch missions
definitely hit like we’d appreciate it if you guys would subscribe we’ve got a
bunch of great watches coming up and have a great day

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  1. Outstanding. Man that was a fast turnaround! Great video. Thank you very much. I've been interested in the Undone brand since I saw them on kickstarter. I really appreciate you going out and getting this one to review. Very cool. Thanks again!!

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