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Unwanted Pregnancies Rates Doubled in Military

Unwanted Pregnancies Rates Doubled in Military

that area issue upset obstetrics and
gynecology found that women in the military are experiencing unwanted
pregnancies at double the rate of the u_s_ average uh… so this is really
interesting because of course a lot of them since they require the military to
have access to medical care and they have access to
contraceptives and all of that uh… so the reason why this is happening is
because derek is a stigma about being on birth
control because you have to go through you know people you work within the military in
order to get access to its a lot of them feel embarrassed about it and they don’t
do it so i think as with anything you need more education
you need to find a way to get the stigma out of it uh… but just to give you
guys the numbers um… in two thousand eight at ten point five percent of women in
the military experience on one pregnancies in two thousand five it was nine point
seven percent so you can see there was an increase um… the national average
is much lower than that it’s five point two percent yep thats huge disparity with between that farm so
that is we talk about the first out of this the issue sexual assault and rape
yes at least of or unwanted pregnancies as you mentioned perception issue but
you know i don’t know if there’s a controversial decision but i think
there’s a third issue daring type or ders uh… you know especially if
they’re out iraq graph data center software and there aren’t a lot of other
people around in terms of choices they can go off base you know and so uh… so i think they have more sex uh… because men and women are entering
with the forces sets at home with her that it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t doesn’t mean that we should be in the
front lines uh… it’s something that we have to be
aware of obviously number wallace’s they get a real sistema
reported rapes that doesn’t punish the person or a rewarding it becos outside the city command to that
of a researcher david sarah second is the concept of everywhere i
mean what do you deny reality that you have sex that’s crazy talk and those
signifies that and make it available really who and when i was in the service and its it on offer for everybody unit met uh… so budget diversified in that liked what
you think about on uh… delic adis bad ireland union will not like that call really what other quotes an article
it is referring to the sailor are areas is allowing the press that you did cannot how dominic a male dominant the
military and so as a woman who already has already a little difficult to be a
woman in the military command to talk about your sexual activity and makes
even more difficult so i think i could see how in that context
it would be difficult in the context of like this newsroom it’s like okay so
women on birth control it’s not a big deal so it’s a little bit different than the
third thing is that they would just got away with it right amin what’s the big
your down side the industry is alone in the country and
you cross the military a lot of good people will that help you in win wars
whatever it might be hope of course it all the different ways that’s a huge inside or the downside
that yes they will be more sex and more of a lot of pregnancies at some times and the front line
positions as well uh… when you put men and women in
close proximity and they have no other choice but maybe that number one up because there were less women the
polling in two thousand and one two thousand
five sometimes more women at home yet and that’s that’s the issue of
having the and that might lead even more privacy than the scenario that i’m
setting up people get pregnant right it transcends terrace at that work items
are signed for them like that’s supposed to be the whole

Reader Comments

  1. They're still human and there's a hell of a lot of sitting around waiting in the forces – even if you're in a war there's 'down time' and waiting for stuff to happen.
    People are NOT robots (but hey, it'll mostly be drones soon anyway).
    I don't get why you can't see that! o_O

  2. That's true, but it isn't just being a white man that'll get you opportunities, you need to be a white man with the right looks, the right way of acting, even the right friends. I went to an interview day for a job involved with politics, so I was surrounded by these beaming confident people and strong personalities, and I was so out of my element it was unmissable. I did my best to fit the bill and people would roll their eyes. I think that might be what it's like all the time for a minority.

  3. It's really good for TYT to have an expert in the related field to that which they're talking about because it keeps them in check, I think. Have more scientists, doctors, military personnel etc. on.

  4. I never said an army wasn't a necessity. I said that wars are not fought solely for freedom. You're completely twisting my words for your own benefit. I will also have you know that approximately 3.5 million Canadians are German speakers and I am semi-fluent, even though I am choosing to speak my native language, English right now because I am more comfortable with it. My German relatives even had to entirely quit speaking German during the Second World War when living in Canada BECAUSE of war.

  5. Stupid bitches close your legs n shut the fuck up! If you got the mood to fuck you better be ready to take care of a kid.. it fucking funny how they are quick to abort. what if your mom had aborded you you would not be here n who are you to stop a life!

  6. Our military culture and bloat constantly is a recruiting tool for our enemies. The fact that the USA is THE biggest arms dealer in the world doesn't help either. We have a lot of enemies because WE CREATED THEM. Thanks for your fear mongering though.

  7. It's funny that religious nuts argue such a pro evolution stand point of birth. You'd think they'd be all about the love aspect of it.

  8. They use "unwanted" in words, but the study they put on the screen "unintended", which isn't the exactly the same thing.

  9. So a few stupid jokes will scare a female soldier off getting contraception? Shouldn't soldiers be a little braver than that?

  10. Shut the fuck up you facist piece of shit.
    Don't tell other people what sex is for.
    Don't tell people what is normal, or how to live their lives.
    Let me guess, you're a religious nutcase right? If so, why then would god make sex so fucking awesome, if he didn't want you to have it? If not, then you'd have to believe that nature is resposible for the locations at wich higher number of nerve endings happen to be located, wich would make the pleasure in sex natural, shocker.

  11. Oh no. Christian Talibanistas will go crazy. Errr crazier, knowing that we are paying for contraceptives for all those evil ladies.

  12. Mr.Ms.Mrs Taliban Anja.
    1. Do you really think only liberals get pregnant or have abortions?
    2. Are you really saying that having sex equates to being pregnant?

  13. Just because it isn't easy street all the time doesn't mean, in comparison to other groups, you aren't privileged. If all things were equal and there was a choice of a white man or a black woman, white man would win nearly every single time. This is indisputably true and reflective in the distribution of power positions, and shitty jobs, as well as compensation rates (where white men make more money than every other group). That constitutes as a general privilege, regardless of nuances.

  14. In the WW, men are the most privileged group & it's absurd that you don't recognize it, & explains why we are having such a hard time changing our system. Obvious: men (ESPECIALLY white) men are over-represented in positions of power. This is problematic because it means (white) men are making all the laws & decisions,& they are financially compensated the most out of all the groups.
    To better understand: finallyfeminism101.wordpress. [com] /2007/03/11/faq-what-is-male-privilege/

  15. Stigma with contraception? Come on. Having more sex? Bullshit!

    Having a child in the military is a career destroying proposition for a single woman. These people are fucking dumbasses posing as social commentators.

  16. People generally don't do things with the intention of shirking their responsibilities or to be stupid. There are reasons why people behave the way they do, and there is something larger at work if we see similar behaviours from a large group of people. A social/psychological/economical/etc. factor is at play, and instead of just throwing people under the bus for sucking, we should work to try and understand what is causing them to make those sucky choices. It's not just a bunch of slutty sluts.

  17. yea… and food is supposed to provide you with nutrition, its NOT supposed to taste good under any circumstance

  18. I can tell you when I was coming home from tour when I was in the Navy, I used to give my ex the best nights of her life. Yeah I didn't pull out fast enough.

  19. If you consider the age range of these women, and their economic status, their unwanted pregnancies are probably more average.

  20. your idiocy knows no bound mutt. But you would be more useful to society chained and performing tricks at an Australian zoo in the Exotic animal category.

  21. Why are people getting mad at me cuz I said keep yall bitch keep yall legs close (ok i took it a lil far with the bitches but).. come on now, people are fast for a quick exit on any problem now days. If you got plans keep them dont go have sex and make a baby. The quick way is killing it aka abortion so your killing your baby cuz your selfish n ok there maybe others that need it for a good or better reson but come on WE LOST ARE MORALS!

  22. You are hilariously dumb(which is not an insult but an accurate description". What has that got to do with world peace you unicellular-brained creature?In the zoo you will have all the Animal -Rights you deserve.

  23. Sex and reproducing aren't the same thing. Yes, you have sex to reproduce, but sex can be for fun or other things. By your logic, if someone never wants kids, they should never have sex.

  24. I provided you a link that explains it in better detail, and gave a couple of examples. What more evidence do you want in a 500 character limit comment? I provided you the link… at that point, I've empowered you with the tools you need to better understand where I am coming from, and it's your choice whether to remain ignorant, or to make an effort into actually getting it. That's far more than can be said for you. Also, see what I did there?

  25. But it does strip them of full power/choice. Social pressures, environments, accessibilities and knowledge base will inform and dictate the decisions and options available to people. You can't blame people for getting pregnant when they have gotten nothing but abstinence only education, for example. People are not omnipotent or omniscient, so to assume that they should exist outside of their own experience is just short-sighted and reeks of the privilege that you so obviously have.

  26. You'd be surprised how many people had "unwanted pregnancies" to get out of the 15 month deployment I got stuck on. A deployment a got involuntarily extended for (my 4 years were up) btw.

  27. You're kidding yourself. My brother was in the Marine Corp, he went through boot camp and knew the requirements that HE and the other men were held to. Then when he was out of boot camp he began to hear from the women who were there the physical requirements that they were held to. They were LOWER. MUCH lower. They didn't even have to throw grenades as far. The military isn't holding women to the same physical standards as men so that more of them can get in. Now take your insults elsewhere.

  28. I want to know lol I got friends going in the military (females) haha!! I'm gona show them this vid. You know the funny thing is that the sluttiest or should I say the "easiest" ones are going in the military. They gona come back pregnant!! lmao !!!

  29. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA !!!! I actually have some friends going in the military. Ironically, they used to be really slutty in high school !! haha! I'm about to show them this vid. Next time they come back for a vacation or something they gona be pregnant LOL !!!

  30. Rape is never willing, and it IS a big problem in the military… Unless its the womens fault they were raped… Is that what you are saying? Or maybe we should just teach men a little thing called RESPECT.

    NO means NO! End of story!

  31. Are you saying we should scurry back to our kitchens, and be good little slaves to our masters?
    I say start arming every woman with a taser that she keeps close at all times… Let em have a taser to the crotch for good measure!

  32. nah, many species exhibit significant differences between the sexes. And yes, men tend to have a LOT less self control…

  33. It used to be just the same with almost every other career there is… We had to FIGHT for our right to work for a better life!

  34. It's gonna triple when women get caught fighting the enemy in the front lines. I am not against it. In fact I know women kick ass in combat. Just ask the Germans about them Russian girls in WWII. I just feel sorry if a lady soldier gets caught or surrenders to the enemy.

  35. Not using a logical argument here. Comparing this to food would be more like this: Food tastes good and provides nutrition. If you take the nutrition out then the food still tastes good but is pointless to eat and you just get fat. To simplify for dummies: Sex feels good and makes babies. If you don't make a baby then it can still feel good, but then main point of having sex is missing.

  36. If no one eats food, the human race will die out. If no one has sex and no babies are born, the human race will die out. Both actions are hard-wired into our brains, and there is no harm in wither activity if proper precautions are taken and it is done in moderation. It is futile to expect millions of years of evolutionary instinct to be quelled in a population of billions.

  37. I'm the husband of a US soldier and this story strikes me a strange, because contraceptives are no less available to service members than the regular public. With the only exception being deployments. It seems that people think that the majority of a military career is spent downrange. To me this is a problem of men and women not practicing safe sex and the real question is why is this happening. This is some odd speculation which is kind of pointless as news.

  38. And Ana is COMPLETELY wrong about having to go through people you work with to get contraceptives. Both men and women can by condoms at any post exchange and are typically encouraged to do so at weekend safety briefings. Women can also go to their doctor, just like anyone else, to get prescribed birth control. No one in their office even has to know EVER. Seeing TYT's take on anything in the military community is always strange and a little awkward.

  39. Judging by your comment, you either 1. don't enjoy sex (which is fine, not every one does) or 2. are a religious fanatic, either way, some people happen to enjoy sex, but aren't ready to be parents, that's why scientists created the birth control pill and condoms

  40. Women get pregnant in military, blame rape straight away. Women having sex a lot obviously doesnt exist, they must be raped. Why cant we just accept that women want sex as much as men rather than blame rape all the time?

  41. Dont you have better insults than those infantile ones? Besides climate change is a fact. Your ignorance-stupidity combo was amusing at the start, but the more i become familiar with it generates pity and guild for making fun of a demented person who had a bad accident as a baby.

  42. I see Ana trying to make the woman the victim. This happens because women in the military have horny dudes hitting on them all day…and you guessed it. Women are horny/needy too. I can also see what Ana is saying, but come on…let's stop making excuses for adults and start holding them to Big Boy and Big Girl standards.

  43. your opinion has no effect on reality Sir "Little Brain"
    id really recommend you accept my invitation, in a place in our zoos in Australia.

  44. You know why the proportion of women getting pregnant is higher vs the rest of society? Because the ratio of dicks to vaginas is way higher. And those dicks happen to be attached to healthy young men. And the alcohol flows like a river on just about every military base you'll ever find.

    The rest of society is roughly 50/50 men/women, with a vastly higher percentage of the men being out of shape, and having to function in jobs where it's unacceptable to show up to work stinking of booze.

  45. During sex, the penis lets out this liquid like substance with sperm in it. Its not a case of "About to come, pop it out and let it go", you can have sperm enter the womb during sex.

  46. These people have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. First, how did you come up with the idea that the rates are due to a stigma and that they can't go off base to receive health care? Military members (believe it or not) have privacy rights just like everyone else in the United States when it comes to medical records and are free to seek health services outside of what is already provided (albeit, out of their own funds if that's what they choose). Get your facts straight. Garbage.

  47. Dude. NO ONE advises unsafe sex. I'm just saying condoms are a great addition to PULLING OUT. Men have to stop ejaculating inside women with this illusion of improbability when it comes to a woman getting pregnant.

  48. This is true, but it's still better than blasting away like you're on a fucking gun range. We have to get smarter as men. Condoms break, birth control isn't always reliable, and abstinence simply isn't happening. Dudes need to stop being belligerent about our biology and just PULL THE FUCK OUT ALREADY.

  49. Dudes get women pregnant. She can choose who she wants to have sex with, but dudes decide whether or not they're going splurge one up into the baby chute.

  50. Lamest excuse ever. Seeing hows it is common knowledge that "dudes decide whether or not to splurge up in women" then women should not have sex with dudes unless they wear a condom.

  51. An increase of 1 percent is nothing. The real problem is the difference between the army and national rates. I guess that women in the military are less likely to keep an unwanted baby because if their career.

  52. Its really not, as Cenk suggests, that women are horny sluts and can't stand next to a guy for more than five minutes without having unprotected sex.

  53. Pulling out IS unsafe sex. If you advice pulling out, you're advising unsafe sex. It's no great addition cause it doesn't add anything.

  54. my friend was raped while on manuvers there's more out there than bullets that can hurt a woman. you guy don't get that the military is a "boys club". they stick togeather and make it hard on the women. especially if the rapist is your superior officer. the men always get by with it and the women have to take working with their rapist everyday. please do a story about this.

  55. Did you know that humans are among the few species on this earth that actually have sex for pleasure? If anything, animals would be "more controlled" in this case.

  56. Who is Fucking surprised by this? Get a kid and get a check vs getting deployed and posibly dying… What do you think it's going to win most of the time?

  57. Don't need to be flooded with comments so don't bother. But the day a guy is in the heat of the moment chicks like got a condom!? guy says no don't worry I'm on birth control. Our nation may be going in the right direction lol. Why should a guy just wear condoms or get snip. Why just leave it up to us to take pills and have our vagina's checked every so often. I have read men taking a woman birth control long period can lead to being sterile. So why not actually make a pill that works only just like for women stop taking when your ready to have children. Sounds simple guess just making may not be idk. That would be the day though. Two ppl on birth control come on no way there could be a oops the odds be like one in a million.  

  58. unless you are a female military veteran/active duty, you don't have a clue what you are talking about.   There are a few military women who do get pregnant on purpose to get out of deploying; but the majority don't.  Birth control is readily available thru the medical clinics, but it seems like women are the only ones who take it seriously.  No woman with half a brain would enter the military and not be on birth control; let alone go on deployment unprotected.  That being said, the incidence of rape and sexual assault is VERY high in the military because there is no accountability.

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