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Unusual Military Pack

Unusual Military Pack

I run across these duffel bags all the time for everybody million theses are all over the place good secure closing showing you got the backpack straps built-in come I always pick them up but they're locally ubiquitous and pretty cheap but I ran into something yesterday in a thrift store they had never seen before and maybe somebody else might be familiar with this okay you know what's got the straps on like a regular duffel bag but much longer and very heavily padded it says pack parachutes weapons and individual equipment and you know whole bunch of numbers and it's dated 1967 snow you're looking no i'm era well let me say very heavy padded was was heavy felt and that's where the thing has never been used but given this top you looking like a foot square of the heavy padding and it does not fold all the way it's stitched here you know so it's made to fold over on itself well it looks like theater straps on this end so you put in weapons parachutes or personal equipment this is folded over this is pulled it over and strapped this way and then the sides fold over and it's scrapped with three straps that break and then they say you've got the back scratch but interesting knowing that says weapons okay go in there pull or and strap you could get at least three of them in there put like this like this particularly in do I use these cases like this for both my knee and the Thompson because they've got the built-in mag parts so even cased in with the mags like so you'd be at least three up in there and he'd be very secure because the Thompson and he's shorter ya know if you like an m16 I think you'd be up that links of it this whole flap will go over or something that collapses like my shotgun with that collapsed well then I'm way short and you could get half dozen of em in there and there plenty of room even with the star cut the full extension you know plenty of room but like I say easy half dozen of them yeah it's interesting well I'm just curious if anybody's familiar with that design no cuz the idea that it says parachute pack , parachutes weapons and individual equipment so it's like it's like an all-purpose but I can't see that it's designed with a parachute because you would think there'd be a big heavy d-ring on it yo this is made to be carried but if anybody ever ran across one of these comments open on this cuz I'm curious you know I wasn't involved in Vietnam or any of the other foolish excursions but I have never seen one like this but great padding on it you all like to say especially get my gun boys you know already in a padded case and then inside this go I'll probably gonna use it for hauling you know there's times where I got a whole bunch of guns at one time and you can't just have them banging around loose even in a case banging around loose is not good this would be really great for that I wouldn't want to carry apart with a half-dozen guns in it cuz that have to be heavy and awkward because you know the stabs are up high just different your it must have had a particular purpose in mind this are find interesting to the strapping they've got some kind of instead of having metal fixtures on the end it's some kind of stiffening stuff so the scraps go very easily but they don't clang around now that's a new one too man just curious for anybody's familiar with that

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  1. I had one back in the 90s that I use is a shooting mat and I also had one of the M1 cases that was quite similar, lost both of them along with the pile of other year when someone robbed my truck

  2. Wow!!  LOL, You sure do buy a lot of stuff!!  You must have a warehouse on your property to keep all this stuff!!

  3. I was given one many years ago. And gave it away a few months after. Seemed impractical for my needs. I know for sure that a French Bulldog sleeps on it now. They make great beds for dogs.

  4. Yeah. its a weapons case it hooks to the left side of your parachute rigging harness when you get about 250 foot from the ground you pull a release line and lower it …it goes down the 18 foot hook-pile-tape (velcro) lowering line. You then keep your eyes on the horizon and you'll feel the tension let off of the 18ft line one second before you hit it keeps you from having to land with the extra weight and not be able do a plf and break your legs.

  5. My dad used those in the 80s on active duty in the 82nd, they were used for LAWs and stuff like that. Not for paradropping on its own, they're rigged to a tandem line on a jumper, their chute deploys and they lower it down on that line so it hits the ground before them instead of being strapped to them for the landing for obvious reasons. There's a better version for using as a rifle case, the m1950 individual weapons case. It's like that but has one flap that opens to put a rifle in, and isn't shaped for utility as much. The one you have is great for a shooting mat, that's what I use mine for.

  6. That's a nice bag. We been packing for Adirondack Hunting all week. Got nice military pack boards and bags.

  7. Youare thinking the wrong kind of weapon. Think LAW Light Anti-Tank Weapon. A tubular collapsible rocket launcher.

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