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United States (USA) vs Canada – Which country is more liveable? (Animated)

United States (USA) vs Canada – Which country is more liveable? (Animated)

Two of the closest countries in the world today are the United States of America and their northern neighbor Canada, or as some of my American friends call it America’s hat. While these countries share a massive 5,500 Mile border there are many distinct differences that affect the livability of these nations This is Alex from Lifelong learners. I have family in both America and Canada and today I thought it will be fun to objectively compare America and Canada to see which country is more livable So looking at education, employment, health, happiness, and security we’ll compare these countries Both America and Canada has strong education system that are better than Global averages the Elementary school PISA rankings score America in the top 50% with a range of 25 out of 70 Canada however comes in the top ten with a rank of seven. It’s important to consider higher Education Canada performed strongly with twenty Canadian colleges in the top 500 in the world America however dominates the top of the list with 41 colleges in the top hundred compared to Canada with just three Let’s look at affordability of higher education. The average annual cost of college in the u.s. Is 52% of the median annual individual income more than twice as much as Canada or 22%! While America has better colleges the affordability is much lower. Both of these factors impact on the proportion of young adults completing higher education with 59% of 25 to 34 year old Canadians completing tertiary education Compared to 47% in the u.s. In terms of the economy America is by far the largest in the world Employment levels are high in both America and Canada with an unemployment rate of 4.4% in America compared to Canada’s 6.6% The average wage in America also outperforms Canada with a wage of just over 60,000 compared to Canada’s 48,000 the tax Rate varies both between and within Canada and America with different rates based on income and location. KPMG lists the individual income tax rate in the u.s. At 39.6% compared 33% in Canada Number o–‘s cost-of-living Index ranks America as the more expensive country with a rank of #18 out of 122 countries compared to Canada at #27 While America has a much stronger economy better universities and higher wages Canada Performs better in the health area Adult obesity rates are terrible in both countries with 28% in Canada and 33.7% in America maternal mortality that is the number of Mother’s dying per 100,000 live births is quite Low in both countries with seven per hundred thousand in Canada and 14 per 100,000 in America infant mortality the number of children per thousand live births who die before reaching the age of five is similar in both countries with 6.5 per 1000 in America and 4.9 per 1000 in Canada however with hundreds of thousands of births in Canada alone each year this more difference in the rate accounts for a large difference in the absolute number of deaths/ Life expectancy figures shows that the average Canadian lives to 81.7 years Compared to the average American at 79.6 years But as they say a good life is not measured by the number of breaths but the number of moments that take your breath away on the world happiness Index Americans rank a respectable #21 out of 141 Countries however Canada creeps into the top ten with a rank of #9 making Canada one of the happiest places on Earth the rate of Homelessness is relatively high in both countries, but America at 0.18 percent of the population is clearly better than Canada at 0.44% suicide rates also show that America is infront of Canada with nine point nine suicides per 100,000 compared to ten point one in Canada However the death rate by drug overdose shows American loses a hundred and ninety five people per million each year Compared to one hundred and one in Canada Happiness is impacted by safety and security and here there are some large gaps Canada performed strongly in safety and security with a global terrorism index rating of 2.5 compared to 4.9 in America Homicide rates a hundred thousand people are also lower in Canada with 1.7 per 100,000 Compared to 5.4 in America the incarceration rate in Canada Continues to indicate that Canada is a safer place to live with only a hundred and fourteen prisoners per hundred thousand people in the population compared to 666 in America, and The Global Peace Index indicates a large gap between Canada and America with Canada ranked in the top ten at number eight and America in the bottom proportion ranked 141 out of 163 countries So while America has higher wages, better universities, lower unemployment. lower Homelessness and a lower suicide rate Canada is a happier and safer country with healthier people and a lower tax rate Which country do you think is more livable leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up thanks for watching?

Reader Comments

  1. Have seen Homelessness in Seattle and L.A.Really?? And you wanna compare that to Canada no way! The shootings in schools😅

  2. Proudly Canadian don’t forget that we are welcome everywhere we go the world love us …because we are friendly and polite ehhhh..

  3. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  4. I love my country, USA. I love our neighbors up in the True North. We will always be there for you! 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

  5. Canada is very attractive and we do like the people and the culture. I don't know how to deal with the weather. I suppose since all are so friendly and helpful, they would help us to learn.

  6. This is bullshit really you can’t compare such a diverse country as the United States to Canada only 6/10 Americans are non white hispanics .

  7. Canada, eh? My home and native land. The best. But I do and always have loved the USA. She' s just going through a very rough period. But as she has always done, she will come out of it stronger than ever. As long as she votes Blue. God bless.

  8. I’m in New York right now and I’m in vacation. I prefer Canada because people are not nicer and it feels safer there.

  9. when you compare colleges you only look at "top colleges" no one can afford those 41 top colleges in US but in Canada college is almost free.

  10. Your figures are skewed with false data. USA won't count unemployed unless receiving unemployment benefits. So, the real number is SIGNIFICANTLY larger. USA makes no real effort to count the Homeless. When I worked in Silicone Valley, there were no signs of homeless. As of 2019, the streets are littered with trash, homeless, cars, mobile homes all for the homeless but not counted. Homeless is something USA tries to sweep under the carpet. Many of the 10 worst cities to live in the USA are in California. The homeless are easy to find. It is all over the place. Many cities have crews dedicated to cleaning up the mess made by the homeless. But, the homeless problem is so vast, they simply can't keep up. Canada is not deteriorating with entire cities dying. One area in the USA has nick name, "Rust Belt". Canada has no such equivalent. Regarding the USA, There is a saying, there are lies, true lies and Statistics. Canada's data is by in large accurate. That is not a claim the USA can make or cares to make. USA also has a Prison system for Profit. Those "for Profit" prisons lobby congress for money, creating a conflict of interest. US incarcerates 1/3rd of the worlds incarcerated. Do you expect such a country to report accurate data.
    USA uses prisoners as "SLAVES". Slavery was not abolished but the laws modified. If forced slavery is refused, prisoners are punished with solitary confinement. USA has the Highest recidivist rate at about 72% while Norway tries to rehabilitate and is hugely humanitarian and a return rate of 17%. The numbers speak for themselves. USA is Inhumane while Norway is the opposite. Norway doesn't have slavery, nor a prison system for profit and neither does Canada. Repeat, there are LIES, DAMN Lies, and Statistics. Canada isn't bent towards lies. USA has made an art form out of lying, disinformation, with Statistics. It even gets worse. As a result of the Idiot elected President that gave a HUGE tax break exclusive the the very wealthy, the USA tax intake is now less than the Mandatory payments such as Social Security etc. Intake less than output equals Bankrupt. Canada can't claim that horrible fact. Sorry for saying this but USA is doomed and will cause a world wide financial collapse in about 6 years there about. All the signs are there. A measuring stick in the past that has been 100% accurate, is the automotive industry. When the automotive industry in the USA is growing the economy works. When the Automotive industry isn't doing well, recessions have followed 100% of the time. The US Auto industry is suffering Big time. The inevitable is clear due to the data.
    Update 08/16/2019. The USA stock market is sliding downwards and is significant enough it has become Major news on every network in the USA. Trump the Skunk, is pointing fingers anyway but himself.

  11. You can’t forget the difference in money with Canada- say a chocolate bar is 1$ it would be slightly higher in Canada, idk how much higher but it would be about 2$ for the same chocolate bar as the one that was sold in the USA _(._.)_/

  12. We live in the US and have been to Canada dozens of times and have inquired about retiring to Canada we absolutely love Canada and hope to make that dream come true. It is a very happy country.

  13. Im from England i think universal health care really fucking sucks dick under non-universal health care. Hospitals usually miss the target for sectors for example wait times. I do'nt think this is the case in america

  14. 30 years ago: USA wins. Now:Canada wins. You Canadians need to google Skid Row in Los Angeles, California. It is a lawless city in the heart of LA full of deplorable conditions and roving gangs of mental patients. Places in the southern United States still have no access to sewage or running water!

  15. Also something to account for; USA has 10X the population of Canada. With USA around 360,000,000 people compared to Canada’s 37,000,000.

    For example, Canada doesn’t have as many universities at the top because we don’t have as nearly as many universities at all.

  16. List of countrys where american citizens can relocate to easily? US thinks they are better than everyone else. (Let’s ignore the domestic violence rates, divorce rates, prescription drug use, anti depressant rates, obesity rates, incarceration rates, etc ). what are some countrys that americans can relocate to for a better life?

  17. are you Australian? makes sense. you like Canadians suffer from inferior complex disorder. stay envy of your big brother..its so sad that your national identity is comparing yourselves to America

  18. America elects a President that berates its citizens, creates hate, sows division and polarizes its allies. Why? That needs to be answered. God help us all come 2020.

  19. I would chose USA because it’s my country. I don’t care if my country is bad or not but it depends on people who can make it better so I hope in the future America gets better.

  20. I've seen stupid comments below and cringes me, if you want where's the job market is bigger, business friendly, lower cost of living, less regulation, more economic friendly, raise a family, easy to retire, quality of life, the U.S is a better choice. Now I said raise a family in the U.S, it depends what state or city you live, the U.S is a big country, every states has it's ups and downs. In the meantime Canada is too expensive, Canadians only brags about multicultural and free health care and nothing else, that's how Canada is behind the U.S when it's comes to productivity, U.S has this motto the American dream where the poor works hard and succeed his/her goals, that will not work in Canada, immigrant work hard to pay bills and utilities.

  21. We Canadians are ALSO North-AMERICANS by the way so when we refer to the US we say the United States and not "America" as believe it or not all you ignoramuses out there we are also part of the (North AMERICAN Continent…)wow what a surprise… so get your Geographical terminologies Right ! Laura Daitch-Landgraf( and get an Education all you ignorant Americans haha…)

  22. im a canadian that lives in LA and i agree that canada is safer and happier then america i lived in canada for about 4 years now im in usa for 9 years

  23. For all of you who don't know or are not Canadian or us citizens the US has 300 million more people than Canada does okay we take in millions of people from around the world alot more the Canada does and our culture towards guns is totally different we have something Second Amendment they don't.

    Our founding fathers made it a God given right for us to have guns they decided to Bow down to the Monarch of England we fought Them off The big difference.

    Funny thing is is I grew up in long beach California one of the places actually the place that invented gangs and I've never heard a gunshot fired outside of a shooting range in my entire life.
    To our friends to the North don't talk about something that you don't necessarily understand come here and actually experience all of the United States before you talk about it because it's a lot different than you may think.

    We have freedom of speech here in the US, they do not in Canada. They have laws on the books against hate speech. Hate speech is not a thing in the US.

  24. I've lived in both countries but tbh Canada is the most preferable as the people are very friendly and cute climate,i have passports for the two countries,i got them with the assistance of this legit administrative agent:Whatsapp 4123298388

  25. USA: + World's largest economy, strongest military, shopping, opportunities, generally lower prices, more of the land is developed
    — Crime rate (though I would like to own a gun for safety), Healthcare, Too many people (I find…), Politically in the spotlight

    Canada: + Less crime, less people, healthcare, education, more peaceful, longer life expectancy, bigger than the US, resource rich, polymer currency is nicer
    — Price gap (not too bad in most cases tbh), less selection (but still a fair amount), most of the land, (especially up north) is less developed, military (decent for a country with a rather small population, but I think it can still be greatly improved)

    Just my 2 cents.

  26. education: Canada
    employment and wealth: Tie
    health: Canada
    happiness and life satisfaction: Tie
    safety and security: Canada

    Winner: Canada

  27. The reason I don't want to live in Canada is because Canada is a dominion of Britain and I wonna live in a country that is not a dominion but is completely independent from the constitutional monarchy and is 100% on its own which is the United States

  28. The suicide rate increase in Canada because of the natives and the past that traumatized them (rape, violence, ect…) cause by religious people when they colonize Canada and send the natives to school. That why I hate the past of my country. Plus Canada don't care about them even today and the livability is really low for natives so yeah…

  29. I’m loyal to my country USA. Just because some unknown statistic shows another country is better, and I’m not rich. I love my own country. And canadians should love canada because you’re a citizen of canada.

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